A Single Look, Hook Or By Crook!

Don't look anywhere else today. Stare at what I say. You are going to repeat it everywhere. Are you ready to stare? You can't talk about anything else to anyone. Remember, that's not part of the fun.

This just in,
Famous Bloke no one cares about got a new chin.
Now they care.
Now you stare.

Now you know.
Tell it to friend and foe.
Don't skip a beat.
Tell it to all on the street.

This just in,
Famous Bloke we care about got a new chin.
We heard it already.
But it still comes steady.

You still must tell.
Such news does sell.
Tell and tell everyone.
Write stories on it by the ton.

This just in.
Famous Bloke receives new chin.
You may have heard it before.
But it deserves an encore.

Isn't it great?
Such a fine trait.
Don't forget to tell.
Spreading news is swell.

This just in.
Famous Bloke bought new chin.
That is wowing.
Sure beats new eye browing.

That's not a word.
But don't be absurd.
Talk about the chin.
Not to is a sin.

This just in.
Famous Bloke improved his chin.
That is so neat.
Doesn't it look sweet?

Even the cabbie knows.
Your focus sure shows.
World War 3 is at hand.
What was that? Oh yes, his chin is grand.

Wow, you humans focus on one thing 1000 times over. You have a worse attention span than rover. 500 channels and 1,000,000 sites and they all say the same thing. With a new chinned bloke do you want to have a fling? What does it matter anyway? Wowweeee that is something to talk about at any bay. I just passed some stinky gas. Feel free to spread the word about my gassy little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. A Single Look, Hook Or By Crook!
    New chin,and sporting a new look
    Can well tell
    And it can sell
    It is a sure thing not a fluke!


  2. Sounds like Cat could use some Beano,

    1. It may work
      Do I get a free sample for a perk?

  3. When famous bloke gets popped in the chin, let me know!

  4. These days the news simply isn't!

  5. We do tend to go on and on
    Talking about this or that
    And sometimes it makes us go splatt.


  6. Now what was that about some chin. Someone got their chin caught in a news binge eh?

  7. Some people have the attention spam of a gnat.

  8. I enjoyed reading. A new chin - are they a boxer!

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  9. All the sh*t just in
    should just go out
    with a grin
    There's no doubt.

  10. Chin up

    I liked Robyn's rhyme above

  11. It's like how everyone wants to jaw the daily political thing. Be original and talk about something else.

    1. Yep, ignore the buffoon
      Don't act like a loon

  12. Though, it would be a good peaceful world if new chin is the biggest headline :-)

  13. Seems the news is filled with nonsense headlines a lot these days. Can't focus on real issues but someone gets a new chin or breast implants and that's all anyone wants to cover.

    1. Yep, that is all they will say
      Clickbait and on their way

  14. The battle they had to postpone
    No lives would be lost to bemoan
    For just after dawn
    A secret would spawn
    That kept all the kings on their throne

  15. We have so much media BS distracting us from keeping updated about the latest current events. Like North Koreia.
    We have no time for this race war, no time for any civil war, but need to focus on the things that matter. At least, that will matter in the end.
    Sure as hell not Blokes chin.

    1. haha nope, sure as hell not the chin
      But they give use crap clickbait stuff for the win

  16. Take it on the chin
    Like Rin Tin Tin
    Take it on the nose
    With a rubber hose
    Take it on the ear
    With a can of beer
    Take it on the lip
    Watch your sinking ship

    1. The face must be worn out
      After all the taking about

  17. Ha,ha, a new chin you say.
    I guess that made the guys day.

    1. Must have been grand
      Talked about across the land

  18. What was that rhyme?
    Not by the hair of your Chiny, chin, chin? Is that a crime?
    I don't recall but people will look at the chin
    Especially if it is Kirk Douglas or Errol Flynn

  19. This reminds me of CNN and its endless recycling hurricane stories.
    With more storms spinning up in the Caribbean, I'm going to unplug the tv.

    1. That is alllllllllllll they go on about
      Best to turn it off and get out


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