WEP Times Two...Or Three At My Sea!

The cat is breaking the odds today. I guess I have too much to say. Odds are that will always come due as humans rarely ever get a clue. Plenty of ammo is at hand. Right. On with it at my land.

First we have a new release. Pat once again made the rhyming cease. How rude is that? But why are we showing it today at our mat? Because it was started by April's WEP post. And off it went at our coast. But I'll fix Pat. Hold on, we'll get to that.

Martin and Emma had survived much in life to get the family that they always wanted. But when a snowstorm delivers a young, abused boy into their life they realize further the gift bestowed upon them and begin the fight to give the same chance to him. Soon they discover a secret lurking in Hunts Bay that goes further than abuse and puts their entire family at risk.

Determined to keep the boy from harm, they now must unravel the secrets of his past before his past destroys their family. As threats close in, the pair quickly find themselves doing acts they would never have fathomed to keep him safe, their kids safe and escape the growing threat with their lives.


And now on with another show. Or should I say flow? Yeah, the cat is going to play too. Rhyming has to come due. Is doubling up cheating? Bah, we'll Yolanda and Denise deal with that at their next meeting.

Gods And Mods

Cassie and I were fast asleep. It is a way of life at our keep. That didn't last long though, mainly due to a familiar foe. I guess frienemy would be a better fit. Either way, once again we had to deal with his shit.

"Drazin wanted to go home, not end up with you fleabags."

"Thy demon better watch his trap." Pat threatened him with a spoon. Yeah, he was once again a loon.

"What do you want this time, godly mook?" Cassie yawned and tried to ignore. She found dealing with that bald headed buffoon a chore.

"Drazin didn't want this. Drazin wants to...Just great." Drazin rolled his eyes as we heard more cries.

The room then started to spin and it was time for another battle that we had to win.

"Bryan, what do you call an alphabet with no R?"

"Messed up?"

"Nope. Alphawrong."

"Is it just Drazin or were those two better when they had football heads?" Drazin curled his nose up at the beer guys while bloggers surrounded us like flies.

Did I mention a giant R floated above us too? R really needs to get a clue.

"Great meeting. Great post. Great reunion. Great post. Great death. Great post." R repeated that a lot as he floated in one spot.

Then all around us past foes started to appear. Zombie Betsy even cackled in my ear. The humans all strayed away from Silver Fox though. They remembered his snip snip the human show.

"Thy demon has really done it this time." Pat threw his spoon at R. That didn't get us very far.

"Don't look at Drazin. Drazin had nothing to do with this crap."

"It was me. Now give me my shoe while I wipe the land of repeats!" Blue Guy appeared above us all. I think someone stretched him and made him rather tall.

"So he tries to stop repeats by making everything come back and repeat themselves. Pffft what an idiot." Cassie swatted The Gawker away. Him and that eyeball sticking out of the top of his head was still a scary display.

"Damn it. My mod failed. Stupid Amazon seller sent me the wrong package." Blue Guy jumped up and down. He was like a child throwing a tantrum in crazy town.

"And there are those crazy nuts." Drazin eyed Truedessa and Blabber as they appeared. Actually, I think his red glowing eyes more like peered.

"I didn't get my shampoo!"

"Look at that sky." Truedessa twirled around, making an aww kinda sound.

"I think she got too much air on that mountain. Or maybe drank from a funky fountain." I couldn't help that one. It just slipped out before I began to run.

"All right, fleabags. Drazin is going to end this crap before Drazin gets stuck with that whiny one-eyed creep and that Irish nut again. Let's go."

"Thy demon is right. Let's take out the germ ridden blue man."

"I want my shoe, damn it." Blue Guy waved his arm and all wanted to cause us harm.

"Godly mook, handle them, we've got the shoe nut." Cassie nodded to me and off we did flee.

"What about your crazy human?"

"Use him as bait. At that he's first rate." I got a glare from Pat. He may have not liked that.

Blue Guy tried to run away while Drazin fought off any who got in his way. He used Pat as a shield a time or two. He may have even swung him around like a stick, too.

"Back, cats. Back I say!"

"Does he think we're dogs?" Cassie rolled her eyes at him while I slunk behind his shoe-less limb.

"See ya later, Blue. At least I didn't poo." I snickered as Blue Guy slipped on my puddle of pee and Cassie batted his machine free.

"See? I need my shoe. This is so eww for Blue."

"My turn." Pat grabbed a beer bottle from one of the beer guys and smashed it after three tries. He shoved the glass into Blue's machine and poof went the entire scene.

"Damn you, Amazon sellers," Blue Guy muttered while he backed away. He really wasn't having a very good day.

Drazin picked up his sparking machine while Blue Guy continued to make a scene. He then tossed it at Blue Guy and after a little hippy shake, Blue Guy vaporized like kids do to cake.

"Until next time Drazin has to deal with you and your crazy human, fleabags." Drazin went back to Plumtoad and we all soon returned to every day mode.

That means Pat went to cleaning our shit and we rested for more than a bit. I may have even relieved myself in Blue Guy's shoe. But he's not supposed to know I have it, so that's between me and you.

Word Count: 807

There we go. All done with today's flow. Wasn't that rather long? Bah, shorter than a trip to Hong Kong. Lots to take in today. There is even another story at Pat's other blogging bay. So I guess that would make three. Beats little old me. Odds are we'll be back to odds soon, so don't expect long arse posts from this loon. But so many questions still come due. Did Blue go to another planet at his zoo? Did Zombie Betsy really die once more? Did Truedessa get too much mountain air at her shore? Did the beer guys go lame? Does an R really want to maim? I even got a long question mass. Okay, after all that work, off I go to nap my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Couldn't get in
    Therefore no win

  2. WEP Times Two...Or Three At My Sea!
    'Delivered' was delivered with glee
    Great story line
    Family in a bind
    With lots of mystery worth a look-see


  3. First , Congrats on the book
    I have already given it a look

    Haha I would twirl under the sky
    if a shooting star passed by...

    Blue is forever searching for his shoe
    in the litter box may be a clue (hint, hint)

    Pat running around with a spoon
    did he take in to much moon(shine) haha

    Thanks for the Monday smile
    It goes a long way, maybe miles..,

    1. Number 117 has come to pass
      Just adding to the mass

      A shooting star near
      Some may run in fear

      Poor Blue
      What is he to do

      Pat is just nuts when Drazin is about
      Guess he makes the voices pop out

  4. Ps : Drazin, the bald headed guy
    doesn't appear to be very shy(haha)

    Great Reunion was had at your pad

    1. Drazin let's his mouth run
      the godly mook can be fun

  5. Congrats on the new book,
    Sounds like a good obe
    I will take a further look.


    1. Thanks for delving further indeed
      As a new one showed at our feed

  6. wooot - congrats on the book - that's awesome!!!

  7. Can't wait to read
    The new book at your feed
    Up my alley it sounds
    Perhaps it can make blog rounds...

    1. Blog rounds you say
      Never know what shall display

  8. You sure have been busy Pat, congrats from all of us!

  9. New book congrats
    You are a writing fool
    Maybe required reading
    At all schools

    R is for Read

  10. 1000 words or less?

    Why not just one word? They should of added some fine print

    1. That they should
      But may need two "the end" at ones hood

  11. A new book at your nook. Nice to see and love your style and all those questions!

  12. You're just a rhymer at heart, Pat! Have to take a look at that new book of yours. Do you sleep or do you hire out to the cats?

    1. The cats charge a ton
      Your wallet would run lol

  13. I still remember the day I was finding old pre-rhymetime entries about Drazin all over the place online.

    1. Drazin sure got around
      Now in many a book he is found

  14. Slipping on pee
    Is gross and ewww
    Good thing it wasn't poop
    For Blue and his shoe

    1. Either way, Blue fell
      Stuck in his one shoe hell

    2. Forgot to say
      Congrats on the book
      Can't believe how many
      Are written at your nook

      And still with one arm?
      You must have drive
      I admire you Pat
      And the cats at your hive

    3. One arm the whole time
      From book to rhyme
      Easy once used to it
      Drive or ocd, either way here we sit

  15. Congratulations! You really write 24/7, don't you?

    1. Or just make it look that way
      Here at our bay

  16. "Is that alphawrong, though?"

    "You alphabet."

    We're definitely lame right now, and by lame I mean busy. And broken. And lazy.

    We're working on our former football headed glory, slowly but surely. And you definitely inspire us, having written approximately 100 books since we wrote our last one. Cheers to another winner!

    1. haha don't let Drazin win
      Go football head and do the godly mook in
      You can alphabet on that
      Broken and busy sucks at any mat
      You may get another before we do
      As we got the rainbow screen of death on the computer at our zoo
      There you go
      One more before our next 100 or so

  17. Your muse was working overtime this month! Amazing! Just amazing! I hope the inspiration continues!

    1. Sure on the go
      Had them both done in June though lol

  18. Wow! Is that a new genre for you?

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. Wow, Pat. Your creativity genes are hopping.
    Your new book sounds great. Many congrats. Wishing you mega sales.

    1. Mega sales would be fun
      A hopping they go on a run

  21. Congrats, Pat! Looks and sounds like an interesting book. :)

  22. Oh what fun.
    And congratulations on the book the last WEP sparked.

    1. Glad it was fun
      Great how wep can make a book spun

  23. orlin N cassie; dadz new book sounds grate !! we will chex it out....hope him sellz 45 trillion coppeez....how kewl wood THAT be !! ☺☺♥♥

  24. Congrats on the new book Pat ~ How many published books already ?

    1. 117 to date
      With 3 more waiting out of the gate

  25. New book - new surprise,
    intrigue in big size,
    and 805 just say:
    prosperity way!

    1. They keep on a flowing
      So we keep on a going

  26. Congrats to you
    new book woo-hoo
    Let me express
    a grand success

  27. Congrats on your new book! Sounds like a real nail biter!
    You certainly are a real Chatty Cathy with 805 words. All typed with 1 hand too. Color me impressed!

    1. What color would you like to be?
      Can we go all permanent marker on thee?

  28. "Delivered" sounds like a great read! Congratulations, Pat! And "Reunion" sizzles darkly! And Cassie and friends is always fun. I've said it many times before, but you ARE an inspiration!

    1. 3 for one
      Much was spun
      Next time we'll go for four
      Of course some may find that a long tour

  29. Hi PAT. You really are "Back on a streak
    At our creek", aren't you? Amazeballs that you've delivered more than one WEP post and entertaining they are. Although completely different, worlds apart. I hope your 100+ books lead to humongous sales. Every writers' dream.

    Denise from WEP.

    1. Humongous sales would be grand
      Each were sure worlds apart at our land
      Can switch gears with ease
      The cat finds it a breeze

  30. Congrats on the book Pat, sure it will do well.


  31. Hi Pat - I can't keep up ... let alone bring on a rhyme - congratulations on mixing all things up - bringing out another book, writing posts by the 'hundreds' even prematurely I noted ... cheers and have fun with all the creativity - cheers Hilary

    1. haha only got posts stacked up until next July
      I guess out they just want to fly

  32. On a good running streak no doubt, and congratulations on the book, best wishes with everything!

  33. This was superfun! :) Congrats once again.

  34. It took me some time to get in your story. I saw humour in it after I muddled my way through my own confusion. It is a delightful story and very well written.
    Shalom aleichem,

    1. haha yeah, one has to be in the know
      As many past bloggers and stories weaved in for this show

  35. As a first time visitor (and first time WEP contributor), all I can say is WOW!! Loved it and VERY impressed!

  36. Wow, two WEP entries; one a rhyming masterpiece.

  37. A tiny bit like a dark Dr. Suess.

  38. This poem reminded me of a certain polydactyl cat named Sid Vicious, but also called Sid-hartha, and Sidling. I see no reason a sentient cat can't play along, he hasn't yet done anything wrong.

    1. He plays along a ton
      As around the humans he may run

  39. Interesting take. Thanks for sharing this one!


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