A Marrying Way Here Today!

The other day the cat was out and he heard a shout. One guy was making fun as his divorce, I guess, was done. He married the devil at his sea. Damn, how did that come to be?

Married the dark guy.
The one that makes flames fly.
Maybe he was horny?
That could get a bit thorny.

The devil must be nice.
Wonder what was his price?
Was it a soul deal?
Maybe he ate it as a meal.

Never knew the devil got divorced.
I wonder if that can be enforced?
Do our laws apply in Hell?
Down there can they even spell?

Maybe it is too hot.
Pens melt on the spot.
Then that would mean he's stuck.
Unless Hell froze over and passed the buck.

Could make his relationship cold.
Things wouldn't get very bold.
That could be the reason why.
A shame for the poor limp guy.

But wait, there's more.
At least more to my enncore.
I'm thinking this through.
Don't roll your eyes at your zoo.

Okay, is the roll done?
Back to the fun.
The fun being if Hell is fake.
Whoops, he made a mistake.

He divorced an imaginary man.
Maybe he wasn't his biggest fan?
Those fake horns can be sharp.
He could have wanted to play the harp.

Or red wasn't his color anymore.
Wanted more white at his shore.
Found red such a drag,
So he waved the white flag.

Or maybe the white pen.
Dumped the devil from his den.
That imaginary mate took half his imaginary dough.
Where he went? Damned if I know.

The cat had to do that. Ever marry the devil where you are at? That would be rather bad. Did you get out of it at your pad? Hopefully you never had to sell your soul. Ever use or hear that saying as you are out for a stroll? I think I just gave the poor married to the devil humans gas. Oh where the mind goes of my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


    Such fun!
    (Or maybe number two...
    Where's my blue suede shoe?)
    Beats eating a bun
    Or the Bora sun
    Well, maybe not
    But that one coast a lot
    So where's that party at, Cat?
    Don't tell me you're still snoring on your mat...
    Hey, it's Thursday....
    Such a fun day!
    Great post
    From coast to coast!

    1. Was up and out the door
      No snoring at our shore
      But can go back tomorrow
      Although the snores I won't borrow

    2. On the road?
      Stuck like a toad?
      No snoring, you say?
      Night or day?

    3. Was on the road
      In final day's 9-5 mode

  2. My ex says the devil is blue
    Well, Scooby Doo!

  3. I married the greatest man but unfortunately was widowed.Nine years later met someone who was the devil in disguise. Suffered much at his hands but am now totally alone.
    I loved the poem Pat as always.

    1. The devil is not one any wants to meet
      Good to kick them to the street

  4. If he really married the devil then there's no getting out of that contract.
    Fortunately I married a really awesome woman.

  5. At least it's a hot time in bed
    when to the devil one is wed
    But it ain't fun like it sounds
    That devil sure does make his rounds.

    PS Sorry for being absent for so long
    You're one of my first stops, though, since I was gone.

    1. Robyn
      You made me laugh, Thanks

    2. haha all kinds of heat
      May not be sweet
      Could turn a little tender
      Like what comes out a blender

      Welcome back
      Nice to have you stop at our shack

  6. Better to remain single all of one's life
    Than to marry one of such kind
    Alway going to be a problem with that
    And will drive you out of your mind.


    1. Yep, send you over a cliff
      With just a whiff

  7. Divorce is hell, even when the right thing to do
    Been there, done that, at my zoo
    No devils, but anger and vengeance, too
    Takes too long for the heart to heal from such a stew

    1. Glad I've avoided that so far
      Sometimes better off with the drunk at a bar

  8. The devil has always been putting about
    That he looks like an ogre, tall, big and stout.
    He says he possesses nasty sharp horns
    And his hands all rough and full of horns,
    Breathing fire, hail and thunder and and deadly mix
    of sulhur and fumes and on his head, 666.
    He put that about so we would not believe
    He is the most beautiful being ever conceive(d).
    He is clever and sharp and full of attraction
    and wants to entice us all into action
    and pull us to hell and away from all hope
    of a future in heaven and thinks we are a dope.
    One day he himself will have to bow knee
    Along with legions of demons, all for eternity.
    They will all bow and kneel to the forces of light
    and be banished from heaven and that is just right.

    Hi cat, how's that? . . . :)

    1. caught the thorns
      And not double horns
      My, look at you go
      The devil got kicked below
      Down for the count he'll stay
      As light sure leads the way

  9. Marry the devil, well I guess
    Could do better, could do less
    Mark the calendar, set the time
    But just continue to do your rhyme

    1. Continue on we shall indeed
      At least until we can't afford internet or croak at our feed

  10. A Marrying Way Here Today!
    Marry for love and fire away
    Marry a 'devil'
    Stuck with evil
    Maintain dignity not to give way


    1. Not to give away indeed
      Better off with another lead

  11. waited quite a while for the right guy to come along
    he only has a devilish grin
    feel sorry for folks who guess wrong
    I am lucky with a marriage win

  12. Ben Franklin didn't invent electricity, I invented electricity, Ben Franklin is the devil!

    1. Hope he's not after you
      Could fry you through and through

  13. Thankfully I didn't marry the devil. Did 5 years of living together before we tied the knot, so if I didn't know by then if he was evil or not, I'd have been pretty daft. Granted, he can be an ass sometimes, but that hardly compares with devil status.

    1. haha daft you were not
      Knew who he was when you tied the knot

  14. Waiting game for the right
    Person who may turn out in sight
    To be the devil in disguise
    Moon pretending to be a sunrise

    1. Eventually the truth shall show
      In the end one shall know

  15. I was doing fine until I read Blogoratti's comment. Now I have Elvis Presley's "Devil in Disguise" running through my mind!

    1. haha a tune stuck
      Can make one go what the fluck

  16. I always heard the devil was in the details!

  17. Welcome to the devil’s party

    At the devil’s party nothing’s a sin
    At the devil’s party we know where you’ve been
    it we’re all right, then tell me who’s wrong
    the love in a war, where do we belong

    Devil’s Party -INXS
    Now, I have that song in my head...

    1. haha look at you go
      Plenty of songs with the devil in tow

  18. My spouse is much nicer than me!

    1. The cat is nicer than me
      That count at my sea?

  19. orlin N cassie; de food servizz gurl iz thanx full in mor wayz N one her never mare reed that bass terd her wasted all thoz yeerz oh her life on N even mor thanx full that.....sorree.....we hada ramblin moe mint ther ~~~


    1. haha ramble away
      Good not to marry the scary at her bay

  20. Married to the devil. Well, you've never have to worry about getting cold. lol

  21. Lots of people seem to think they are or were, don't they?

  22. I don't think one can divorce the devil. Might be too painful.

  23. Some people are better off single
    than trying to intermingle!
    How's that for a jingle!

  24. My brother has been married. 3 times!
    Yikes is right and all. 3 were crimes.
    He truly is a good guy
    But his wives were not, I say with a sigh.
    All were selfish, controlling and mean
    He picks the wrong ones at his scene.

    1. Damn, 4th times the charm?
      That should sure raise an alarm


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