A Little Spin With Caged In!

Humans laugh at us in a cage as we look at them full of rage. I may even pee in the cage too. Sometimes I do number two. Yeah, I hate that thing. But I usually save it for the vet and let it fling. Okay, enough of that because you're caged where you're at.

I'm so free.
Look at me.
Not caged one bit,
As here I sit.

I'm inside a home.
But I can still roam.
I have to pay bills,
Or I'll live in the hills.

But that's not caged.
Wait, I've been paged.
Do they even do that anymore?
We'll go with text at your shore.

There at your hall,
You're connected to all.
Slave to the phone.
Was that a new message tone?

Whoops, in the car.
Door not a jar.
Isn't that a big cage?
One that costs many a wage.

But you're still free.
No cage around thee.
You are limitless as can be.
Damn, you keep lying to me.

Can't vacation all year.
From miles away can't hear.
Can't jump to the moon.
Some can't use a spoon.

Some can't run a mile.
Some can't floor tile.
Some can't handle the cold.
Some hate when the heat takes hold.

Some cage from within.
Thinking about sin.
Oh woe as me.
But I'm still free.

Limited and caged.
Both have been paged.
Both apply to you.
Whoops, away freedom flew.

We all have limits and are caged in some way. Ever think about that at your bay? I guess a ride in a cage isn't so bad as at least the cat has no bills to be had. I hope none of you go in your cage though. That would be a nasty show. Enjoy the cage of mowing grass. I'll stay a mostly free feline little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. How true you are Pat about us all being caged in to some extent. But it must be awful for animals.
    Loved the verse.


  2. A slave to the job, the cage is my school
    Helping energize minds is my favorite tool

  3. Not a slave to my phone.
    I would rather leave it alone.


  4. Own a house, you're a slave
    If its pretty that you crave

  5. I don't mind my human cage
    Keeps from growing faster with age
    Warm place to sleep, fun place to sew
    Great place to live, safe place from foe

  6. We're all in cages of one kind or another.

  7. It's amazing how caged we really are. Between work, the Internet, being a homeowner, no one is free anymore.

    1. Nope, everything has you
      Just usually no bars in view

  8. LOL And not all cages are physical.

    1. Nope, plenty more
      Inside the head at each shore

  9. Excellent rhyme and oh so true
    Caged in cars, jobs
    Our life we can rue

  10. I guess work is my cage but I can get out of it from time to time when I take vacation :-) And I can’t wait for the day I retire!

    1. We can't wait for that day too
      If it ever comes due

  11. My cage is my home
    that's ok, at least my whole body doesn't need a comb.
    plus I don't have to lick my own rear,
    Yuck to that, my tongue will stay clear!

    1. haha do yoga and get bendy
      Licking your own rear could get trendy

  12. HA! I did a whoops in the car once!

  13. Aren't our homes or apartments our cages?

  14. A Little Spin With Caged In!
    Hemmed in on all sides in the ring
    Without exception
    in all situations
    Stultified and confused to the brink


    1. All around indeed
      While confusing minds take heed

  15. orlin N cassie.....noe joke, de FSG waz think bout thiz just de other day { her had watched de moovee Lion Ark ♥♥ & they made reference ta de cage size sum oh de lionz were forced ta live in } that got her ta thinkin...N thinkin sum mor....yea....we understand thiz post for sure ~~~~~☺☺♥♥

    1. Good timing at our sea
      Just bigger cages coming to be

  16. We all have a cage
    as we try to make a wage
    and our life is, but a stage
    with each day writing a new page

    1. A new page that may bore
      But beats the end at any shore

  17. As usual, the cat's right. We all have some sort of cage, or constraints, but hopefully livable.

  18. Yep, we are all caged in some way or another. It's what you make of that cage that counts though. You can either wallow in it or do your best to break free.

    1. Wallow in it is not for me
      That would disturb my OCD

  19. Lots of 'Believe what I say, It will be true by the end of the day' going around.

  20. I often wonder when I visit the zoo.
    What the animals think when they look at you.
    Do they wish that they were free?
    Or do they not understand what they see?

    1. Sometimes freedom isn't best
      Be interesting to know if they see us as a pest


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