A Little Tweak To The Week!

The cat already did the day but it seems like the week is also at play. Humans sure are rather sad. Minutes will probably next be had. They may start with hours first. Seconds may be the worst.

It's a new week.
A new week for a peak.
Come and join.
Won't cost you much coin.

It's safety week.
Don't want to be up shit creek.
Stay safe just this week.
The other 51 you can leak.

It's the week of whelmed.
Nothing exhausting can be helmed.
Nothing over, nothing under.
No one shall steal any thunder.

It's the week of no dumb sayings.
Humans give those many replayings.
Can't say all will be fine,
Or any other useless platitudes that align.

It's the week of walking.
That may put a kink in stalking.
No driving cars allowed.
Walk with the crowd.

It's the week of hopping.
Everyday you must start popping.
Up and down you must go,
At least for an hour or so.

It's the week of no news.
Turn it off and pull the fuse.
Don't listen to a single windbag.
I'm sure that wouldn't be a drag.

It's the week of common sense.
No one is allowed to be dense.
That may be the hardest of all.
Especially for those who's brain is on permanent stall.

It's the week of no treats.
Nope, can't have those so called good eats.
Diabetes may get mad.
God forbid it becomes a fad.

It's the week of the cat.
Cats rule where they are at.
Whoops, that is forever.
Forget this endeavor.

Any weeks you have seen out there? Maybe one you want at your lair? How do these things even start anyway? Does some nut just pull it out of a hat one day? I guess whelmed week is week 39. Pfffft says the feline. I'll stick with variety of each daily pass from my ever so little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. I didn’t see that coming
      with a guitar are you strumming

    2. That ninja was quick
      Beats sitting on a stick
      Quick as the Flash
      Show him the cash...
      Number one
      Such fun!

    3. Quick as can be
      In and out like a flea

  2. Well written verse and a joy to read.

    Enjoy your week-end Pat.


  3. Let's have a week of the truth
    If one fibs they're uncouth
    If lies pass through the lips
    They will just get the zips

  4. Wouldn't a Common Sense Week be great?

    1. Would be grand
      But too few have it across the land

  5. It’s the week of the full moon
    it might make your head swoon
    emotional waves with the tide
    gaze upon the light, no need to hide

  6. Week of common sense? I don't think we could manage even one hour of that.

  7. Always a week for this or that
    Especially when brought to us by the cat.


  8. Replies
    1. I'm just fine with our regular 24 hour days, thank you.

    2. A day times two
      Less 8 hours for each zoo

  9. I dunno... the whole 'birthday month' makes me laugh. :)
    Having a blog, I get contacted for tons of 'will you post about this special day' e-mails. When we were broke from the divorce, I posted any and everything. Now that I can breathe again (and eat, hahaha), I can say no and be glad. :)

    1. haha amazing what being broke can do
      Know that too well at my zoo

    2. My cousin does the birthday month with his girlfriend. I have to laugh and say it's only because you've been dating for less than a year. Get back to me after 20 years together and tell me if they even remember your birthday then lol

    3. lol won't recall it after 20 years or so?
      Hopefully the tears don't flow

  10. Why just concentrate on weeks? Plenty of ideas claim to warrant taking up a whole month! Ha.

    1. And throw in a day in the week in the month in the year
      Then everything gets a cheer

  11. We are more than ready for a new week here!

  12. The Week of the Reboot
    Would that be a hoot
    The Week of the Prequel
    Or a rebooted sequel?

  13. It's the week when autumn leaves
    are at their peak!
    It's a week when I would like
    to curl and sleep.
    It's a week when I must find
    a poem to tweak.
    It's always some kind of
    special week!

    1. Something happening week by week
      As long is it doesn't send one up the creek

  14. There is a week for everything.
    And maybe days and months too.

  15. I just started my birthday weekend, that becomes a week, then really a month. Celebrate Joanne month. Have fun!

  16. I understand week of the cat.
    I have two that taught me that.
    They tell me what they want to eat.
    And also when it's time to sleep.

  17. There seems to be a special day/week/month for everything these days. It was national boyfriend day the other day and I had to roll my eyes. We need a day to honor our boyfriends now? Geesh.

    1. lmao that is pathetic as can be
      On those days we take a pee

  18. I love each special week and day
    Even special months are okay
    Fun to take the drab routine away
    Even if just for a bit at my bay

  19. There is never a week of common sense. Now, make a week of no credit card use and you will have mayhem!

    1. haha the world would end
      If that ever became a trend


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