Likely Not With This Plot!

The whole world likes to yap. That is not news to any chap. They yap and yap and yap some more. I better stop yapping before I bore. But about the weather they chat, about you they probably won't chew the fat.

Whether old or young,
You may never be stung.
Stung like the rich.
Those out like a glitch.

Many know their name.
They have so called fame.
The right moment in time,
They beat out a mime.

But for every one,
100,000 nos are spun.
The rest have to fight.
Fight to survive the night.

Those around know.
Whether friend or foe.
Can touch each one,
With your daily run.

Making a difference near.
Things most will never hear.
But at the end of the day,
You do it anyway.

It could be the middle.
But let's not diddle.
Diddle about I mean.
Don't go gutter at your scene.

You'll never be like them.
Dripping out golden phlegm.
When you whine no one will hear,
Except those willing to lend an ear.

No one will stalk you,
Unless a crazy lives near your zoo.
No one may take what you say as true.
Of you, most won't have a clue.

No water cooler talk.
Most won't gawk.
Most won't bow down,
Like you have a golden crown.

Fighting for each day,
May always be the way.
But come what may,
In the fight you'll stay.

Is the cat a downer today? Nah, just had that to say. The fight needs to be done as each new day is spun. It can happen to one out of the 100,000 that are spun. Yeah, I pulled that number from my butt. Stats sure are fun at any hut. Most of us may have to walk across broken glass as we remain in the mass. But that glass can be pushed away with gas, like the kind that comes out my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Come what may... you just don't quit
    If you do, you're worth um... spit
    Just saying at my spot
    Giving up we do not
    Hello Cat
    How's that yap yap mat?
    It's Tuesday...
    Such a rainy day!

    1. No rain here
      Tomorrow I fear
      It sure won't quit
      Like taking a shit
      It all keeps a coming
      So onward we go a humming

  2. Stats? Four out of five Ninjas approve of this post.
    I'll never make the big bucks like my brother, but hey, I don't want to work eighty hours a week either.

    1. Look at you go with the stats in tow
      Yeah, 80 hours a week here would sure be a no go

    2. Five ninja stars
      You can go far

    3. I don't want to work 40 lol
      and average about 50

    4. Back to 40 we go
      May be 50 too some weeks though

    5. Welcome to the 9 to 5 grind
      as least now pay you will find

    6. that is true
      No more crappy car draw at my zoo

  3. Yapping about the weather these days
    Might bring on a hurricane craze
    Stay safe; stay dry
    To yapping just don't reply

    1. Yapping without yapping
      Avoids that little trapping

  4. Yapping can get old to listen to
    Such a bore it can be
    Better to be quiet
    Than to have others flee.


  5. All the yapping has been about the weather
    it twists and turn causing chaos in its path
    Now is the time to come together

    1. That it is with the weather
      Yapping they do while regular folk come together

  6. Likely Not With This Plot!
    Many a time gets pretty hot
    Yapping around
    Make them frown
    In the open which is saying a lot


  7. Fight for the day
    Stay out of each others way
    Do your best
    Be kind to the rest

  8. I did not find a downer or sad in any way.
    we do help others each and every day.
    We don't do this for fame or glory
    we just do it and we are not sorry.
    People who want fame are truly not free.
    Just look at Byonce and Jay-Z
    2 idiots who don't give a damm.
    I hear no donation to people who are in a jam.
    They just bought an $88 million dollar house.
    I shake my head and think of them as one big louse!

    1. Why would anyone buy such a home?
      Do they want to live in Rome?
      That is nuts
      Brains obviously up their butts

    2. Beyonce did go to Houston to help out with Harvey's victims. Having said that, I think an 88 million dollar house is obscene.

    3. Beyoncé probably did it for publicity
      Enough said...

    4. She's also headlining a telethon, along with Barbra Streisand, Blake Shelton, and Oprah (link below). So even if she is doing it for publicity, it's going to help a lot of people.

    5. I tuned in and made my donation.

    6. True, she is helping, but like Gibson, is it for more than just for publicity/to stay in good graces
      Many such nuts are two faces

  9. Our neighbor dogs sure like to yap a lot too!

  10. The yapping this week has been all abut the weather and climate change.

  11. We think of things never thought before
    We think of things from days of yore
    If it lets peace into your heart
    Don't put your horse before the cart

    1. Or the donkey before the ass
      Hmmm same thing to come to pass?

  12. orlin N cassie

    de werd unproductive came forth frum de food servizz gurlz place oh employ... coz thatz all any one ever DOEZ.....yap... frank lee we can see why her comez home lookin liked a crazed azz ~~~~ ☺☺

    N hay, 100000 is a hellava number ta pull outta yur azz buddy ;) !!!!!

    1. haha so many sure are slackers by the ton
      We are sure that ass pulling is done

  13. Nice message. Middle is best.
    Who needs paparazzi or all the rest?
    They put one's character to the test
    And the elite snobs, though they fest and have professed
    they're greatness. To their idiocy, we can all attest.

    1. Idiocy sure abounds
      Especially when orange hair surrounds

  14. Yapping to my neighbor is what I've been trying to do
    She's old and lonely, you can see it through and through
    Today she called me on a whim
    Says her husband died and she misses him.

    I'm so happy for her call
    Yap away, yap away, yap away all. :)

    Note to self: You DID say golden phlegm, right? ew ;)

    1. lol lots of gold
      May not make eww take hold
      Good you can talk away
      And make her and your day

  15. I think the best stats are the ones you make up to win an argument. And 87% of all people agree with me.

    1. That is a bad percent though
      The superstitious will see 13% remaining and be all "oh no"

  16. I think the weather is really crazy last years !

    And of course is beacuse the climate change!
    We can see here too !

    1. It can't be because of climate change, Gloria. Trump says that's just a hoax! Ha.

    2. lol what Trump says goes
      As long as it can be counted on fingers and toes

  17. He said that he couldn’t recall
    A thing after he had his fall
    All his former glory
    Were long gone before he
    Told latest love story of all

  18. I like to surround myself with people that enjoy silence. Too much yapping about nothing at all drains me right quick. Comfortable silences is where the party is at over here.

    1. That is a much better way to be
      Yapping about the same crap gets a see ya from me

  19. Stuck on your own
    can be more than 9 to 5
    but it's joy, fun
    whatever you write

  20. I didn't find your post a downer at all, Pat. I particularly liked,
    "Making a difference near. Things most will never hear. But at the end of the day, You do it anyway." I have great faith in the majority of regular people who fight the good fight to build decent lives and helping those around them. You rarely hear about what they do, but they bring great goodness into our tough world. As for that one in 100,000 ~ They can have it. I'm quite happy to be comfortable and anonymous. Have a good one!

    1. Yep, anonymous is the way
      Can stick the fame we say
      But I'd take their dough
      They away we'd go


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