30 Miles With Plenty Of Piles!

The cat didn't even know these were still a thing until they wanted to go at that other wing. Then he got roped in. Or rather Pat did with an out and about spin. I stayed in bed and avoided that dread.

Don't be squirrely.
Get up early.
Skip your meal.
You have to get that deal.

The good won't last.
Be a thing of the past.
Early bird gets the whatever.
Worms are even more clever.

Whelmed you aren't able.
That is just a fable.
Push, shove and grab.
A deal you may nab.

You have to be quick.
That's the trick.
Get a deal by the ton.
Don't walk, run!

Get to the next table.
Push the others if able.
If not crawl to it.
You need to get that shit.

So hit the trail.
Get to each yard sale.
Even if they are on the street,
And the yard part is left in defeat.

Can't go slow.
There is 30 miles to go.
They are so long,
You'll sing a happy song.

Finding that deal.
Touch and feel.
Know it's just right.
Buy it just for spite.

Drive, stop and....crash.
Isn't it a bash?
Idiots pulling off each way.
A deal could be on display.

Pffft first and last time for that. Sure did not impress the cat. Nuts were about every which way and mostly crap was on display. But oh, let's get the deal. It's a deal that is real. 30 miles of them too. Whoops, after driving more like 1 or 2. Maybe even half a mile. Ever turn such a yard sale dial? If not you may want to stick with taking a pass. Trust my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Wonderful and a great read as always Pat.


  2. Heck with the deal. I'm shopping online.

  3. My neighbor always had a yard sale almost every-weekend. They were junk people, like living next door to Sanford and Son.

    1. Were they as rich?
      No royalties would be a bitch

  4. Like to drive by slow at a garage sale
    Looking to see what is on display
    But rarely stop at any of them
    I don't want to pay.


  5. They say one man's junk is another man's jewels, but when it comes to most garage sales, one man's junk is just... junk.

  6. Never been a yard sales person. The only thing I make look at is books. For a quarter.you can buy escape. Happy Friday!

    1. That you can indeed
      Plenty of those and clothes and glass crap takes seed

  7. The last times ususally Im shopping in line (especially because Im caring my mom you know)
    Really I have bought amazing things the last times s a lot of books :)

  8. I don't drive but I do act squirrely from time to time!

  9. I used to frequent yard sales in my own town and several surrounding towns, too. Nowadays, it seems like I'm always too busy to stop when I spot one.

    1. Too busy going to the library at your sea?
      Have they hired thee?

    2. No, but there's one librarian in particular at one of the libraries with whom I certainly wouldn't mind working.

    3. haha got a crush you say
      Pull the trigger on it at your bay

    4. Haha, now you know why he spends so much time there ;)

  10. Garage sales once in a while
    Are worth driving an extra mile
    But mostly filled with junk
    Leaving me in a dizzy funk

  11. They are good if you are in college and need cheap furniture or household goods. Otherwise, it's crazy to me.

    1. Yeah, if you need some crap
      They can fill the gap

  12. Ah, we all want to find 'that deal.' I believe in checking E-Bay! Smiles.

  13. We're not yard sale people. We don't even like to have one and usually just donate everything to Goodwill.

    1. I usually just toss in dumpster or donate
      Much easier than taking the bait

  14. Yard sales aren't like they used to be. People want premium prices for their crap now.

  15. I used to yard sale long ago
    Don't know why, guess life was slow
    Now I pass them up with ease
    Got rid of my junk with the bees-knees

  16. orlin N cassie.........thiz ree mindz uz oh de crazed who go stand in line for 8 dayz ta get a deel on a peece oh merchandize at santy claws time; onlee ta find out they shulda standed in line for 9 dayz !!! ♥♥☺☺

  17. No garage-saling for me! I'm downsizing my belongings, certainly don't want to add to them. Have a great weekend!

  18. I loved them when my girls were small and we'd snap up clothes for them real cheap. Now, I am trying to get rid of my own junk, I don't need to bring somebody else's back into my home.

    1. haha makes sense for kiddos when young
      But now most are dung

  19. 30 Miles With Plenty Of Piles!
    Must go though it takes a while
    The yard sale
    Without fail
    Some good bargains sure as hell


    1. Maybe few and far between
      Some good ones may be seen

  20. I like to find a good deal
    To me, that's a steal.
    If I can get something for more than 1/2 price
    I'll turn on the movie Babe and sing with the mice


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