What The Hell, Odds Can't Spell!

A grammar nazi's delight. Or maybe a fright. The odds are sure fickle this time. I can't even tell if they rhyme. Well the cat can with ease. Humans may not find it such a breeze.

Theese odds izz strange.
Strangee like with range.
Not sure on it though.
May be off at my show.

Tabbies sayz when.
When times ten.
Boy, thiss is ruff
Speaking this stuff.

Wezz find it hard.
Like finding the card.
Peicking out thee right one.
Sure can be tough to be done.

Back to the oddzz.
Like those yummy codzz.
Not those burd guys.
You know, the thing that flies.

Unless penguin man.
They may be a fan. 
Burds attacking lowers odds.
They go back to cods.

Litter art is a winner.
Be sure and eataz dinner.
But odds could goes downe.
If fame came to trout towne.

No blog posts to see.
Instead an artz gallerie spree.
Showing at nine.
The lives of the feline.

May also get eaten.
Those ancestors can't bes beaten.
But they look hungry as canz be.
Don't mess with them at their sea.

Burds are back.
What'z the flack?
Burds and deer.
Oh my, stand clear.

Odds of deer.
Squirrels in the clear.
Rabbits nearby.
Odds mays lie.

Odds = Maybe A Burd Knows
Just Look At Those Grammar Blows 

Can you decipher their bad grammar speak? We can at our creek. Can't type it like they do though. That we sure know. Got critters in your yard? Are they making you a cranky bard? Are penguins a better burd? Or are they just as absurd? I guess I'll go eat a bass and think on that with my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. I can just about make out what they're writing, but being quite the mistake writer and speller I am I'm not surprised.
    Great to read.


    1. Easy to do once used to it
      As they give a daily comment hit

  2. Odds are I left a comment
    but blogger ate it...

  3. I get irritated when biznesses do that! 😜

    1. That many sure do
      Biz with no spellcheck clue

  4. Would drive me crazy to read that stuff
    Just a little of it is enough.


    1. haha going nuts
      We're already gone at our huts

  5. We read along just fine and sometimes those Tabbies do rhyme!

    1. They can spurt out a rhyme
      With their burd chime

  6. The eyes fill in the blanks
    But it hurts the brain
    Those blogs I skip
    Never to see again

    For the burds indeed

  7. I'm not sure I can follow
    Did the cat grab a bird and then swallow?
    If the cat can read this then all is good.
    My sleepy eyes find it hard at my hood.

  8. What The Hell, Odds Can't Spell!
    It's a matter of style one can tell
    Spelling and grammar
    Allowed to go asunder
    Exhibit some humor to break the spell


  9. Love the tabbies and their food service girl.
    Another good one, Pat.

  10. Tabbies, trouts and all dem words
    Send a message with the birds

  11. It can be hard to decipher some blogs.

    1. That it can be
      The ones that go on and on and on are scary

  12. Ahaha! I'm definitely getting better at deciphering :')

  13. Litter art -
    where to start?
    It's way better than a fart
    but equal to a tart.

  14. I followed and seemed to get it. Rhyme it did and I didn't have a fit.

    See this is why I leaving the rhyming to you. Yikes a roni.


  15. orlin N cassie

    de food gurl haz ta bee
    care full inn deed
    coz herz ben usin trout speech
    on werk emailz ta reed
    oh hole lee shitz
    did her just hit sendz
    it seemz talkin trout
    just never will endz
    de ritin iz eazee
    de reedin iz hard
    thanx for de shout out
    heer in yur yard !!!


    1. And look at you go
      Here with the flow
      Using trout speak for work
      May make her boss go berserk
      But what the hay
      They'll eventually decipher it come what may

  16. "Da tabbies o trout towne" have a very unique way of getting their points across, but I never have trouble understanding them.

  17. My eyes jush tent batty reading them ~ It jappens all the time, I heuss ~

  18. How did I swallow my porridge
    the words were just as broken cartridge
    or maybe I forgot the key
    how to decode from a to z

    1. Maybe one got sticky
      Then it could get tricky

  19. Consistent they are
    But difficult to read at my bar

  20. Can't sort this out
    Oh please don't shout
    This penguin lout
    just punched my shnout

  21. I love Trout Town Tabbies and I've become very fluent at TT language. (I think!)
    I wonder if they have auto-correct feature set. It would be challenging to type, I imagine :-)

    1. Yeah, those little red marks would annoy
      And sure bring no joy

  22. I don't understand how you can overlook spelling errors. Don't those little red squiggle lines under the words not give it away?

    1. Bah, sometimes they lie
      Especially when making up words on the fly

  23. I overlook them for the most part. I know some people genuinely struggle for reasons beyond what they could do to make it better. :)

  24. With the internet, critics and grammar nazis are everywhere.

  25. I love the tabbies
    Fun to read their script
    Love the bass terd burds
    And all their other lip

  26. Well, this post and a visit to da tabbies o trout towne gave my brain a workout this morning. Good thing I'm on my second cup of coffee. I've been reading their comments on your blog for quite a while, just for the challenge of figuring out what da tabbies are saying. It was zany fun to read their latest post. You certainly have an eclectic group of regulars! Have a good one!

    1. Sure many a zany comes our way
      Maybe because we're rather crazy too at our bay

  27. Congrats again Pat, on your win. Glad you didn't toss it in the bin...gah!

    As an English teacher
    I don't like to be a grammar preacher.

    'Nuff said

    Denise :-)

    1. haha no preaching from you
      Just to the kiddos through and through


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