Don't Get Lost In The Cost!

Boy, that was cheap. Aren't you ready to take the leap? Am I getting ahead? This post hasn't been put to bed? Why would I put a post in bed? That needed to be said.

Look at this deal.
It is so for real.
You get all of this for that.
So cheap where you are at.

No, the fee is flat.
So don't be a dingbat.
Get it today,
Before it goes away.

$50 a month isn't bad.
You can afford that at your pad.
Just like the other stuff.
You can never get enough.

We've got you trained.
Whoops, income got drained.
Now it may be tough.
But don't you love your stuff?

Oh, it broke.
Sorry about that bloke.
Your warranty doesn't cover it.
In other words, tough shit.

But you can throw it away.
Although you still have to pay.
Can't get out of that.
Who cares if you can't feed the cat.

You could fix it too.
Only $5000 to do.
That is just so cheap.
Come now, take the leap.

That's only $99.99 every other week.
You can give it a peek.
Beats throwing it away.
Either way, you'll still pay.

There you are.
Fixed that car.
Or what was it?
I can't remember that bit.

But it was cheap,
And you took the leap.
Oh, it broke once more?
That's only $4386.54 to fix at your shore.

Things are so cheap, right? Until the budget gets tight. Or you make the budget tight by letting such things take flight. Then comes the added cost and soon everything is lost. Or at least the bank account has a far less amount. But oh it was sooooooo cheap. Ever take such a leap? I'll stick to the singing bass. If he breaks, I'll just chew on him with my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. That's 4 in a row
      That's a go, go, go!


    2. Good morning Hank
      when I saw the delay
      I knew True
      would be two :)

    3. Got in seconds to spare
      For four at our lair

  2. Replies
    1. Good morning True
      Great sharing with you!


    2. Should have went t
      A second saved for thee

  3. Live within your means
    Is what is said at my scene.

    Enjoyed the read Pat.

  4. Don't Get Lost In The Cost!
    Make sure you get the most
    Yes, it is cheap
    Gives the creeps
    May not last have to be tossed


  5. I remember when products were made to last
    but that's a thing of the past.
    Now it's all made so cheap
    so fortunes can be reaped
    and the consumers are left broke
    and that's not a sad sad joke.

    1. Yep, made to break
      So in a repeat you'll partake
      Sucking your money away
      Making you slave away for more pay

  6. Oh so many people I see
    Have taken that bait with a huge interest fee.
    Rent to own is what they do
    Pay 7 grand when it should only cost 2.
    They want that tv and stereo sound
    59.95% ..can't pay? Well, now they impound

    1. Yep, with that big rate
      Could fill many a plate
      But they take the bait
      Then it's only a matter of hurry up and wait

  7. It's like when your dryer breaks and they tell you it's five hundred to fix it. Heck, just buy a new dryer!

    1. Yep, been there last spring
      Much cheaper to give the old a fling

    2. Yep, hunks of junk
      Mine is still kerplunk

  8. I pay in full or I don't buy it.

  9. Just paid off a credit card
    No longer in that debt
    Getting rid of it now
    So it won't tempt yet.


  10. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true
    Someone is trying to cheat on you.

  11. I seek things that are cheap. A bargain can be found by looking around, but is it sound to pay a few less pound! I'm not sure at my door, but I implore to the poor to live within their means! I enjoyed the read at your feed.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  12. I love it when it costs more to fix something than it would to buy a brand new one as a replacement.

    1. Yep, seems to happen to most all
      No wonder the trash piles are so tall

    2. My ex cost more to fix than to replace. Just saying....

  13. We dould use so cheap around thaes parts!

  14. Some things cost more to fix than to buy an entire new one. It's nuts. I had an old printer that the ink cost more than an entire new cheap printer. I bought a new printer that took cheaper ink.

    1. haha yep, chuck out the printer and buy new
      Give the expensive ink a screw you

  15. orlin N cassie

    sew de food servizz gurl once dee sided her waz gonna getta book case ....N it waz at a swell price; her had ta put it two gether her self....HA....N waz knot up N standin 20 minits when gram paw dude jumped on one oh de shelves N knocked it kleen over ~~~~~~~~ ♥♥♥ ☺☺☺

    1. lol showed her she didn't a better one
      As away all did run

  16. That is why we are a throwaway society - much cheaper to buy another. Forget extended warranties and add-ons. Or supersizing,etc. But they also get you with the cheap buy in and then the continued maintenance. Hey - it's all business, I guess

    1. All comes back to a the dough
      And yep, that is why we throw and throw

  17. Deal sound too real?/Soon someone will squeal. :-)

    Greetings from London.

  18. Things today are not built to last. They rope you in with cheap product then get you with the repair bills. My aunt was telling me her stove is over 25 years old and shows no sign of slowing down. Mine is 10 years old and feels like it is on its last leg.

    1. haha yep, there is a lot of that
      Old stays, newer goes splat

  19. Depression baby, that is me
    Clap your hands and count to three
    If we have no money, we don't buy
    Just puff all up and tell a lie.

    1. Puff up behind a lie
      Blow your finger on the fly

  20. Hate everything with monthly fees
    Perfect way to hit you in the knees

    1. Sure whacks a time or ten
      As they get their red pen

  21. $50 a month! Sounds like a real bargain to me!

  22. I hate debt and payments. Money spent on interest is money lost.

    1. Not to the bank
      They have to fill their yacht's gas tank lol


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