A Speedy Post To The Coast!

Wow, talk about nothing to say and I thought the weather was bad at my bay. I guess anything can spur a discussion though. Hey, I prove that with rhyming away at my show.

Look at that.
Chew the fat.
The fat about it.
Every single bit.

Leave nothing out.
Can scream and shout.
It must be said.
Get it out of your head.

Sometimes that's best.
Passes the test.
Other times not.
May prove you have brain rot.

What's that about?
Things must come out.
Say what's on your mind.
One strange thing, mankind.

How can it be on?
Even if it does dawn.
On your might is like,
A light bulb strike.

But that's not here nor there.
For that's not in our hair.
What's in our hair today,
Is speed signs on display.

Let's dissect them all.
It will be a ball.
We need to learn the why.
Let's do, not try.

100 allowed there.
With lots of space to spare.
100 allowed here,
With 80 drawing near.

Now why is that?
Why does it fall flat?
Tell me, I must know.
It is life altering like a deadly foe.

Then it drops to 60 over here.
Then back up to a 100 ever so clear.
What's the point in that?
Whoops, all the time we have from the cat.

Ugg, talk about mind numbing at ones bay. Who gives a crap why they are on display? They are at their sea. No need to dissect ever curve and crap that comes to be. I had to listen to that for an hour or more. I think I'm speed signed out at my shore. Do you dissect speed signs on display? Think I had enough for one life time at my bay. So I'll speed away unless through a school zone with a kiddie class. Then I'll slow down my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. I find it's ok for thers to speak their mind but when I do it I'm in the wrong. Have a good weekend at your bay Pat. I intend to here.


  2. Conversation takes a turn
    There is something we may learn
    Talk is cheap, they always say
    Or save it for a rainy day

    1. Save it for away from me
      Some of it makes brain cells flee

  3. My world doesn't include much talk small
    Especially when leaves are changing in the fall
    And our first snowstorm of the season is threatening all

    1. Blah, run away
      Snow is no fun in which to play

  4. Dissecting for conversation makes perfect sense
    At least that's what we think, when we're being dense. ;)

    1. Dense by the ton
      Makes the cat just want to run

  5. In the USA, our speed is measured by miles per hour (mph). I recall driving in Canada back in the 1990s, thinking "100? I can drive 100?!?"

    1. haha yeah, would be a change
      I went your range
      Had my car set to mph at my sea
      Thankfully no copper caught me

  6. All I can tell you about speed signs is I'm always going faster than they say I'm supposed to.

  7. Some of the things that people say do make you wonder about brain rot.....

    1. Yep, that they surely do
      Have more fun sitting on the loo

  8. Much of life is small talk
    I guess we cannot balk
    or there would be little to say
    so just talk talk talk away!

    1. We'll go go go the other way
      If speed signs once more have their say

  9. Once I hit somewhere by mistake while driving and the speed meter in my car was showing speed in km instead of miles. I thought I was going way too fast and that freaked me out!

    1. lmao I did the reverse at my sea
      Was going far to fast but weeeee

  10. Silence is golden/While we recharge and ponder. :-)

    Greetings from London.

  11. Idle chatter seems to always occur
    Sometimes its a bit of a bore.


  12. Noise, noise. everywhere idle speech, thoughtless speech. So tired.

  13. Where we live speed limit signs are ignored as only a suggestion!

  14. don't you know that every road is the autobahn? Zoom!

  15. Some just have a need for speed!
    I can't drive 55...lol..

  16. Zoom zoom
    Kill time
    Elephant crossing?
    That's worth a rhyme

  17. I think a lot of people see school zones as a suggestion. I have people riding my tail through the 2 I have to drive through every morning. If they zip past me, I blare on my horn all the way through the rest of the zone just to tick them off.

    1. I go slower when they get on my ass
      Pisses them off in mass


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