Time To Appease The Many Fleas!

The movies can't be good. Nope, can't just make them like that at any hood. That is just uncalled for. They may then actually be worth an encore. We have to stick to the script. The one that you don't see flipped.

Here you go.
Tied in a bow.
Before you start,
Fill the cart.

Your idea is great.
But all can't relate.
You need more.
So open the door.

Time to appease.
Appease the fleas.
You need them all.
Follow the ball.

Damn if it's good.
Who cares if it's understood.
That isn't our goal.
Have to appease the whole.

A character must be gay.
That is just the way.
You must add them in.
It's a must for a win.

A character must be Latino, Asian and Black.
We don't want any flack.
Plus we have to appeal to the Chinese market.
Want them to fill the seats and park it.

Wait, it's an all color cast?
That won't last.
Throw a white guy in.
Force it so we win.

A character must have muscles.
Can even be from Brussels.
Don't forget the shirt off scenes.
Can be with or without jeans.

A character must have big breasts and be skinny.
She can have a stupid name like Babs or Winnie.
She doesn't even need to talk.
We just want people to come and gawk.

What was that?
This movie feels flat?
Who cares, it has it all.
That is all we need so follow the bouncing ball.

You can so tell when they force such things. Nothing but puppeteers pulling strings. If it is part of the story, great, add it in. Otherwise pfffft is all I can say at my bin. Do you force characters or such in just to appease? The cat can give some extra audience of fleas. I'm sure they are around here somewhere in mass. There may even be one waiting to view on my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. I feel as if someone is "Pulling my strings", not for the better but as the song says "The Times They Are A Changing".
    Have a great week-end Pat.


  2. I enjoyed reading. I'm currently writing a novel, and the characters stem from people I know. My main character is a body builder! I have a son who is gay, sadly don't see him much as he lives in London. Good rhymes. Well done, I had fun!

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

    1. Good to use characters you know
      Can make them real on the go

  3. Replies
    1. Tick each box
      With or without socks

    2. PC
      Makes me
      Sick as a flee
      Humping a bee
      And for free.

      Just so you know
      At the kitty cat show!

      Number one!

    3. You humped a bee?
      That may sting worse than PC

  4. My sister's name is Winnie... hahaha, just kidding. ;) I don't have a sister. I have a SIL who is like a sister, but her name is Babs. No, still kidding. Have a good weekend!

    1. lol No Pooh or Tiny Tunes
      Dashed the hope of many kiddie afternoons

  5. Maybe that is why I don't go to movies
    Don't want to keep track of it all
    But in the meantime
    You have a nice fall!


    1. A nice fall will hopefully come due
      Not much out there movie wise to view

  6. Muscles from Brussels. No, no more Jean Claude Van Dam. Do not appease that market. Ha

  7. And of course, it's even better if your movie is a sequel, or a remake, or a reboot, or an adaptation of something else, like a live-action version of a book, a comic book, a cartoon, or even a song!

    1. That checks off even more
      And don't forget the reverse with a movie to tv encore

  8. There's so much drama over casting in movies these days.

  9. It is fun to read a good book and go on an adventure. There are plenty of fleas here to keep a watch over the cats.

    1. Fleas are everywhere
      Sure creep into many a lair

  10. I think if a character is just thrown into the film/plot to just please, the viewers will pick up on it.

    1. And that many do
      But oh they are shaming if they talk about such a view

  11. Not going to APPEASE the fleas!
    Would rather get rid of them.
    (My dogs take meds every month!)

  12. The next new movie will star the kitchen sink!

    1. Draining and stopping
      Sure won't end up flopping

  13. You can’t push me around no more
    I told wife as I went for door
    Soon on floor I’d lie
    As fact pulled at guy
    What leash around my neck was for

  14. Another reason to enjoy some anti-PC reality TV!

    1. Blah, enjoy and reality tv?
      Two things can't go together at our sea

  15. Time To Appease The Many Fleas!
    Not wanting to bear all the fees
    Different characters
    Creating much jitters
    Hopefully not to get fleeced


    1. Hopefully avoid the fleecing
      And it goes a ceasing

  16. LOL. Characters who don't talk but people love to gawk. I think the internet is full of those.

    1. haha yep, has them by the ton
      As around they surely run

  17. It's great to be the part of story
    doesn't matter what brand or category'
    the rest is pffff...agree
    better go for spree

  18. Appeasement creatively is selling out.

  19. Yes, soon they will make D Day with women and African American and very few white Caucasian men because they must appease all the big mouths.....ughhhh

    1. haha can see it coming
      As they keep on a drumming

  20. We do live in a world where it's becoming the norm to bitch about anything and everything. I, for one, am sick of appeasing all of the crybabies.

    1. Sick of it is the way to be
      Never appease at our sea


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