Dream A Little Dream Down Stream!

The cat would never stand in your way. Dream away at your bay. I'll be far far far away for some. Especially the dreams of the dumb. What was that? Dreams aren't dumb where any is at?

I dream to float.
Float like a boat.
I jump in and sink.
Dream drove me to drink.

I dream to fly.
Fly upon high.
I jump from a tall tower.
Dream brought a human splatter shower.

I dream to eat.
Eat and defeat.
My stomach went boom.
Dream blew me like a mushroom.

I dream to look cool.
Plastic face does rule.
Now I can strike a mannequin pose.
Dream came out smelling like a rose.

I dream to beat a car.
Playing chicken after a night at the bar.
I won't flinch first.
Dream and car made me burst.

I dream to win the lottery.
Then I'll take up pottery.
I spent every last cent today.
Dream left me broke without pay.

I dream to own a lion.
I'm sure tryin.
I just became a snack.
Dream made me part of the pack

I dream to walk naked in snow.
The arctic is where I want to go.
Things did freeze and I did die.
Dream led to a human Popsicle for an Eskimo eye.

I dream to find a mate.
I'm going to order a Russian date.
I got nothing for my dough?
Dream ended up making nothing grow.

I dream to stay away.
Stay away from such a foray.
And look, that I can do.
My dream came true.

Still think all dreams are grand? Don't you want them all coming due across the land? I suppose that would weed out the dumb in the human race as they take up cemetery space. That is if anything is left behind but the splatter of mankind. What was that? Hey, I'm not a gruesome cat. Not my dream at my sea and no zombie feet came to be. Sorry, not really, that I broke such dreams like glass. I'm just that kind of dreaming little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. I find I dream more,
    By the side of the shore.
    Cast my trouble and fears aside.
    That to the outside world I do hide.

    Enjoyed your verse Pat.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. Day dreams are more pleasant than night
    No wishes a perilous plight
    So dream on in the day
    If you want your way
    And bad dreams that you dream will take flight

    1. The day with a nap
      Could fall into the night trap

  3. Dream a Little Dream of Me... Michael Buble, Ella Fitzgerald, Cass Elliott, Doris Day, and probably a whole lotta' other singers. ;) :) Here to wish you a happy Friday!!!

  4. I like my day dreams of living in peace.
    That feels good like the down of geese.
    My sleeping dreams often give me little luck.
    In one, I was hungry and I was a woodchuck!

  5. Yeah, walking in the snow naked sounds like a really bad idea...

  6. I live for dreams at my span
    Every day I do what I can
    To bring my dreams to life
    With as little as possible strife

  7. Okay to dream a bit, kind of fun to do
    But to live like that can sometimes be a bit of a boo.


    1. Stuck in them all day
      Can sure get one nowhere at their bay

  8. I love good dreams !
    this post made me laugh !

  9. dreaming my life away - or at least dreaming that it is Friday - 3:30 pm my leaving time. Now back to work. Your blog is my distraction of fun!

    1. Getting out of the grind
      Sure brings plenty of dreaming to mind

  10. It's not a dream, I'm right here!

  11. Cat, be careful getting a date from Russia sight unseen. Maybe check the alley at midnight instead.

    1. Are you in the know?
      Should I ask how so? lol

  12. There's a big difference between a dream and a delusion. One is inspired by wishful aspiration, and the other a foolish sign of desperation. :)

    1. And the latter is where many go
      With little common sense in tow

  13. To sleep, perchance to dream.
    To sleep in, perchance to get fired.

    1. And then sleep all day
      On the street collecting bottles for pay

  14. LOL, Pat! ~ Save me from all such dreams, especially a plastic face!
    Have a great weekend in your place!

    1. Plastic face would be scary
      As would one that was super hairy

  15. I still say that even if you think you have the ability to fly, you should just be able to take off from the ground. No need to climb to a high place and throw yourself off of it.

    1. Yep, we sure agree
      Height shouldn't matter for flight to come to be

  16. I'm all for dreaming.
    My nights are teeming
    With dreams puzzling and weird
    Like a bird with a beard.

    So please let me sleep
    So the dreamworld can keep
    My mind all a-kilter
    Without the waking life's filter.

    Tossing It Out

    1. No filter is had
      Can drive one mad
      Mad and fun
      As the thoughts run

  17. Nobody dreams well anymore because the Sega Dreamcast failed


  18. Dreams with smell
    sounds well,
    visualize rose
    or other flower
    you like the most

  19. I dream my teeth are falling out. I must grind them in my sleep to cause that dream to come over and over again.

    1. lol false teeth for you
      Can scare the kiddies at your zoo


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