The Tell All Gets A Call!

The cat has seen a few here and there. Heck, everyone has at their lair. Most ignore but some explore. I guess they are nosy as can be. That sure doesn't surprise me.

Here we are.
Fame by far.
Can buy a ton.
But a new tale is spun.

One that's grand.
All across the land.
It will be a windfall.
Here comes the tell all.

Whoops, I lied.
But it's a wild ride.
I tell all the juicy stuff.
I know you can't get enough.

All from my point of view.
Who needs the view of two?
I speak the truth within.
It's on the cover I sin.

For I told all.
All that makes me stand tall.
All that gives me fame.
All that makes readers remember my name.

I didn't tell the rest.
That would be a pest.
It just wouldn't work.
You may think me the jerk.

When really it was him.
He is just so dim.
And it was also her.
Jerks they surely were.

I told you most.
Most that lets me boast.
That is all I need to say.
Who wants to hear both sides anyway?

Don't keep questioning me.
I told all to thee.
It is a tell all after all.
Sales will never stall.

No, it is never that.
Don't confuse me with a rat.
It isn't a Tell What Only I Want To Tell book.
It has everything pertinent so give it a look.

Pffft stupid tell all books can bite the cat. Most of it is a lot of scat. Made up crap or stuff added for extra snap. Kind of like reality TV. No reality in it for thee. Any tell all books you enjoy? Come now, don't be coy. The cat won't give you too much sass. I just may tell all with my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Not really into tell all
    Makes my brain groan and stall
    See them at the checkout rack
    With gum, batteries and the odd snack

    1. Shows what they are worth
      After they give birth

  2. Do you sing the tell all song
    Speak the truth or say so-long
    Don't hide behind a great big stone
    Spread the word get on your phone
    Begin by writing the tell all book
    Don't tell lies or you'll be known as Zook

    1. Zook you say
      Close to Zeus at play
      Flip a few around
      He may be found

  3. I read a tell-all book on Led Zeppelin MANY years ago. Only got half way through... not sure what was true or what was not but it was too far-fetched for me to enjoy.

    1. Shows they are full of crap
      Artistic license as they flood the map

  4. Both sides of the story is always good... Tell all books hmm... I enjoy memoirs . :) Happy Sunday .

  5. The Tell All Gets A Call!
    Kiss and tell what a gall
    That's Upmanship
    Not giving a slip
    Young upstart having a ball


  6. The only one I found interesting is Leah Remini's about wacky celebrities in Scientology. Truth is stranger than fiction there.

    1. Yeah, nutsos fill that
      Scary to the cat

    2. I heard a few years back that their women can't make a sound during birth. I guess Hubbard wanted to go down as a creative writer there. Only he could make something stupid as fuck like that

    3. lmao yeah, surely dumb as can be
      Shows the human idiot spree

  7. I enjoyed reading.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  8. Some humans tell all books would only be a page or two!

  9. Tell all books
    Often leave you more confused
    Thank scared crooks
    From what can be deduced
    It's all one mighty ruse.

  10. her, him, jerks
    you told for perks
    I, me at my nook
    enjoy the color magic book.

  11. I'm with the cat. Tell Alls just seems a way to make a quick buck.

  12. Tell all books are like reality tv I only watch a couple of reality tv shows. Most of them don't appeal to me.

  13. I am waiting for the Pat Hatt tell- all written by the cat. Whiskers Whispers

    1. Cat already tells all here
      So no need by his rhyming rear

  14. Not a fan of tell all here
    Usually not of good cheer.


  15. I do not fall
    for the "tell all"
    They have no more fake news
    for you
    And it's not as though
    I want to know
    More than
    I already do.

    1. Pretty much the case
      Close it and don't embrace

  16. I don't need to know
    All about so and so.
    I've got enough of my life
    To be concerned about another's strife.
    Besides, they just tell what they want
    While the most interesting stuff goes silent.
    In the end do most people care?
    It's all like a sideshow at the fair.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. Many nuts sure do
      Care when they poo
      Pffft to that
      Says the cat

  17. Tell all books are all about publicity ~ And a lot of money of course ~ Enjoy your week ~

    1. All comes back to the $$$ indeed
      And the "look at me" that takes seed

  18. I guess I'm not that interested in reading the tell-alls. Of course, I shouldn't be so narrow-minded. Who knows but I might find some gems for my fiction.

  19. Not interested in tell all books. Or reality TV. I doubt there is much reality there!

  20. Life can be a zoo
    but what can I do
    but see it all through
    like Mr. Magoo

  21. Tell all books are just crap.
    They usually have the right rap.
    They are poor written and what's more,
    They get the facts wrong at their store

  22. I have never cared enough about someone in the public eye to read a tell all book about them. I am sure it would be a bunch of fluff anyway. I'd rather read a good mystery.

    1. Yep, fluff every which way
      With a side of crap on display

  23. Why buy a tell-all book
    When the same is free just for a look
    At any email from a whiney look
    Or listen to any "not my fault" crook?

  24. I just bought Keith Richard's autobiography "Life." We shall see how interesting it can be!

    1. lol bet it was written by a ghost writer
      Could be a bit lighter


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