A Little Spell Raises Hell!

Humans are so so very strange. Some are so far out on the range. Maybe they fell into a cow pattie out there and it screwed with their gene pool without a care. Oops, I ticked off a dumb human somewhere. I better watch it at my lair.

Bippity boppity boo.
I put a curse on you.
Hear my cries.
I'm old and wise.

With some strange Latin,
I'll make you fatten.
At least it's Latin like.
A curse will still strike.

You'll forever be blue.
No help for you.
You'll forever be sick.
I cursed you some slick.

I made a potion.
I added baby lotion.
You'll now have kids,
With arms like squids.

You'll lose your mind.
A ghost you will find.
It will haunt you each day.
I summoned it this way.

I got a doll.
I pasted it to the wall.
Feeling that little stabbing?
That is me lightly stabbing.

I control your fate.
You'll be filled with hate.
I read from this magic book.
Your brains will now cook.

Hell will descend upon you.
You and your crew.
No one around you is safe.
I'll even make down below chafe.

And now for the whammy.
From here to Miami.
You will have bad luck.
May even get hit by a truck.

You have been cursed.
I've given you the worst.
Don't look at me like I haven't a clue,
Or I'll repeat my bippity boppity boo.

Have you ever been cursed at your sea? On the curser I'd take a pee. That is about all I believe in that. As fake as that made up thing call luck to the cat. Some actually believe they have been cursed though. Oh where the mind can go. At least cursed at let's you get out some sass. That seems a far better option to my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Replies
    1. Wow, and super late as well.
      No curses for me.
      I have seen some people with squid arms though.

    2. Hank must be on the road
      Suza in sleep mode

      Squid all waving and shit
      That would be interesting for a bit

  2. Replies
    1. Not sure if I AM cursed, but I sure FEEL cursed haha!
      Just so you know
      At the Kitty Cat Show.

    2. Feel it, so it is
      All a placebo biz

  3. Cats can definitely be sassy at times. Lots of that around here. Pat have a good day.

    1. That they can be
      Enjoying it all day at their sea

  4. Oh mercy me, don't give the curse
    It could lead right to a hearse
    Knock your elbow to the wall
    Take a spit out in the hall
    Dig a hole that's very deep
    Fill it with the dung of sheep
    Now you counteract the curse
    But maybe there is something worse

    1. Something more may come
      A gremlin may pop out your bum

  5. No curse here
    Nothing to fear,


  6. Been cursed at my zoo?
    Hmm, does that include adopting two
    Homeless, needy, damaged hoots
    Who spend their life in careless pursuits?
    Oops, that I did not say;
    Hit delete and make it go away...

    1. lol no oopsy is had
      As it popped out a tad

    2. No worries, my friend
      Made me smile in the end
      And I think I needed that Godsend!

    3. Cathartic at your sea
      To let it flee

  7. A Little Spell Raises Hell!
    With some ideas hard to sell
    Not to be cursed
    Nor with outbursts
    Some ideas might ring a bell


  8. If I've been cursed, I don't want to know:)
    YOU, have a great day.

  9. Oh yeah. I have cursed guys at work - wished them a cough for making fun If I had a cough. It worked. Heh heh heh. Evil laugh

    1. lol blew on them more like it
      Spreading germs a bit

  10. I like to walk under ladders while a black cat crosses in front of me.

  11. You can keep your spells at your bay. I don't need any more bad luck coming my way!

  12. I think you won the Spelling Bee!

  13. People who think they can curse you are way too effin' dramatic!

  14. This reminds me of the old saying "black cats bring bad luck."
    On that curse I'd like to bet a buck.

  15. I have a feeling someone had placed a curse on me.
    I've seen plenty of nuts at my office and could see
    One of them place a curse when they don't like to hear
    What was said to them. A curse is nothing to fear.
    It is their smell that Gives me a scare
    This must be the curse that leaves me bare

    1. Blah, stinky people for the win
      To chase you home and lock on in

  16. Voodoo dolls are fun
    when you hate everyone
    but when everyone hates you
    the fun is through.

    1. May not make your day
      When a needle gets shoved every which way

  17. orlin N cassie

    de food servizz gurl haz been cursed ta werk in de shit hole herz wekin in rite now ....cauzin her TWO curse......can her let looze with a tirade rite now..... ???
    faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ~~~~~


    1. A curse to curse
      A doubly whammy making it worse

  18. I claim credit for breaking the cubs curse

    you're welcome Chicago

  19. My uncle made a voodoo doll of my grandma, stuck pins in it and nailed it to her garage. Nice thing to do to your mom. My family is crazy. lol

  20. So bitter the pain of it all
    When wife and I each night would brawl
    Now peace has come
    As love’s harp I strum
    She takes pins from voodoo doll

  21. I have not been cursed
    I have a good luck charm
    Nah I really don't,
    so far no foul, no harm

  22. I've felt like I was under a spell
    and sometimes it wasn't all swell

    1. A Hocus Pocus remake
      Say no to that double take

  23. I hope I don't have a curse on me. But some days when things just aren't going right, one does have to wonder.

    1. Someone out there must hate you
      Sure a thought that some days comes due

  24. I haven't been cursed
    But a Voodoo Doll I've used
    For a horrible boss
    Who always abused

  25. My father knew of a man in Lansdowne House who was cursed to death and who died on the day the medicine man said he would. Freaky!

    1. Damn, that is freaky indeed
      Self fulfilling prophecy could have taken seed


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