Wanna Buy Odds From Cods?

What? Odds doesn't rhyme with ducks and it felt like cheating using hockey pucks. Aren't the ducks all sold out? Yep, that's why I switched to trout. Cods, trout, same thing. All fish swimming in a fish poo filled spring.

Wanna Buy A Duck?
Well you are crap outta luck.
That blog went poof.
No posts in over a year is proof.

So zero odds on that.
Sorry, but those odds are flat.
Moving on to Belva Block.
No ducks, what a shock.

Got chickens though.
They sure can grow.
They may peck her eyes out.
Odds are lower with them about.

That was such a Blabber thing to say.
I feel ashamed at my bay.
Not really though.
But I'm sure that you know.

Knows how to heal.
Doesn't reinvent the wheel.
But that could backfire.
She may not replace an old tire.

Pop it could go.
Then you never know.
Driving into a ditch,
Would sure be a bitch.

Odds are I spun that silly.
But it's all willy nilly.
You should know that too.
Taking odds on it at my zoo.

She came back twice.
Isn't that nice?
Ducks and Blocks.
New digs, same docks.

Daily rhyme every day for...forever.
The cat is too lazy to count the comment endeavor.
But she's been here a very long time.
Always ready to drop a dime.

Odds of a new post?
Hmmm, 2 months as of now at her coast.
Those odds are pretty slim.
Especially with killer chickens making things grim.

Odds = Falling, Falling
The Deadly Eyeball Eating Chickens Are Calling

Did you know chickens were that scary? No wonder they aren't hairy. They get blood in their fur. That wouldn't make anyone purr. Considering she'll make triple digits at her sea, I'm sure she'll still be around and rhyming free. But watch those chickens and their peck. Ducks may come after her for ditching their selling trek. Birds sure are up in arms against that lass. She better hide under the bed like my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Replies
    1. Made it within 3 minutes
      to that I am a witness

    2. And catching it on my iPad where I don't type fast.

    3. The iPad can be a pain
      But still first with that cane

    4. Hank dropped the ball today

    5. Had his thrill yesterday
      Needed to rest at his bay

    6. That ninja's quick as a flash
      Show him the cash
      What did he win
      At your bin?

    7. Won a cashew jar
      May not want it at his sand bar

  2. Why does that video come to mind
    where she was given a blank check
    a used truck she did find...

    Enjoy your day Belva!
    Odds are she will read your post
    as you are a rhyming host...

    1. She's here every day
      Will sure come to play
      After digging in dirt
      And a chicken flirt

  3. Loved the verse Pat no idea why chickens are scary.


  4. Eyeball eating chickens - surprised no one has made a horror film about that. I guess they eat ducks as well.

    1. Give it time
      Chickennado will be given a chime

    2. Chickennado, you say?
      I think an upcoming book title
      You've given away!!!

    3. lol could make a fun kids book
      May have to think on that at my nook

  5. I do think chickens are scary. They will peck your eyeballs out, if given the chance.

    1. You'd have to bend down rather low
      If one were that dumb, they'd deserve it though

  6. A very longtime friend
    Has been sharing chicken photos at her end
    The little ones are so cute
    But the big ones cause me to be mute

    1. haha not a fan of the bigger ones
      I doubt they'll go on any Chicken Runs

  7. Chickens made me think of my mom as a little girl
    Watching her mom cut off a chicken's head
    And then some more walking it would do
    Before it would be dead.


    1. I saw that with pheasants here
      Sure made me stop and peer

  8. I don't mind odd chickens at all, they are better than odd humans!

    1. Yep, beats odd humans any day
      Chase all of them away

  9. Chickens and ducks, oh my!

    Two months is a long time without a post.

    1. Two months sure is a while
      But in new posts did pile

  10. Chickens are dumb too
    Squawking at her zoo
    Best if fried
    In rhyme I tried

  11. Wanna Buy Odds From Cods?
    Chickens and all the lot
    And what of ducks
    It'll bring luck?
    It's safe from being bored


  12. My second and third grade kiddos used to love to go to the Plains Conservation Center with me because, among other fun things, they got to feed hens and visit the hen house to look for eggs. Some of then had never seen a live hen before. I enjoyed visiting Belva's blog today. Have a good one under your sun!

    1. Must have been city folk
      Only see store eggs and yolk
      I'll take chickens over cows though
      Blah to them as they leave a lot when they go

  13. Thank you for the chicken boost
    They might find some place to roost
    They have a home, they lay their eggs
    They put the danc'n in my legs
    I write my rhyme most every day
    A little late, but what the hay

    1. In you come each day
      A rhyme at play
      Chickens all in a row
      Dancing about below

  14. Eyeball-eating chickens? Sounds pretty disgusting...!

  15. orlin N cassie.....all burd jokez a side....roosterz can bee az vizshuz aza assassinz... a gal that werkz with de food servizz gurl waz out feedin sum henz N him went ballistic on her then did de same two de galz huzband ~~~~~~ faaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    ♥♥☺☺ happee week oh end ~

    1. haha doesn't want people near his herd
      One scary bird

  16. Nice tribute to the lovely ever-young Belva. Matter of fact, you inspired me to pop by her blog to say howdy. (It'd been a while.)

    As for chickens, I'll pass. My brother was raising them for a while and saying how terrific the fresh eggs were. Then he saw his chickens eating their own droppings. He no longer has chickens... or fresh eggs. HA! (I guess he thinks chickens that lay the eggs he buys at the store are more genteel with their eating habits...)

    1. lol I guess not just dogs do that
      Yeah, I'm suuuuure the store ones never ever eat scat

  17. Think I'll pass on chicken for dinner. Maybe a frozen Costco cheese pizza. I'll add some anchovies to pep up my half and my wife can settle for just plain cheese. She doesn't much like pizza anyway.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. All to yourself for the win
      While she gives it a little spin

  18. My friend wasn't chicken
    when I cried out duck
    "Where?", he did cluck
    as head took a lickin'

  19. Got chicken? -
    have a good weekend
    got ducks? -
    have a new socks

  20. I always fear the worst when months go by without seeing a new blog post.

    Chickens are pretty scary. I'm sure they'd peck my eyes out if I ever got near them.

    1. Just don't duck down
      Can avoid such a frown
      Yeah, usually it means gone
      Hopefully not death at their lawn

  21. I think I'd rather have a duck
    Than a chicken any day
    But Belva's a loyal follower
    So she has the last say

    1. That she does indeed
      With plenty of chickens at her feed

  22. She's taking care of a special plant, too
    Did you know that at your scene, Scooby Doo?
    Wait, did I just call you a mutt?
    Are you gonna kick my butt? :p

    Hello Cat!
    How's the mat?

    1. Maybe splat litter in your face
      From such an embrace lol
      Still alive
      As we survive

    2. Alive bets dead
      Or wetting your bed

    3. Beats both indeed
      At ones feed

  23. Belva is a doll it's true,
    to her dogs and chickens she'll be true
    People are nice, but some are bit farts
    Her chickens and doggie have bigger hearts :)

  24. Baby chickens and ducks are such cute little creatures.
    When they grow up they lose those sweet features.

  25. Belva getting ready for harvest
    A good soul filled with zest
    Chickens crossing roads and no one knows
    That's just how the story goes.


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