A Detecting In Expecting!

The cat had another stupid saying come to pass. They said it and I gave a little sass. More like just a wise crack or two. I guess that is the same thing at ones zoo.

Here we go.
Time for a show.
Bring on the day.
Come what may.

Nope, not that.
Might fall flat.
Could get rabies from a rat.
Did you expect that?

Well expect the unexpected.
Umm, wouldn't that get objected?
For the unexpected has been inspected.
A new saying needs to be erected.

For with a little expecting,
You've gone on detecting.
Unexpected your neglecting,
So there is no unexpecting.

Did your mind bend?
That's an expected trend.
The cat likes to confuse.
It sure does amuse.

You expected it though.
You expected my flow.
That's to be expected.
Nothing to be corrected.

Unexpected gets affected.
Like some rigged elected.
Or getting rejected.
All can be a bit disconnected.

For now all is expected.
At least what can be detected.
You have no expectation of everything to be born.
For I may give you a post with kitty porn.

Hey, the furry ass of Cass,
May impress in mass.
Even if we're snip snip.
I expect it would drop a lip.

Damn, I expected that.
Not unexpected for the cat.
I've now unexpected the expected.
The "un" is no longer protected.

Every see that one at your sea? Did you delve into it like me? Hey, if you expect what can come to be than it is no longer unexpected to thee. Weird stuff will come to pass but you can't expect such things in mass. At least not without giving yourself a big case of gas. So that saying was proven utterly wrong by my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer. 


  1. I enjoyed reading. Nice rhymes. Well done.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  2. A Detecting In Expecting!
    A course in anticipating
    The unexpected
    Got duly elected
    Politicians could easily hoodwink


  3. Expecting the unexpected almost seems like an oxymoron to me. :)

    1. That it would be
      When you know what will come to see

  4. Expecting the unexpected?
    Head in the clouds as I suspected
    As my old guru said about expectations
    They do always make frustrations

    1. Frustrations sure pop in
      When expectations go for a spin

  5. Unexpect the expected. This is the key lesson I got from this. :D

  6. I suspect the expectation is correct, or not!

    1. Expect to reality could change
      Could turn out rather strange

  7. I've come to expect the unexpected here. The rhyming cat is full of surprises

  8. It can be hard to expect the unexpected- but I try not to fear the unexpected. :)

    1. Only if it is a dark alley
      Or in some dinosaur filled valley

  9. Unfortunately in this day, one must learn to expect the unexpected. Life is filled with twists and turns.

    1. Twisting and turning it shall go
      High and low

  10. I am still stuck on kitty porn
    That would leave me forlorn.


  11. When wild call about wife I got
    From cupboard my whiskey I brought
    And after a shot
    Some clarity sought
    She what with a what at a what

  12. Every now and then, the unexpected happens.
    And most times it catches me napping.
    Or else I end up laughing.

  13. I prefer what my dad used to say, " Expect the worst, hope for the best." It seems to help me get through shit. Now aboutnthat kitty porn??

    1. Can sure help push on through
      Not something you want to view?

  14. Expect the unexpected is the Big Brother motto. But I know you don't like reality TV!

  15. I hate being caught off guard, so I don't take kindly when the unexpected rolls around.

    1. Have to roll with it though
      There at your show

  16. The unexpected
    Can be a nice surprise
    Or it can be loathsome
    And make me hide my eyes

  17. Haha! I'm so used to the unexpected happening that I don't even worry about it. I just roll along enjoying all the twists and turns.


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