A Remembering Plot Or Not!

The cat looks here and there and all registers at our lair, but do we remember all at every moment of every day? Pffft we aren't an elephant at our bay. Some days in they won't click. Others they shall some slick.

A remembering time.
Easy as can be.
It is a crime,
If not done by thee.

A crime just because.
Because you never thought.
Oh look, some fuzz.
I've forgotten that plot.

You were on the go.
Making sure life stayed sane.
But oh know,
Forgot one thing in your brain.

That is so bad.
So bad of you.
I'm now mad.
So mad I'll moo.

It's the end of times.
Cats and dogs as one.
Everyone loves mimes.
There will be no more fun.

It was only one time.
One time it slipped your mind.
But that is a crime.
Who cares about the grind.

I remembered it.
So should you.
You have the wit.
But you haven't a clue.

I never said a word.
I still remembered though.
You are just a lazy turd.
Tonight you'll eat crow.

Literally eat it.
That's all for you.
Hear my fit.
Every word is true.

It is all up to me.
I remembered every bit.
That plant you can clearly see,
You forgot to water it.

Ever get someone nag at you like that? When with all their whining they could have done the task in no time flat? I've seen it a time or two. Many get upset about the stupidest things coming due. It's especially dumb when someone has a ton of things on the go. They can't remember every little thing every minute of every day at their show. Yet upset one surely turns to instead of just turning to do. Do it and it's done, no need for poor you to be spun. Do you hold a grudge against such a lad or lass? Pffft is all that can be said by my once in a blue moon forget to remember little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Many "Senior Moments" I do get,
    But I don't worry,I don't fret.
    Somethings are at times best forgotten,
    Should I remember them all I'd feel rotten.

    Enjoyed today's verse Pat
    Have a grand day.


  2. Haha, water that plant before the cat tries to eat it! The cat thinks it's a tree and will climb it with glee. :)

  3. I don't even remember what I had for dinner last night...

    1. haha ate and out it will go
      If it disagrees you may know

  4. Quit cha beefin' and do what they want. I be the nag at my house. lol

    1. lol so one better not lag
      Or you'll begin to nag

  5. Alzheimer's does hit some very early it seems

  6. Some time I remember, at least I think I do, but maybe not.

  7. I forgot to shut my hatchback trunk Friday and was then worried my car battery would be run down because a light was on in the car. I was ok though!

    1. Battery dying sure can suck
      Good it didn't to make you go fluck

  8. Even with a giant to-do list, I forget a lot of things.

    1. Things always seem to simmer
      But come back with a glimmer

  9. Forgetful memory here at times
    Part of getting older I fear
    At least I haven't got lost
    So that is of good cheer.


  10. If it is not written on a post it note
    It will not get done
    But we do not forget a meal
    Even on the run

  11. Record the things
    put on fridge,
    they don't slip
    your mind ridge
    who said we need remember all?
    just important - the rest let dissolve

  12. I enjoyed reading. I have a good long term memory, but a terrible short term memory.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

    1. Good to remember far away
      Won't repeat that way

  13. I don't remember if I shampooed my hair during shower (I probably shamppp too many times) so I won't remember those nags :-) I keep space of my brain for good things!

    1. lol sometimes sure comes back to did I do that
      The good things are where it is at

  14. I sometimes forget a thing or two
    I just say, whoopdi friggin doo...
    hey, Blue is still looking for his shoe
    off he goes following some clues...
    as a kangaroo comes into view...haha

    ok, had to have some fun...

    1. Whoopdi friggin doo gets the win
      Will do all others in
      Maybe not Blue
      He still whines about his shoe

    2. haha - I say that at work sometimes Whoopdi friggin doo and I get the look...

    3. haha say it all the time
      Maybe change friggin once in a while when I give it a chime

  15. Replies
    1. And nag and nag
      Makes you want to give them a plastic bag

  16. Do it and it's done...so true.

  17. I write myself notes so I don't forget things. That is, I write notes if I remember to write them... and the plan works as long as I remember to put the notes somewhere I'll actually see them.

    1. haha those notes may run
      They are pesky one by one

  18. I can't remember everything, and I don't expect others to either. I try my best to stay on top of things, but I love yellow sticky note reminders which I'll stick on my bathroom mirror, the tv screen, the coffee pot, or my steering wheel for a really important thing I might forget. What I hate is naggers!!! Fortunately I have none in my life right now! Have a good one!

    1. Good that none are about
      They sure make me want to run out
      Sticky notes on the TV?
      That would bother my ocd lol

  19. My mom always said if you can't do it today do it tomorrow.
    And if there is no tomorrow, then you'll have no sorrow.

  20. My husband admits to being a nag
    He can be good at that, it's a drag.
    He admits to this irritating trait
    I hate this but I love my mate

  21. My wife got the children a pet
    A moment I’ll never forget
    Such smiles I did see
    As dreams were set free
    They even taught me how to set

  22. I forget things all the time even a few minutes after I do something when I'm doing it mindlessly. Lists are really helpful to keep me on track with the important things.

    1. Yeah, it can be forgotten a few minutes later
      As you go on autopilot and ones mind is in a crater

  23. I've learned not to trust my memory and write lots of things down. I'm not a nagger when someone forgets but they better not forget twice.

    1. lol one time is enough for you
      Can't have them reaching two

  24. My family expects me to remember every little thing that they need, like their world would fall apart if I wasn't a human organizer book. God forbid I forget to wash a pair of jeans that they asked for (last minute of course), it's the end of the world. But do I get credit for the million other things I did right? Nope. Moms are so underappreciated!

    1. Yep, that many moms surely are
      Hey, did you go out and wash the car?

  25. "To do" lists are my daily chores
    One way with life, it never bores
    Something new most every day
    Stop the clock for a better way


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