Without A Flaw In the Claw!

Let's lay down the law. There can't be a flaw. Nope, not a single one. That would just make many run. Flaws are soooo bad. Can't have them at any pad. Nope, not one bit. They aren't a hit.

Everything is great.
Everything is grand.
I've got the perfect mate.
The perfect ring on my hand.

Everything is swell.
Everything is good.
I never misspell.
I'm always understood.

Everything is neat.
Everything is rad.
I've nothing to delete.
I've done nothing bad.

Everything is super.
Everything is nice.
I haven't a blooper.
I need no advice.

Everything is here.
Everything is there.
I've got a perfect ear.
I've got perfect hair.

Everything is ready.
Everything is done.
I remain steady,
No matter what's spun.

Everything is wise.
Everything is right.
I always win first prize.
I'm a perfect sight.

Everything is high.
Everything is tops.
I don't ever have to try,
Nothing ever flops.

Everything is true.
Everything is firm.
I am so above you.
I've aced every term.

Everything is great.
Everything is grand.
You cannot relate.
Such perfection can't be planned.

Not even the cat is that stuck up. I'd rather deal with a pup. Know any humans like that? They scare the cat. If you don't think you have a flaw in anything at all. You may need a smack to the head as a wake up call. Flaws are more fun anyway. Perfection is pretty much nonexistent in everything on display. But some still like to believe it within their perfect class. No flawless record or flawless anything else for my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. Thinking you are perfect is your imperfection.

      Everything is wonderful
      Have a wonderful day
      Enjoy work it is wonderful

      Haha - you have now entered the twilight zone
      The Connective a world unknown

    2. Wonderful you say
      Not awesome on display?
      I guess one of two
      Isn't a bad view
      The Disconnective knows though
      Number two in a row

    3. Ruined a flawless ninja #1 streak before it began

    4. Good for you, True
      You unseated the faithful few!


  2. How does it feel to be perfect Pat?
    Throw some ideas my way please.


  3. Perfect is as perfect does
    Things are better as they was
    Tomorrow starts another day
    More perfection on it's way

    1. Or more chance to prove it
      Like they are full of shit

  4. These people make me sick
    Image is king, they really need a kick
    Their world usually crumbles
    In view of many, there are many stumbles.
    I know when they try too hard
    Watch them fall like a tub of lard.

  5. Well, I wish I knew someone like that. They could give me pointers.

  6. Know someone like that
    So full of themselves
    Oftentimes I just want them to scat.


    1. Scat I wish all would
      Who are like that near our hood

  7. Those people are so riddled with flaws they look like Swiss cheese.

    1. Water falls out as they drink
      Can't even get away with a wink

  8. those are the folks who ultimately fall so far they land in jail.

    1. That many surely do
      A jailbird through and through

  9. For all the perfect people in the world look out
    For one day the castle will tumble and all you can do is pout.
    (I know - pathetic, but my brain isn't working today.)

    1. Hey, it worked for the win
      As around them their world does spin

  10. well, such people I despise:P


  11. I wish what you say
    Was about my life and my way
    But alas, mistakes I make
    The quest for perfection I will not forsake

  12. You covered everything quite nicely!

  13. I've known people who never admit to being wrong. Idiots.

    1. Idiots sums them up nicely too
      The cat may get more mean at our zoo

  14. I'm flawed in many ways and I know it. People who says they aren't flawed must be fraud. (Hey I did rhyming!)

  15. I have a lot of flaws, but with claws I clime some heights soared, and with a few falls, I remain middle class, which comes to pass at my ass. Blessings to you, with perfection to pursue, but to renew can lead you to feeling blue. Some perfectionist thinkers aren't true. Have a nice weekend, I follow your trend of a rhyming bend of one's ear.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

    1. Rhyme away
      At your bay
      Perfectionist nuts sure lie
      To themselves up until they die

  16. WE all have to have flaws of some sort. Just some are worse than others and it depends on who is calling it a flaw. Have a good day Pat.

    1. That is true
      What is a flaw to one, may not be a flaw to two

  17. orlin N cassie...de food servizz gurl haz met up with sum oh theeze; when her leeved hi skewl... her could tell who had been wear... coz oh de noze markz on de ceelin ☺☺♥♥

    1. haha they can sure show that
      With the full of scat

  18. Will never be perfect, I know that. A dog instead of a cat? Sometimes. Cats can be scary.

  19. He put all his cheating aside
    She now knows where husband does hide
    No more does he cuss
    Or cause a big fuss
    Now that her darn husband had died

  20. Without A Flaw In the Claw!
    Extending it all in the raw
    That's perfection
    Without exception
    Aligning them within the law


  21. Nobody like a bragger. Then again, I'd rather listen to someone being positive about their life instead of always bitching about all the negative things in it.

    1. That is sorta true
      Unless they say the same damn thing 1000 times to you
      Trust me, no fun
      After the 3rd run

  22. I have no hope of being flawless ~ LOL!
    Perfect is soooo boring!


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