The Betting Way Here Today!

Hey, beats The Cowboy Way, you'd fall asleep with that display. Want to bet on that? Nah, neither does the cat. For I'll do what I do, not the stupid bet of a stupid crew.

That is neat.
Oh how sweet.
It is so grand.
Tune up the band.

Tune up not down.
Down would frown.
Can down they go?
I sure don't know.

But I bet you it can be done?
Come on, let's bet for fun.
You bet no and I bet yes.
Nothing will end up in a mess.

If I win you chop off an ear.
That is nothing to fear.
If you win I eat my toe.
Easy peasy, don't say no.

If I win you eat a rock.
That won't make any gawk.
If you win I eat a whole tree.
Easy peasy, let's make it come to be.

If I win you steal a car.
I know you'll get really far.
If you win I rob a bank.
Easy peasy, let's walk the plank.

If I win you pound sand up your ass.
That will be such an easy pass.
If you win I eat sand for a week.
Easy peasy, this bet you must seek.

If I win you jump from a plane.
No parachute allowed and you land on a train.
If you win I get thrown in the middle of the ocean.
Easy peasy, I can withstand its constant motion.

If I win you wrestle a bear.
You'll get it before the bear is even aware.
If you win I'll fight a moose.
Easy peasy, let's bet on this golden goose.

So let's bet.
The wager is set.
Let's dance a jig.
Nope, you can't renege.

Ever take such stupid arse bets at your sea? You may not want to tell me. There are some in good fun but others are just stupid when done. Eating a rock or tree? Yeah, on such idiots I'd throw cat pee. Are you scared of not taking the bet? Your ego need it to be set? Pfffft to that as well in mass. Have nothing to prove to some idiot with my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. HELLO, CAT!
    Where's the party at?
    Hey, it's Thursday....
    Such a fun day!

    1. I won't be up this early tomorrow, so my streak will end then

    2. At least you got a streak
      Putting poor Blue and his robot up the creek

    3. So, that is a safe bet for me
      Adam won't be one tomorrow at your sea..,

      Put your money on the table..,haha
      anyone want to make a bet...

    4. A bet indeed
      Or he could be lying at his feed

  2. My husband and I used to make bets for lottery tickets. "Betcha' a lotto ticket" was a common phrase in our house.

  3. Only fun bets at my sea...
    No foolish stuff for me

  4. Not into bets or gambling.
    A moose once bit my sister...

    1. Ouch to that
      Those moose can scare where they are at

  5. Make a bet
    Or rather two bets
    Or maybe three
    Only for a really small fee you see.

  6. I enjoyed the read at your feed. Heed with greed you planted seed of a rhyming need. A good day to you, Patt.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  7. I don't gamble with money - just my time and emotion. Or to put it another way, I'm a writer who works on spec.

    1. haha yeah, sure know that
      Time is a big gamble at many a writer's mat

  8. When it comes to betting, I'm good at Draw Poker in Vegas and that's about it.

    1. Go win a load
      Could run away and hit the road

  9. No bets for money here
    Not the gambling kind
    Like to keep the money to myself
    That is what is on my mind.


  10. Not big on bets or dare
    Not even by a hair
    No dice roll for me
    Stay safe at my sea

    1. Not even one little roll
      A win could be the goal

  11. Hmm, no bets that involved my ears.

    1. Would look rather funny
      Not worth a ton of money

  12. The Betting Way Here Today!
    Try your luck in other ways
    Bets as a tryout
    A little proud
    In participating as of play


  13. I'm willing to bet I will fall for one again soon!

  14. I live in Vegas and still don't do much better.

  15. orlin N cassie; we hope we due knot hafta "eat R werdz" but ewe can bet... ya willna catch bass terd turkee in R dinner bowlz ~~~~~~~ ☺☺♥♥

  16. I rarely make bets with anyone, and when I do, it's only to prove I'm right, so I bet twenty-five cents.

  17. Replies
    1. Have a good insurance plan
      Rocking eating may then get a ban

  18. At racetrack when placing a bet
    Some things I will never forget
    Does jockey have force
    How wet is the course
    And hooves does the horse have a set

  19. sounds more like truth or dare than a bet.

  20. I made a bet in my office on Assembly Elections in Punjab earlier this year. The wager was that the loser would resign from the job.

    I lost, but didn't resign. And had to spend a very difficult two weeks in the office :-)

    1. lol must have gotten a few glares
      But no hopefully no one cares

  21. I don't make bets unless I know with 100% certainty that I am right. I don't offer up stupid prizes for the loser though, but I do have a grand time rubbing it in their face that I was right and they were wrong.

    1. haha rubbing it in their face can be fun
      Causing them to hiss and run

  22. Nah...I will just watch along ~ Hope you are well Pat ~

    1. Watching is the true win
      Fine as can be at our bin

  23. I betcha is a common phrase
    But who ever says to that I raise

    1. Not many give it a go
      When a raising is all aglow

  24. I don't like to bet
    So that never flies in my net

  25. My Dad always said that if you lose a bet you have to pay it. No welching! He was always trying to sucker us in. So I'm pretty careful!

    1. haha good way to teach
      Keeps bets out of reach

  26. Wrestling a bear
    Fighting a moose
    I bet the wildlife
    Has a big caboose


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