Abused Or Confused? Either Way I'm Amused!

The cat heard someone repeat this eleven times as they yapped the other day. Yep, I counted at my bay. Said it in a span of three minutes or so too. I guess they truly never knew.

What was that?
Chew the fat.
Talk and rant.
Whoops, a slant.

Here it comes.
Ho and hums.
Or hums and hos?
Only Santa knows.

Or maybe not.
Things got to pot.
Get ready for it.
It sure is a hit.

Anticipation rising?
The cat you're despising?
How do I know?
I don't at my show.

But what do I say?
Said it many a day.
Not eleven times in a row,
That would annoy a crow.

Ready to see?
It comes to be.
On a spree.
It's the beats me.

What was that?
You got beat like a dingbat?
Beat by words?
Beat by birds?

Beat by a kangaroo?
Did it have Blue's shoe?
Do you have lots of bruises?
Don't wear swimwear on cruises.

Was it a metaphorical beating?
That has to be fleeting.
Bruised on the brain.
That must be a pain.

Dumbed down by a fake beating.
My, that's weird trick or treating.
You must have not checked your candy.
I hope you have poison control's number handy.

Did you get that? Are you on to the cat? Confused as can be? That's normal at my sea. Will you get it though? Beats me at my show. It really beats me. Beats me flies free. Beats me each day. Beats me is all I can say. Beats me why. Beats me sure wants to fly. I must have lots of bruises now. Beats me sure can wow. Beats me if you'll give sass. Either way, I'll still remain a little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. I'm always in a state of confusion,
    At what life throws at me.
    So should antone want to get confused,
    Come, join me at my sea.

    Loved your verse Pat.

  2. Beat me daddy, eight to the bar
    That kind of beating won't leave any scar
    Spare the rod and spoil the child
    That kind of beating's very mild
    Are you confused, well I guess
    Simply normal these days, I confess

    1. Spoil is the way
      All in that fray
      Thinking they are grand
      Newsflash comes quick in adult land

  3. It doesn't take much to confuse this old woman, so yes I am confused but some good rhyming did happen.

    1. haha a good rhyme wins
      Even with confusing spins

  4. Beware the ides of Sunday morn time
    Confused how the 15th can happen on Sunday morn and not Sunday afternoon?
    Amused by my warning,
    Kaykuala may feel abused
    When his number three has been stolen
    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha
    needs an evil text for it be an evil laugh
    Ha Ha

    1. Sunday bewaring
      Could get staring
      But not as much as a fake evil laugh from you
      Need evil text in view haha

  5. Beats me that many times is one confused and clueless individual.

  6. and the beat goes on...so sang Sonny and Cher

    1. And probably many more
      As they gave it an encore

  7. Not abused but often confused. So I'll just sit at home and judge others online for being just as confused as I am.

  8. Beats me! I don't hear that much in Colorado ~ I'm hearing the sounds of the Maritimes in this rhyme. Have a good one, Pat!

    1. Don't say that much there
      Do they just grab their guns and stare?

  9. I can't remember the last time I heard that phrase used.

    1. People use it all the time here
      Guess it just holds near

  10. Ha, Ha, I've heard people say "beats me," a time or two,
    So I just smile and say "I hope it doesn't hurt you."

    1. haha good thing to retort
      When they give such a report

  11. That's a lot of beats me!
    Enjoy your weekend, Pat.

  12. now that's one sick beat... you and Taylor Swift would get along well. :)

    1. Can I have such riches?
      Such songs though may give me twitches

  13. Abused Or Confused? Either Way I'm Amused!
    But being beaten makes one like being used
    Feeling beaten
    Once too often
    Best to say it outright and not just a ruse


  14. many times I feel really confused and Im not sure of nothing :) :)

    1. haha none of us are
      Just pretend at many a sand bar

  15. Beats me what is being said.
    Maybe I should go ask Fred.
    If I could find a man named that.
    Beats me! Oohhh, I’m such a brat

  16. I get confused easily these days! Always happens when I am crazy busy. :)


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