Breaking In For A Spin!

I guess I'll break ground on this post today even if the post date is a year away. Actually it may be a bit more. I'm sure no one is broken up about that at their shore.

I need a break.
A break that's fake?
Why's it fake?
Because of the double take.

I need a break from the break.
Get hit with a rake?
Bitten by a poisonous snake?
Lose consciousness in a lake?

Would a break from a break = work?
That is breaking from the break perk.
Can you break from a break?
Is each break different like a snowflake?
That many may break the bank.
Did you use a tank?
Break sure is confusing.
Breaking banks may not be too amusing.

Maybe you break free.
That's the way to be.
Who needs the slammer,
Or a boss with a stammer?

Don't break a leg.
No need for a peg.
So break your fall.
Head my break all.

What was that from thee?
You'll break the balls of me?
Ha! Joke's on you.
I'm snip snip at my zoo.

Breaking up is hard to do?
Nah, can do it with a cell phone on the loo.
Not so hard in our estimation.
Sorry, we can't help with your constipation.

Has all hell broke loose?
Did it start with a goose?
Wouldn't that mean fire everywhere?
I'm not seeing anything as I stare.

Don't break to pieces if I break wind.
Cut me a break if I sinned.
I guess we'll just make a clean break.
A clean break from the break we can make.

Are you breaking up? Phone fall in your coffee cup? That may break your heart. Contact list now has fallen apart. Has this been breaking news? Do breaks give you the blues? Do you need a break from my breaking post? Maybe you need a break the most. I will now go break and nap with Cass. They broke the mold when they made my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Need a break
    From several things
    Or I will go mad
    And hear bells ring

  2. Did you jump in the lake
    That's a tough break
    A break like that takes the cake
    Spell it out, for Mercy Sake

    1. Spell it out you may not do
      For you could be flushed down the loo

  3. I need a break of some kind every day. :)

  4. I'm getting a break right now. Ken is in California dog sitting for his sister and I have the apartment all to myself. Although he does call me 3 or 4 times a day. He misses me or needs instructions on how to cook something. lol

    1. lol instructions and missing
      While you're at home blissing

  5. Break me off a piece of that Kit Kat Bar

  6. Growing up we always took a Tasty Break thanks to Tastykakes. Yum. Fun break!

  7. Sometimes I think my break will be broke by the time I get to it!

  8. My old flip phone fell into a toilet once. Amazingly, it still worked.

  9. hehehe, imagine Pat taking a break. hehehe

  10. I think we all need a 'break' sometime.
    But I hope you don't take a break.
    The blogosphere would not be the same without you.

    1. I take plenty at my sea
      But you just don't know it comes to be lol

  11. I love break from work! Break from break = work sounds like a really bad math lol :-)

    1. lol yep, bad algebra wannabe there
      Rather have no work to spare

  12. The break I take
    for your sake
    may be a mistake
    or rhymes that I rake

  13. They did indeed break the mold, Orlin:)
    'Breaking up his hard to do...' That certainly takes me back:)

  14. sometimes is good but a break of a break ??
    ah Pat you are teasing us again :)

  15. I used to long to be able to take a break ~ Now I enjoy taking a break from a break. Hope your Labor Day break is fun!

    1. The cat was right
      A break from a break in sight

  16. Have a great Labour Day, know the feeling about taking a break.


  17. Breaking In For A Spin!
    Is it not a really big sin
    One needs a break
    To rewind for a take
    One can then go full swing!


    1. Full swing is the way
      So break til you can play

  18. But can I get a break of that kit kat bar?

  19. People say they need to take a Break but that is better than breaking a leg


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