The Can't Afford Chokes On A Cord!

What was that? You can't afford it where you are at? Yeah, that million dollar house is probably out of reach. I don't think you'll be flying off to space to teach. But what was that? You can't afford "that" is still your chat?

Can't afford a 2 dollar ticket.
I think I'll picket.
That I can't do.
Nope, can't afford one or two.

Can't afford a 50 cent bar.
Not good at ones and bar.
But doesn't matter to me.
Can't afford it you see.

Can't afford a shoe lace.
Nope, I just can't embrace.
I have to walk in bare feet,
As I go down the street.

Can't afford a bucket.
Yeah, $3 I say fluck it.
That is far too much money.
No, I'm not being funny.

Can't afford a toe nail clipper.
Hey, at least they look chipper.
My zombie feet are in.
Don't you think them a win?

I can afford a cruise.
And with it much booze.
That is so great.
I got to be first mate.

I can afford a $100 cell phone bill.
That is such a thrill.
I can be connected everywhere.
Unless in a deep, dark bear lair.

I can afford a $10 coffee with ease.
I buy them whenever I please.
They are just soooo good.
I won't share in my hood.

I can afford designer clothes.
I can even get a new nose.
Don't I look good striking a pose?
Look at my manicured toes.

I can afford the latest trend.
Not having it may offend.
I need to get it first.
That old one may burst.

A bit of a conundrum there. Pfffft to such humans at their lair. Are you one that cries poverty at your sea when it is clearly the fault of thee? Hopefully not. The cat would make fun a lot. There are a ton of those though. Oh no, a 10 dollar haircut I can't afford at my show. But oh yes, a $5000 designer bag I can afford because it has class. Pfffft again to such humans says my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Replies
    1. Another Ninja attack
      here at the cat's shack

      Good morning

    2. 2 in one week
      There at your creek

  2. Live within your means is what I try to do.
    Excellent read Pat.
    Enjoy your Thursday.


  3. I have friends who are in that boat. Some because they do try to keep up with the Jones and some because they just make some really dumb decisions.

    1. The ones with the Joneses get a pfft from me
      The dumbies get some leeway if they learn at their sea

  4. I can't afford lots of things
    but I don't waste my money on bling
    I won't go without getting my done
    because I want to make sure I alway stay young
    so color and highlights rule the day
    over at my two-eyed bay!

    Enjoy the rest of your week!

    1. haha two eyes you say?
      Wow, get one plastered on at your bay?
      Now that is neat
      No wonder you don't have dough for a treat

    2. Have to keep defending the eyes, you see
      Maybe one day you'll soon agree with me!

  5. It's all what you're willing to pay
    Not how much you're able to pay

    1. Willing it comes back to
      And not just dough at ones zoo

  6. I always say people have money
    For what they want to get
    Might not pay anything else
    But that item they won't forget.


    1. Yep, goes where it needs to be
      Unless one doesn't have a pot to piss in at their sea lol

  7. I'd rather have simple things than pretend I have more.

    1. Pretending never works out
      Especially with crap about

  8. Lol, yes I've heard folks like that. Then they get not their leased Lexus.

  9. Once upon a time I thought I must have this and that
    But I have discovered what's truly important thanks to the cat.

    1. Score for the cat
      Teaching at every welcome mat

  10. everyone has their limit. I'll pay a fortune for blueberries, but I want a sale on clothing. Ray drools for tools, but won't spring for good ice cream (i.e. Breyers)

    1. lol a give and take
      One real, one can jump in a lake

  11. I see this every day
    Why? You might say
    It's my line of work
    to deal with this type of jerk.
    I had a woman(Woman??)
    who stank to high heaven.
    Her toe nails were long and crooked, Let's just say gross.
    She had a $120 cell phone and she was quite verbose.
    Talked about her smokes and beer
    but could not pay her hydro or her rent
    payday loans, she owed-many things she spent.
    When she left, I shook my head
    wiped down my desk & hoped the critters she left were dead.

    1. Blah would go my OCD
      I'd toss her in the sea
      Whiny neighbor up the road is the same way
      Disgusting and a moron that doesn't pay

  12. afford and don't want to pay for it get mixed around alot

  13. The Can't Afford Chokes On A Cord!
    The reasonably cheap ones are a lot
    Just not to laugh
    On the pricey stuff
    Class enhancement what they sought


    1. Sought they do
      Enhancing through and not so through

  14. Don't even get me started, cat. As a former social worker, I've seen some seriously mixed up priorities out of humans. Honestly, animals make way more sense than humans.

    1. I've seen it many a time too
      Nuts through and through

  15. Can the cat afford a tail?/Which it will chase without a fail? :-)

    Greetings from London.

  16. orlin N cassie; we haz seen both endz oh that tickit N all de gamez played inn bee tween....


  17. It's kind of amazing what people will say that they can't afford when they waste their money on over-priced, unnecessary crap.

    1. Yep, amazing in a dumb way
      As the crap they pay

  18. Everything sure seems to be expensive if you like it or need it!

    1. That it can be
      When the tally comes for you to see

  19. I enjoyed reading. Well done, I had fun. The pricey goods still sell otherwise they wouldn't make them, and some others can look on enviously at their sea, wanting to experience being he/she having this or that - like a cat longing for a fat rat! But it's wise to be humble and modest, traits respected by many! Live within your means I say at my bay.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

    1. Within your means is the way
      And yep, pricey crap still gets pay

  20. Can't afford them, then don't buy them. Just buy stuff you really need and in time, all these fads and gimmicks will fly away ~ Enjoy your week Pat ~

  21. I've had times in life where I was comfortable with prices, and times recently where every penny meant everything. I'm happy now to be somewhere in the middle. :)

    1. Somewhere in the middle is grand
      Been at all facets in my land

  22. The guy was in need of some cash
    For somehow all his turned to ash
    Yet he had a zeal
    To repeat this deal
    For Ashlee was really a bash

  23. I feel quite blessed because I can afford most of the things that I want. I am a penny pincher though so I don't splurge on unnecessary crap which is probably why I'm in a comfortable spot right now.

    1. Yep, that is probably why
      Stay that way and can do what you want without an oh me, oh my

  24. Splurge with this and save with that
    No one knows just where you're at
    The human mind's in funny balance
    Don't waste time with picky dalliance

  25. Who wants a million dollar house or a $5000 designer handbag? Not me! Just let me travel the world; I'm happy to zip about in steerage! LOL We talked to a financial guy once, and he told us we could afford to spend a little more money. I responded, glaring at hubby, "Does that mean I can fly inside the plane instead of strapped to the wing?" I'm still strapped to the wing ~ LOL

    1. lol feel the wind through your hair
      Although may get cold out there


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