A Not In The Know High Or Low!

The cat has seen it a time or ten. By now what haven't I seen at my den? I'm sure there is probably quite a bit. I have yet to see real alien spit. But who'd want to see that? Hey, could have healing properties you can market where you are at. I better stop. This could make too much writing up top.

Keep on a going.
The same old showing.
It may be bad.
You may get mad.

No fun is had.
Back to bad.
Worse and worse.
You just curse.

Keep on a going.
Whoops, did that flowing.
But it keeps growing.
That showing of knowing.

Knowing nowhere is there.
Nowhere to spare.
Nowhere is somewhere.
But pulls out your hair.

Bald and mad.
Lex Luthor is had.
At least you got dough,
If that were so.

On we go.
That you know.
Because we're you.
Confusing at my zoo.

That we know.
So eat crow.
They are tasty.
Enough time umm wasty.

The end is near.
Still bad I fear.
So let's keep on going,
With this showing.

Sinking deeper into a pit.
How about that shit?
Let's keep on going.
We'll get our showing.

Our relationship will magically work.
You magically won't be a jerk.
I'll magically get a promotion.
Can't board the quitting motion.

Pfffft is all the cat has to say. Quitting is fine in many a way. Shifting gears it will allow you and new can come due. Or at least a change of scene. Why beat a dead horse, besides it being mean? Just because something didn't reach the finish line doesn't mean you didn't learn. New ideas and things you can earn. So sometimes quitting must come to pass. On that you can trust my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Replies
    1. Came in at 7.08
      It was quite late
      Still made it!


    2. Nobody quits being number one, or at least not by effort.

    3. Sure not a quitting
      With a #1 hitting

  2. A Not In The Know High Or Low!
    Reach the finish line to show
    Just keep going
    No one's watching
    Make a gain, always on the go


  3. Great to read once again Pat.
    Great to be back.


  4. I enjoyed reading. I can't imagine eating a crow! I am mostly high with having bipolar, but I do get my lows. Good rhymes. Well done, I had fun!

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  5. I dunno, I could probably eat a crow!

  6. Ick on the crow
    rather not eat anything
    than eat one of them
    they might make me sing


  7. Learn a lot even not done
    It's okay to say bye and run
    Gave it your best
    Just go rest

  8. Lex Luther had hair and was young in a movie we recently saw. Just saying... things change, even baldness. Maybe he was using that Rogaine??? :)

    1. Blah to that one though
      That actor can go eat crow

  9. Did you know that Lex Luthor originally had red hair in 1940? But soon after, the bald version was drawn by mistake in the Superman comic strip.

    Of course, retroactive continuity says that he was born with red hair and later lost it.

    1. haha good way to cover up their mistake
      Now the baldness sure isn't fake

  10. Ah, sometimes our only choice is to keep going. One foot in front of the other.

  11. Step back/you, slack/Have a crack/Then, a whack! :-)

    Greetings from London.

  12. Can't eat crow, I'm a vegetarian! Ha! :)

  13. A creature of habit there should but one.
    Some call her sister. We call her a nun.

  14. I agree not reaching the finish line doesn't mean you didn't learn. Also the goal could change in the process!

    1. Could change along the way
      New paths and all at ones bay

  15. Sometimes you just have to throw in the towel. As long as you gave it your best shot, nothing wrong with admitting defeat.

    1. Yep, chuck the sweaty towel in
      Get a new one for a new win

  16. Sometimes the wisest course is to quit: leave a toxic marriage, leave a dead end job, quit before you reach the top of the sand dune ~ and come back and nail it the next day, stop at that second glass of wine LOL.

    1. lol don't want to get drunk
      Yep, and best to leave before in a funk


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