Advertise Here Ever So Clear!

The cat was out and about the other day when someone tried to get me to advertise at their bay. They said this, that and the other thing. Of course all a familiar ring.

We got the site.
It's just the best.
Your sales will take flight.
We're better than the rest.

So advertise here.
It's as simple as that.
I'm sure you will cheer,
With clicks like that.

And so it goes.
Most you can suspect.
They strike a merry pose,
Thinking you can't neglect.

Pffft and walk away.
But how can you?
Easy at ones bay.
They just haven't a clue.

But they were cheery.
Their stats are there.
Nothing about it eerie.
Unless written on their underwear.

I still strolled away.
And on they went.
They hit replay,
When they needed to get bent.

But we got the site.
You shouldn't refuse.
Sales will take flight.
You surely can't lose.

Nothing is greater.
Not around here.
We corner the crater.
You have nothing to fear.

In one ear, out the other.
Thought her jargon would work.
Treat her like my mother.
Shhhh I pretend to listen with an ear perk.

And so I looked.
Just for the hell of it.
Pffft to what was booked.
Was a complete load of shit.

To put it in perspective to all, their site had less traffic than a cat that rhymes each day on his wall. Yet they were so great. Pffft and a dog and the cat will mate. But oh, needed to advertise somewhere. Pfffft once more to that with pffft's to spare. Ever come across any of those? She should go bother crows. The cat will only leave her with gas. She wasn't going to get rich off my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. That site can't be doing ok
    If they had to advertise at your bay.

    Great verse Pat.


  2. When your own site gets more traffic, you know it's a bad deal.

  3. Five or six offers per day
    Used to come at my bay
    My page they certainly don't read
    Or they'd see they're the last thing I need

    1. Just see that stats and away they go
      trying to join your show

  4. Well, it sounds like you were at least nice about it! Lol

  5. They must get some suckers at their bay
    to advertise that way


  6. they always make it sound so nice

  7. it's all a marketing game
    they push you all the same
    someone will make a buck
    but you will be out of luck

  8. Advertise Here Ever So Clear!
    Wouldn't do even for mother dear
    Live traffic?
    Loads of tricks
    Ignore and leave with a deaf ear


  9. If it sounds too good to be true....etc., etc., etc.:)
    You handled it well:)

  10. I've got nothing to advertise ~ LOL My sister, Bertie, who is a published author, makes the rounds with her books in person to various places in western NS. That's where many of her sales have come from. You have to be a Clinton or a Richards to get the advertising that counts. Love that clicking button to your other site! Have a good one, my friend!

    1. Yeah, that is where some sales can come
      To get their kind of sales you need to be rich, plastic and dumb

  11. Maybe you should contact them and sell them ad space on your blog!

  12. I'm pretty much done with ads. I don't post them any more, I don't pay to advertise my own blog, none of it.

  13. orlin N cassie....we never get asked ta ad ver tize; well, crankee ass cat chow wanted uz ta due a post sew we said hell damn yea... why de hell knot... what kinda shitz we gotta looze !!! ☺☺♥♥ funnee thing.. we never saw any adz on de damn crankee azz site bout uz N da bass terd gobbler tho .......☺☺

    1. Sometimes not tit for tat
      Better to be a greedy cat

  14. I haven't been approached about adding ads. I feel so neglected.

  15. I recommend that they put ad on your site :-)

    1. And pay lots of dough
      Can you make it so? lol

  16. Ah, this is why the comments on my site I'm not posting immediately. They comment with offers to earn by ad so even when I delete them they come back. And sign: Blogger ....

    1. Yep, so many try that crap
      They should go take a nap

  17. Ads could be the way to go
    Pick and choose, get in the flow

  18. Funny how people toot their own horn and don't have a pot to piss in, as my mama would say.

    1. haha that so many do
      We have a pot, but not much else at our zoo

  19. How sad that she must toot her own horn
    Then you find out she is crap who toots her own horn.
    These ads seem full of heart
    But all they give is a st8nky fart.

    1. Stinky they are in many a way
      Toss them into the bay


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