On The Rise, What A Surprise!

On the rise gets said a lot. Whether it is pulled from someones ass stats that are being taught or what have you. On the rise sure comes due. On the decline may get the shaft. I guess it doesn't have the best craft.

On the rise.
Raise your eyes.
Spot the skies.
Smell those pies.

Scent on the rise.
Not masked in disguise.
Try it on for size.
I tell you no lies.

Word to the wise,
Or the dumb like flies,
When using on the rise,
Could go lengthwise.

As in gutter cries.
Some may cut ties.
Others may despise.
Some may even baptize.

So may be good to downsize.
Don't let all on the rise.
Unless you get the eyes.
You know, the one of umm allies.

There is much it implies.
Let's hope no one dies.
Stats there are on the rise,
Like death by french fries.

Turn things clockwise,
Could be life by fries.
A growing enterprise.
All natural maximize.

Could very well energize.
Like the bunny's battery cries.
Maybe you could customize.
Watch out for the circumcise.

Or never finalize,
If you still want to fertilize.
Maybe even colonize.
But it's okay if you just supervise.

Time I made this stabilize.
Before some nuts I tantalize.
Don't need search engine nuts on the rise,
Even if them I utilize.

Anything at your sea on the rise? The rise sure gets the prize. Everything likes to rise one can theorize. Like the rhymes that amass like flies. So much goes with rise that I couldn't help but organize. Now I'll rise to pass some gas. I don't want that rising within my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Things at my sea Pat are boring sad to say, but a rise is sure due.


  2. Today's the day for a disguise
    Visit a bakery called, "On The Rise"
    If you like gluten, here's your chance
    Dull the senses and do your dance

  3. Hey Pat
    You can get
    A line
    Of rhyme
    From anything

    Responding to you is making me better at this!!

    1. Easy as can be
      For little old me
      Out it shall flow
      On the go

  4. I'd say rise and shine, but this morning it was more like crawl and tarnish.

    1. Damn, did you go get drunk?
      Could leave one in such a funk

  5. Only direction you can go from rock bottom is UP!

    1. Unless you dig deeper
      Center of the earth's keeper

  6. I enjoyed reading. You are a good poet.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  7. Our litter box usage seems to be on the rise!

  8. Alas you do not want the sea to rise. Still doing so in South Texas. Not to be a bummer on your Sunday blog

  9. Not much rising here
    Except maybe my weight
    But that is not going
    To be my fate.


  10. I've actually not heard that much in these parts, unless they're talking about crime.

    1. Crime sees to be the way
      With the rise on display

  11. Right now the temperature is rising. It is hot! 94º F. or 34º C. I am ready for cooler temperatures. Have a great week, my friend!

  12. Flies, fries and circumcise. That's quite an interesting bundle there. lol

  13. I rise
    to size
    which flies
    'fore eyes
    that tries
    for prize

  14. Sometimes my temperature is on the rise
    When the cats give me a surprise
    Like a shredded chair
    Which makes me want to pull out all my hair.

  15. I can't believe my eyes
    my posts are on the rise
    small post, small size
    enough for enterprise

  16. Death by French fries? Doesn't sound like a bad way to go lol

    1. lol there are worse ways
      Could get instant replays

  17. Death is on the rise
    By cancer, heart, smoking, eating, breathing, sitting, ughhh the list is endless. I'd much rather watch a cake rise..oh that will cause death too.

    1. haha everything can do that
      Makes one fall flat

  18. I could be naughty
    And talk about "things" rising
    Or I could be pure as snow
    And be more compromising


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