A Little Tax Just Relax!

Some people go nuts like dogs do to butts. They are taxing that? How can they where they are at? That is just wrong. And they go further along the same old song.

Sugary drinks taxed?
In it's been faxed.
That is such a shame.
You pay more for the obesity game.

A helmet law?
Now that's raw.
Who wants to protect their head?
That just causes dread.

A speed limit?
Can't they dim it?
I want to go really fast.
It would be, literally, a blast.

A carbon tax?
Let's make tracks.
Fossil fuels are always the way.
Who cares about global warming today?

Bah, let's get rid of it all.
Toss it down the hall.
Watch it roll into the garbage chute.
Let's all remain mute.

Sugar isn't taxed.
Our limit is maxed.
Diabetes and diseases galore.
Wait, hasn't that come ashore?

No helmets needed.
Not cool to be deeded.
Brain damage is swell though.
I'm now too dumb to know.

Speed limits gone.
Hell, drive on the lawn.
Car accidents on the rise.
Humans dropping like flies.

Carbon stays this way.
Fossil fuels are here to stay.
Damn, they all ran dry.
Now all we can do is pray upon high.

Bah, let's keep them in.
Humans comply to win.
Change actually comes due.
A helmet actually saves brain cell or two.

Ever think of it like that? Humans are stupid where they are at. If left to their own will many would end up in a landfill. But by taking away the choice of it, whether or not it causes a fit, little by little some change may take place. Don't like the tax? Don't join the diabetes race. Poor, poor you will make it through. Now I'm taxed at my zoo. It's taxing giving humans sass. I'll go take a nap with my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


    Just had to get out of the sack
    Good thing it's not located in some shack
    Nor am I on crack
    So all is good
    In the Blue Guy neighborhood.
    Hey, it's Thursday...
    Such a fun day!
    Hello Cat.
    How's the mat?

    1. Copy and paste
      In post haste
      Cat is alive
      He will survive
      At least until he can't
      Then feed an ant lol

  2. Can't afford an electric car
    (One that looks like one
    One that is fun)
    I like fossil fuels in a jar
    Or on a star
    Not nearby but far
    But that's just the way it is
    Doing the teacher biz
    No ten kids though
    So a mini footprint show.

    1. I'd like a tiny shining star
      I'd keep it in a mason jar
      wishes would be near not far
      do you think that is a bit bizarre
      keeping my dreams tight
      while I sleep into the night
      making my world bright
      on a dragon I'd take flight

    2. A mini footprint you say
      Did it shrink at your bay
      Maybe you need a foot transplant
      Hopefully you don't walk with a slant

    3. I just want to wish upon a star
      I'll just leave my own imprints

    4. Wish and do
      Then it can come true

    5. As mini as can be
      At my non-kids sea
      Dare I say, "Well, Scooby Dooweee!"
      Guess I do
      Now, where's my shoe?

      No copy and past
      Just typing with haste :p

    6. Mini at your non kid sea?
      Does that mean it is too mini to make them come to be?

    7. Said a while ago
      Where that did go

  3. Good morning Blue
    Tel me how are you!

    1. Tel you say?
      Like a phone bill at his bay?

    2. Yell and all
      May think you strange at your hall

    3. I'm not deaf
      And my name ain't Jazzy Jeff
      Blue is doing so and so
      Too much work at his show
      All work no play...
      That can't be right
      Day or night

    4. Thought you were off Aug 29th or so?
      Didn't last long at your show?

    5. That was the plan....
      Then my boss said, "Hey, man...
      We need you to work a bit more"
      So I'm writing an online book at my shore.

    6. Writing a book you say
      Hopefully it comes with great pay

  4. Only the strongest survive
    we grow and thrive!
    Those not as strong
    aren't wrong,
    they just need a little more
    and so those taxes come ashore
    to keep everyone safe and in line
    and just so you know, my dogs aren't sniffing everyone's behind!

    1. Safe and in line
      Like waiting for all to align
      Never does happen
      But things keep on a yappin
      Not everyone?
      So they have behinds that they find more fun?

  5. I'm not a fan of the tax on alcohol.....LOL.

    1. lol rather get drunk tax free
      There at your sea

    2. Bijoux
      Doesn't rhyme with Scooby Doo
      How could that be
      At you Bijoux sea?

  6. Well if you are rich, you get tax breaks
    and then they cry for more finding
    Loopholes, while the rest of us pay pay pay
    just look at my check I worked overtime and the gov't took a huge chunk..so not only did I lose time I lost money.

    1. Yep, they take and take
      The more you make
      The more they take
      Better off to bake a cake

    2. Gloria makes beautiful cakes
      as she does like to bake...

    3. That she can do
      There at her zoo

  7. Simple peanuts have no tax
    Salted ones do, who are these hacks?
    I don't get their logic
    To me, it's one big ick.
    There's no speed limit in Germany as far as I know
    It's fun on the autobahn asthey all go with the flow
    Until there is a 400 car pile on this freeway
    That's a lot of cars, that's all I have to say

    1. Damn, that would sure suck
      Cost many a buck
      Pile up and dead
      Rather stay in bed

  8. Sugary drinks taxed? Go for it. I don't drink them.
    However I do think speed limits are merely suggestions.

    1. haha yeah, suggestions we can get on board with too
      As long as we have the dough to pay any ticket at our zoo

    2. Haha someone once told me that stop signs in parking lots were optional as long as no one was crossing you can just go, but is that true?

    3. lol nope, $250 ticket or so
      If the copper sees you with no stop and go

    4. I guess they aren't "stoptional" haha

    5. haha nope
      Stop and tional can't elope

    6. Suggestions they are
      Drive like a speedy star
      A what-you-call-that?
      A speedy star at my mat
      Suggestions... how about illusions?
      Speed limt confusions...
      See, now I need a drink
      This suggestion stuff makes me think!
      Can't have none of that
      At the Blye guy mat.

    7. The Blye guy mat?
      Drunk already where you are at?
      Suggesting it or doing it?
      Geez, could cause a fit

    8. I need glass, is all
      Getting old at my hall

  9. Tax us to death they do
    Always adding a new one
    And then we have to work harder
    And that is no fun.


  10. Stupid is as stupid does
    Vinny's really not my couz
    Tax my gas and tax my booze
    Bathtub gin is real old news

    1. Gin in the tub
      A fun rub a dub dub?

    2. Stupid... is my neighbor's face
      His wife's too.
      Stupid is matching lace
      With a blue suede shoe.

    3. The humper ones
      Who hump tons?

    4. Hump to their delight
      Night or bright

  11. Of taxes I am no fan
    And government is bigger than I am
    But I'll keep working every day
    And keep paying taxes at my bay

    1. Can't do much else at any sea
      For then they can just take all from thee

  12. Yup, those taxes are a pain in the you know where.

  13. A Little Tax Just Relax!
    None looking what's the snag
    Unfairly taxed
    That's a fact
    Taxman's noose ready to snap


  14. Congrats! Pat being the August winner
    A prolific writer who is such a zinger!

    zinger(a person that has vitality
    and produces startling results)


    1. Zinger I knew
      Thanks for the read at the other zoo

  15. Arent' helmet laws just getting in the way of natural selection?

    1. That they may be
      Let them dumb fall in the sea

  16. Texas has no personal income tax, but they have sales tax on everything. It is all a money shuffle game. No one wins

    1. No personal income tax may be nice
      No end of the year pay the price

  17. Things can be taxing. I enjoyed reading.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  18. Hey, Pat! I hope that you are having a great day. The weekend is in sight. I raced to the end of "Delivered" last night. IMHO, it is the best of your books that I've read so far. I cheered at the ending ~ It was very satisfying! I especially enjoyed how you got inside Martin's head and shared a lot of his thinking. He is a unique character, and I'm glad that you developed him so fully. Well done, my prolific friend!

    Taxes don't bother me as much as some people, although I hate to see tax money wasted We all want the services that come with living in a modern well-functioning country, but we whine about paying for them.

    And I hate that the superrich get off so lightly. I think one of the things that upsets me most about Trump is that in 1995 he wrote off $916,000,000 as a business losses and didn't pay federal taxes for decades. Disgusting, even if the tax laws permitted it. It didn't make him smart; it made him a parasite. Okay, I'll stop! Have a good one!

    1. The best you say?
      Works for my bay.
      Getting better as I go
      Marvin soooooooo deserved his final low
      Unique he was indeed
      You sure flew through that one at your feed
      Faster than even I can write
      Cheering as his final act did ignite.

      Yeah, seeing it wasted is dumb
      I just pay and get it over with no matter the sum
      Idiots like that deserve to be tossed in the sea
      A parasite through and through that gets away scot free

  19. My son's helmet went flying after he hit the ground. If he hadn't had it on, he would have likely been in really, really bad shape. I'm a huge proponent of helmets. Update: After his wreck he bought a BMW bike that cost as much as a car. He drove it for about a year? He and his brother both (coincidence) just sold their bikes a few months back. We are now a motorcycle-free family, woohoo! Life is good. :)

    1. Sounds like that is a relief, always worrying about a fall, that should bring you a bit of peace :)

    2. Yeah, helmets are just common sense
      Good he can talk about the accident in past tense
      Motorcycle free is the way to be
      Never much of a fan of them at my sea

  20. If the tax man sould figure out how to tax stupidity there sure would be lots of dough rolling in!

    1. Yep, there would be a ton
      Many be broke under the sun

  21. Replies
    1. The tax man does
      Probably gives him or her a buzz

  22. Congratulations on your guest post. It was a fun read!

    And it's a shame that they have to legislate things that are common sense, just because so-called common sense just isn't so common!

    1. That indeed
      Glad it was a fun read

      Yep, should be called rare sense now
      If it ever was common somehow

  23. Replies
    1. Probably soon be a tax for tax
      Charging all to the max

  24. Taxes are coming out of our butts.

  25. orlin N cassie;

    we tried ta drive de car onze N ended up on de lawn....

    trubull waz....it waznt R lawn......faaaaaaa...

    they had crap ass lawn orna mintz any way ~~~~~~~~~ ☺☺♥♥

    1. haha took care of the tacky view
      That they had in front of you

  26. They are taxing labor here. So now when something breaks down and you call someone to repair it...yup, you've got to pay a tax on top of the repair bill. Pretty pathetic.

    1. Damn, they are sure going to town
      In taxes all will drown

  27. The echoes that come from that dome
    That place where nobody’s at home
    Where grass share the plain
    With dust flown from Maine
    This space where a brain used to roam

  28. The government sure likes to get their cut. Talk about the biggest bunch of freeloaders ever. Taxes here, fees there, gimme gimme gimme. Just a legal way for them to rob us blind :(

    1. Yep, parasites by the bunch
      As they eat their 1000 buck lunch

  29. We have a lot of taxes here in CT and it sounds like some of them are going up again.

  30. I pay my taxes when they come due.
    I don't want to go to jail, do you?

    1. Nope, they get paid
      We don't want to learn a jail trade


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