Need A Mate For A Halloween Date?

The cat figured he would help you out early so by then you don't get squirrely. I mean it is only a month and a half away. You may need time to sort through this oh so great display.

n9t veey sociable keep to myself alot
And redundant too with the your plot.
replys only if interested to kno more hmu
Run on sentences still come with acronyms due.

no idea what you are looking for no idea on my time
Damn, are you a new kind of repeating mime?
Looking for some who has their head on their shoulders
Contrary to some beliefs, it doesn't roll anywhere else like boulders.

I love a man with a nice peard
So staring at you isn't weird?
Love anything ufos and I want to be abducted
Any man may find that a little obstructed.

If I could rescue all the animals at the SPCA... I totally would
The cat crosses you off immediately at our hood.
Painting boardgames are some of my favorite things
So you paint two at a time in the wings? 

None smoker ,drinker & none drug user 
But are you a Non abuser?
very organized put together
Too bad your sentences I can't weather. 

to ne me of not to be me
Is that a question from thee?
live for cuddles with my dog
Even when it leaves you a brown log? 

So, here I am. And there you are, somewheres out there
That is very astute of you at your lair. 
enjoy company no where it takes us
Going nowhere may cause a fuss

Going out and also easy
Now to some that may be pleasy.
mild mannered and fun
Someone may sue for that one

No drama and stress
So one or the other no more or less?
founditinthe ditch
Ain't that a bitch.
Lying as you board the whiny...bus.
Permanent is my goal
Will you stuff me like a pet troll?

And there you are. Now you can get a date at your sand bar. You may have to travel far but aren't they worth it to hop in your car? Don't you want one all for you? Heck, it's for Halloween, try for two. Double the crazy mass. I would skedaddle the hell out of there with my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Need A Mate For A Halloween Date?
    Not anybody will do for such a night
    No stained character
    Much less a drug user
    Then trick or treats will be a delight


  2. Welcomed to you True, Ma'am
    Sharing mornings, you are a gem!


  3. The head on their shoulders ones crack me up. Is there really someone out there who would admit that their head was really up their ass?

  4. I'm so glad I'm already married...
    Head on their shoulders is better than up their ass all right.

  5. Surely everyone will find their date
    May even find the perfect mate
    If it's meant to be, it's fate
    Use money for the catch-all bait

  6. Ha - yes - if I could rescue all the animals at the SPCA I would too! I am sure there are a lot of them after two deadly hurricanes.

    1. Yeah, bet there are a lot
      Sure be many dogs to go for a trot

  7. The criteria some folks
    Demand from a potential date
    Is often stronger than rocks
    Drowning in waters of fate.

  8. Ladies should look for dating Jason Vorhees, but to be fair, he does have mommy issues

  9. But I do want to rescue all of the animals at the shelter. Had to settle for just two.

    1. haha a good thought it is at any feed
      But totally impossible to come to seed
      The cat is mean to others though
      So that is why here it is a no

  10. Need no date this Halloween
    Thankfully because the candidates are dim
    Wouldn't take any of them
    Even on a whim.


  11. Halloween is getting scary here. Last year some humans came to our door dressed like our neighbors, YIKES!

  12. On Halloween we just stay home--
    We turn out the lights and ignore the phone.
    Party poopers, my wife and I--
    No dates for me or my.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. By the way, not to sound outspoken,
      Just wondering--Is your keyboard broken?
      There seemed to be typos, or so I thunk.
      Or maybe you're rum vision blurred because you're drunk?

      Arlee Bird
      Tossing It Out

    2. Easy peasy at your sea
      Which is pretty much done by me
      Stick in the mud
      Halloween is a dud

      Wasn't me
      What the dates came to be

  13. I think anyone with a heart WANTS to rescue all of the animals at the shelter, but we settled for two of them. (And try not to think about what became of all the critters we didn't bring home...)

    The "no drama no stress" one is a bit appealing. That'd beat a drama queen any day of the week.

    1. Yeah, wants to
      But can only do what one can do
      Especially with a cat that hates all
      At ones hall lol

      True, beats a drama queen
      At any old scene

  14. No need to date
    That world is scary
    And safety concerns
    All way to hairy

    1. So avoid the scary and the hairy
      What about a Mary?

  15. The last time I dressed up and went out for Halloween, it was sometime in the eighties. I was clean-shaven and had brown hair. I put on a white shirt and a tie, and got three female friends to slick their hair back, put on bright red lipstick, and wear black dresses. Most people recognized us as Robert Palmer and the "Robert Palmer Girls" from the "Addicted to Love" video!

    1. lol look at you go
      The ladies man for a Halloween show

  16. Halloween is not a big deal around here, thank heavens. But it used to be fun to see all the kids dressed up.

    1. Dying out it a lot of places
      But fun to see the kids faces

  17. Your dating options are as scary as mine
    Your best bet might be the mime.
    Repeated candy corns
    could make it worth your time.

    1. But then I'd get fat
      Man boobs aren't where it is at

  18. I enjoy Halloween- but I haven't had any trick or treaters in years.

  19. I'm glad I don't have to try and find a date.

  20. Most spirits of Halloween night
    Are now in their beds sleeping tight
    But sweets seen on telly
    Those treats made of jelly
    Their ghosts in my belly now fight

  21. Every time this you do
    I'm so thankful I'm out of the dating poo!!!

  22. Ha, ha. My dating years have long gone past.
    Unfortunately good things do not always last.

  23. I don't know if I should laugh or cry. The education system is truly failing some of these people.

    1. big time
      And supposedly they're in their prime

  24. All of these would make me skedaddle too!
    Scarier than Halloween through and through!


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