A Little Scoff Put Off!

The cat gets irked here and there and then rants away at his lair. Some nuts just very much annoy. That makes being whelmed hard to deploy. But that one must do or tell them off a time or two.

Appointment is made.
No need to trade.
It's ready to go.
Whoops, changed the flow.

Tomorrow it is.
We'll finish this biz.
Tomorrow I'll call.
I won't go to the mall.

Didn't you hear?
Tomorrow's not near.
It never comes.
Sorry about that, chums.

Tomorrow we'll meet.
We may even greet.
We'll get this done.
Away I won't run.

Oh, that was today?
Did today I say?
I know I said tomorrow.
Sorry if that brought sorrow.

Today you say?
That isn't at play.
It was tomorrow.
Days we can borrow.

I'll be on it.
Meet in a bit.
We'll get it done.
Look at that sun.

Oh, it's raining.
That sure is draining.
We'll meet when there's sun.
That is more fun.

Tomorrow is near.
Lend me an ear.
I'll let you know soon.
We'll meet some afternoon.

Aren't you ready yet?
Today was a safe bet.
But you missed it.
How dare you do that shit.

Pffffffffffffffft is all the cat can say to such idiots at play. Now I'm not talking dating, sometimes you must avoid the creepy that wants mating. I'm talking professional businesses and such. They can sure string you along very much. Then you tell them where to go and whoops, today is tomorrow. Funny how that works isn't it? Doesn't mean they still aren't a twit. Get any of those in the tomorrow class? They can bite my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. As they say "Tomorrow Never Comes".
    Wonderful to read on this wet and windy Sunday.

    Enjoy your day.

  2. Some things put off are a blessing
    May be better than a simple cross dressing
    Here's a great big hi-five
    But oh golly man alive
    Don't mistake the blessing and the dressing for caressing

    1. That would be a mistake
      You may not like to make

  3. Let the dentist's office do that and I just won't come back the next day. Hate the dentist...

    1. lol not a place we want to go
      Can keep their free toothbrush at their show

    2. haha me too, they better keep the date or I will postpone making another appointment. Actually, my dentist is pretty good, but my doctor always cancels and then they try to set me up with someone else.

    3. haha a pain in the ass
      When it comes to pass

  4. We have lots of wild cats around here with this nice cool weather here. We all concentrate on today and not worry about tomorrow.

    1. That is the way to be
      Tomorrow is a we shall see

  5. I wouldn't have much patience for those games.

    1. Drive you up the wall
      Or there down the hall

  6. I would hate to know how many times a doctors/dentist office has people cancel on them.

  7. Waiting is not something we enjoy doing!

  8. We are in the middle of a bathroom project. Frustration level with worker bees is very high. Ugh!

    1. Not working grand
      There in your land?

    2. Let's just say I wrote an email to the president of Statewide Remodeling. Not done yet!

    3. lol look at you go
      Make em eat crow

  9. Some doctor offices charge if you
    Cancel too late
    But they cancel at will
    That can be someone's fate.


  10. That's like asking for a raise
    and they say let's talk tomorrow

  11. I hate when someone tells me they'll be here tomorrow and then cancels or reschedules at the last minute.

    1. Yep, sucks by the ton
      Things happen, but sure not to everyone

  12. This happens every day where I work
    It drives us all berserk

  13. I have a teacher who is supposed to meet me for collaborative planning twice a week. Every single time he's had an excuse to not show and I end up doing all of the work (which I'm guessing he doesn't mind). He bothers me, phft.

    1. Pffft in his face
      Or ignore the case
      Then when he fails
      Let him hit the trails

  14. Get it done today is the best way.
    Hope it was a good one at your bay!

  15. I had a colonoscopy scheduled in April. Starved myself for a day, did all that horrible prep work, wore up at 4am to drive to Chicago (which is 2 hours away), get there and they say, nope, not today. Are you f'ing serious? Thankfully my doctor has his office in that hospital so he ended up fitting me in between his other patients, but I was livid someone messed up the appointment on their end (wasn't me because I still had the appt. voicemail on my phone to show them their screw up)

    1. Not fun at all
      They screwed up at their hall
      Then make you pay and pay
      Could he got you in at your bay
      But yeah, they'd get a mouth full from us
      Such a thing deserves a fuss

  16. Did you say, "sometimes you must avoid the creepy that wants mating? Only sometimes? :D


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