It Will So Ignore The Chill!

You know it is coming. I have a daily drumming. At least up until now. Hey, one day I may not post and wow. I have to croak sometime or maybe get a life that doesn't rhyme. The former will happen and so starts this rappin.

May and will.
Each a thrill.
Each a curse.
Not sure which is worse.

But one is right,
Here in sight.
The other wrong,
Yet many play along.

It will happen...
They keep yappin.
Like bippity boppity boo,
And poof, happens to you.

Yep, that is right.
Like a unicorn in sight.
It is oh so correct.
Should get no neglect.

It will happen...
Keep on a flappin.
I'll go and do,
And simply ignore you.

Taxes and death,
Your last breath.
That "will" happen.
The IRS will come a tappin.

But the rest.
Ha, you're a pest.
A positive pest,
But a pest at best.

You'll find a spouse.
You'll get a house.
You'll get a great job.
Your spouse won't be a slob.

You'll magically change.
Your life will arrange.
You'll even win big.
So come and dance a jig.

It will happen...
Keep that foot a tappin.
Just hear my continued yappin.
It's so true when I say it will happen.

Yeah, and I'll sprout wings and fly. I'll be a flying rhyming guy. Then I'll shoot flames from my eyes. A flaming, flying, rhyming guy in the skies. I'll also gain speed from super gas. A farting, flaming, flying, rhyming guy with sass. Hey, it will happen. Okay, I'll stop flappin. Do you use the it will happen pass? Pffft and what I just said will happen to my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. That's 6 in a row
      Though 1 min slow!


    2. Still got on in
      6 winning spin

    3. Wow Hank is on a roll
      will seven be the goal

    4. Seven for a week
      Here at our creek

    5. Or a chick
      On a stick
      Or a duck
      Out of luck
      Or a cow
      Making a bow
      Or a snake
      In a lake
      Or a fish
      In a dish
      Or a crab
      In a cab
      Or a shoe
      Stuck in...

    6. Hank being #1

      it will happen

    7. A lucky break
      even though late
      It will happen
      though seldom
      And thanks Adam!


    8. Will happen indeed
      Like Blue's animal feed

    9. Just so you know
      At the moo moo here and a moo moo there show!

  2. Most wonderful to read Pat although I didn't relish the "Death and Last Breath " bit.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  3. It Will So Ignore The Chill!
    To carry on with a fiery spill
    A dragon in the sky
    That's way up high
    Flaming and flying to kill


  4. Oh my, that's quite the visual Pat!

  5. haha - a flying rhyming guy with fiery eyes
    can I catch a a ride soaring the mystic sky

    haha - will you transform into a dragon
    will your pants be draggin...

    ok, I won't go there, but people beware

    you might see a new kind of moon
    but, will it make your head swoon

    Have a great day at your rhyming bay!

    1. The pants won't drag anywhere
      They'll just burst by the pair
      As transforming comes due
      And maybe a moon or two

  6. Pretty much describes life
    Though it goes by so fast
    Cant figure out how to slow it down
    And make it last.


  7. It will happen that you will rhyme
    Every one I read is sublime
    Fiery bursts and words in flame
    It will happen, never the same

    1. It will happen for a year
      Even if I croak here lol

  8. I am glad that you are continuing to rhyme
    it is nice to have some continuity in time
    keep it up as long as you can
    or many of us would pine!

    1. Onward it shall go
      Where I'll stop, damned if I know

  9. You're usually more upbeat than this! Lol

  10. I've seen a few bloggers disappear over time. Their blogs still remain on the internet, but with no new posts. I always wonder what has happened to the authors. Dead? Lost interest? Forgot their password? Too busy on Facebook and Instagram?

    I have a "final post" drafted for my blog, assuming that I'm still writing it when I die. A friend will have my password and is instructed to post that final post just to let my readers know why I'm no longer writing.

    1. Some sure just wither away
      Who knows where they went to play
      If I'm still the same old
      A year will still take hold
      So I'll be dead and gone
      And a year of rhymes shall still dawn lol

  11. Wht you said is all true
    Making you sound blue
    A blue cat.... could it be
    At the blue cat sea?

    1. Check this REBOOT out: CLICK

      Does it get your blessing?

    2. True as can be
      Like a flea on me
      Washed into the sea
      No flea or blue on me

      Pfffft more crap
      Could be good, but it's the 6th lap

    3. They are 7 months in
      Still not in a bin

    4. Stuck it should stay
      Tossed in the bay

  12. I'm not saying that I'm waiting around for my luck to change and maybe win the lottery. But someone will win..probably not me though..

  13. Winter is coming. You'll have snow, we will not. It was 94 deg. yesterday.

  14. It will happen, it will happen
    Do I keep my mouth a flapp"n
    As the world goes round and round
    Will stardom's cheer be the final sound
    So baby take another bow
    One more is all they do allow

  15. Now that sounds like a new book to me.
    Is it possible it could be?

  16. Taxes are inevitable. They for sure happen!

  17. Awesome job w/the imagery. I don't do the 'you'll get' thing, because who really knows. Maybe you won't. And that's totally okay (sometimes even better). Best to just enjoy what's present, that's the only thing certain anyhoo.

    1. Imagery just flowed away
      Yep, sometimes it just won't come to play

  18. Death and taxes, nothing new
    A rhyming guy, you are true.
    Don't care if you fart
    Your blog has heart

  19. I'm not sure if you could live a life without rhyme! Rhymes just flow out of you.

  20. A life without rhymes you say? No way! Just wouldn't be the same,= without rhymes mixed into the daily game.

    1. Mixed in they'll have to stay
      As we have our say


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