Upped Our Game All The Same!

The cat's goal was done with last years run. But I guess I'm just as mouthy as can be and you just can't stop me. At least not yet. You humans provide plenty of material to this pet.

I've missed this.
I've missed that.
Given plenty a hiss,
Chewed plenty of fat.

I've skipped a chore,
I've skipped a day.
I went out to explore,
Damn the 9-5 bay.

I've skipped a day of writing,
At least here and there.
Hey, had to do some fighting,
With the cats at the other lair.

I've missed a movie.
I've missed a show.
It may have been groovy,
Later I gave it a go.

I've skipped eating.
I've skipped shopping.
Something needed completing,
Or maybe some cropping.

I've skipped a meeting.
I've skipped a class.
Both were so fleeting,
And boring to my rhyming ass.

I've skipped a trip,
I've skipped a move.
Don't give me lip,
Of moving crap I don't approve.

I've missed a deal.
I've missed a job.
At least I'm no seal,
Or some kind of slob.

I've missed a sign.
I've missed a bird.
Lost never did align,
And death to the flying rat wasn't the word.

I've missed a...post?
Whoops, nope not yet.
At least for 6 years at my coast.
Damn, I'm one mouthy pet.

Today makes 6 years that I have not missed a day. I have before way way way back at my bay. But the cat was finding his groove back then. Spelling was scary too back then at my den. Have you ever posted every day at your bay? I know a few who do, at least when the a to z comes into view. I guess we'll see how long I can pass daily verbal gas, as the goal was already met last year of my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. I "Skipped" two weeks Pat, but glad to be back.
    Great read.


  2. I'm amazed that you have been doing this for six years. That's a pretty amazing accomplishment.

  3. Six years straight is amazing!
    Not missing any meals or movies if I can help it.

    1. haha could get expensive with both
      Or cause growth

  4. I enjoyed reading. Six years is an accomplishment, well done.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  5. Congrats on six years solid of posts. That's not easy to do.

    1. Staying ahead is key
      Otherwise wouldn't be done by me

  6. Way to entertain the bored and lonely, Pat! 😄

    1. lol a double win
      As long as they don't stalk my bin

  7. What a great task and accomplishment, well done to you indeed. Keep up the good work at your end.

  8. Six years is impressive. Congrats. I have not had that much to say. Have not skipped a meal either! Happy monday

  9. Congrats at six years at your bay
    You never will stop rhyming
    That is my final say.


  10. Imagine six years not missing #1

    not even Hank could keep up with that.

    1. Hank couldn't get that high
      No life would be nigh

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Your mission should you choose to accept it, is to be number one. As, always if you're unsuccessful, the cat will disavow any knowledge of your actions...haha...ok, I am going.

    4. haha - my first message self destructed...

    5. Came out the wrong way
      So went boom at your bay
      An impossible way
      Mission for the fray

  11. What a great milestone reached by you!
    How many years Have I been visiting your zoo?
    M-F is sometimes too much for me,
    Although more access my change that at my sea...

    1. More access can help indeed
      You have sure been here a long time at our feed

  12. Congrats Pat, that is an amazing accomplishment!!!

  13. Ummm... no comment. Cheers to you making 6 years in a row, though! That's incredible and actually makes my brain hurt a little.

  14. Wow 6 years with no missed post! What a great milestone! I used to post once a week but now it's more like once a month :-)

  15. Blogging for six years with no misses is quite a mile stone, Pat! Way to go!!!!!!
    I've had plenty of misses...except for the meals. Hehe.

  16. You missed it, you missed it
    Now you gotta kiss it
    What can I say?
    With no thought, I type away.

    1. PS Here's to 36 more
      at your shore
      6 years straight
      is pretty great.
      Congrats, Pat.
      I can't imagine that.

    2. 36 you say
      Damn, I'll be an old fart big time at my bay
      Kiss what?
      Not sure I want to know at my hut

  17. Six years without missing a day? May you never run out of things to say. Congrats!!!

  18. THIS is my favorite yet!!! I.LOVE.THIS! I knew that about you, not missing a day in six. I've been counting. Not really, but kind of. Congratulations by the way.

    1. haha well if you remembered the last one
      You'd know six was given a run

  19. A long time ago, on my first blog, I wrote a post every day for a solid week, just to see if I could do it. But even when I have posts prepared ahead of time, I don't post every day, because I like to give more people a chance to read whatever I've written, and I know that even my regular followers don't check my blog every day.

    1. Seems they come back to the cat
      Most each day anyway at our mat
      If they don't read one
      Can get to tomorrows fun

  20. orlin N cassie; conga ratz....cranbereez we canna even count that high...total lee kewl ewe haz 133,225 postz out ther pluz may bee two mor for leep yeer !! N we R glad dad mizzed a bass terd burd ~ ☺☺♥♥

    1. No burds came to play
      At least today anyway
      Nearly 3000 done
      A few more years before that many are spun

  21. Skipped a day? I wouldn't want to do that at my bay. Days already go by so fast as it is.

  22. I have never, ever been as dedicated as you are. You are the king of accomplishment.

    1. Do I get a king's wage?
      Damn, nope, need to write another page

  23. Every day for 6 years, that's all kinds of awesome.

  24. Congrats on that
    Impressive cat
    I bow my hat
    To marvel's stat

    1. The cat likes the bow
      He likes to rule all somehow

  25. I skip every now and then. Good for you to do this everyday for 6 years.

  26. Six years without skipping a day?! That takes real discipline.

  27. Wow, you are amazing. I know you plan way ahead but I can't even imagine being so organized. Congrats on 6

  28. The cat doesn't skip a day as he always has something to
    say. Congratulations at your rhyming bay.

  29. Wow! Every day for six years is quite a feat.
    And your posts are always so very neat.
    Congratulations to six more years.
    With happiness, joy and fears.

  30. 6 years of daily posts is quite impressive. You must hold some kind of record. I'm lucky to get 2 in a week.

    1. Not sure a record I'd hold
      As some use "news" or "reposts" that are old

  31. Six years straight, on the run
    More steady than you see the sun
    This calls for a celebration
    To a lofty aspiration

  32. When people say they don't know what to say
    They haven't seen your blog for that day.
    You write about everything and it's fun to read.
    Maybe you'll inspire others and their ideas will take seed.

    1. Shows there is always something to say
      And can spit it out in a fun way

  33. I am in awe.
    I bow down at your paw!

  34. 6 years and not missing anything. Wow! That's an accomplishment. Congrats and good job!


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