Time For Play All One Way!

The cat plays two way here and there. Mostly with Cassie at our lair. But I eat the dog for fun. That is more one way as I bite his bun. Seems to be one way a lot though. But still fun for me, don't you know.

This is my play.
They didn't see it that way.
I guard the hallway.
No one getting through is play.

Oh, I see more.
I give a roar.
They give me a few glares.
Then they go back downstairs.

I'm still playing one way
I'm having my say.
Thinking how I will play with your toes,
While I strike a pose.

 Cassie wants in.
She'll take one way for a spin.
A little whack near,
And howling I could hear.

She did not care.
 In one way play all is fair.
Even standing on his house.
Or treating him like a mouse.

 Staring at him works too.
Look at his angry view.
Isn't that fun to see?
One way play amuses me.

Get even closer still.
That is sure a thrill.
He's got nowhere to run. 
Stuck with her fun.

 Did you wail?
Oh look, my tail.
I bet I can get that in.
Time to go for the win.

 See? Shadow's on the wall.
That means she won it all.
She is standing tall.
The other guy isn't having a ball.

Grumpy he is still.
Cassie got a thrill.
 Now time to stretch.
One way play sure beats fetch.

Do you do one way play? What? It's fun for the one way player at any bay. The grumpy guy didn't want to join in for a playing fit. I guess he's too old for that shit. Cassie was more annoying to him than me. I better up my game at our sea. I can't be out shined by Cass. I will have to be a more one way playing little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Replies
    1. Nice to regain
      Back in the game!


    2. True, Good evening
      Many fishes to fry lately
      Not regular postings
      Into blogging mode slowly!


    3. Frying fish
      At least you have made a dish

  2. Awesome pictures in combination of an equally awesome verse.


  3. Time For Play All One Way!
    Have a partner play any day
    Being a twosome
    Just as awesome
    Best friends any which way


  4. Haha Cassie was teasing this day
    she certainly wanted her say
    she appears to be basking in sunlight
    not amused Grumpy sits tight.,,,

    1. She basks away
      Nothing ruins her day
      Grumpy goo
      May get blue

  5. Play is always fun, alone or with someone!

  6. Keeps for lots of entertainment
    With the cats
    Never a dull monent
    I will say that.


  7. A fancy house for fancy cats
    Will shoo away unwanted rats
    Play the game and climb the pole
    Peep in every vacant hole

    1. Peepers every which way
      As they peep through the day

  8. I have realized cats like to bite for fun way more than dogs ever did. Our dog knew biting was bad after her teething stages. My inlaws cat tries it every now and then. He will again and again in the future.

    1. lol onward they go
      Orlin likes to bite chins at our show

  9. Best to leave the bear alone at my house

  10. I enjoyed reading. Nice cats. I have a pet Jack Russell, who barks at cats out of the window! I like all Mother Natures creatures, and try not to harm any creature, large or small. I have respect for life! Good rhymes.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

    1. Respect for life is the way
      Works at every bay

  11. Cassie is pissing off that cozy fluffball in the condo. This post with it's little "slide show" is hilarious.
    I don't feel the two cats could both fit. But cats will be cats and still give it a try.

    1. haha she was sure looking away
      Wanting to get in the fray

  12. Aww loved seeing the pictures of them.

  13. Orson's too old to play, I guess. Even under the influence of catnip he just rolls around a bit. Once in a great while he'll bat my hand with his paw, but that's about it.

    1. Just to show he still has it
      Whacks you for a bit

  14. ahaha love these pictures. always fun play with cats or dogs .

  15. Oh, how you make me wish
    My kitties could find their way to my niche
    Your kitties are so cute today
    Please show more of them at play

    1. The get a show at least once a month here
      With many sure near

  16. orlin N cassie.....houz guestz .....hay ~~~~


  17. Love the last picture so much! :) Watching my kitties is one of my favorite things to do.

    1. They sure can be fun to watch indeed
      Seeing what all takes seed

  18. Thanks for the view
    of fun around you
    That's quite a crew
    making laughs spew

  19. He sure isn't giving that cubby hole up for anyone. He's got a "try it and die" look about him lol

    1. lol old man with rage
      Not going to leave his little cage

  20. I'll play one way over not playing any day!

  21. The dog doesn't care
    there's food at this lair.
    Cassie is one fun cat
    but Grumpy will have none of that:)


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