Good On Plate Ahead Of Great!

The cat never got this one even though he has said it a ton. I guess it just got said and stayed there after catching on? Maybe Zeus said it at dawn? Beats the heck out of me. But I can make fun of it at my sea.

Good morning everyone.
Even if it sucks a ton.
I say it is good.
Sucky morning may get misunderstood.

What if it is meh today?
Does good still come into play?
No need to answer that.
Good morning is still where it's at.

So the morning is good today.
You go on at your bay.
The afternoon stinks.
Good afternoon gets winks.

At it once more.
The good comes ashore.
Even when it has a stench.
Is that like a rusty wrench.

You can't budge the stripped screw.
It's evening at your zoo.
But it is still good.
Even if bad or dull as wood.

But go on the flip,
With the good trip.
Your day is great.
It was all top rate.

Now what do you say,
As you join the outside fray?
You say good every time.
Are you some kind of stuck mime?

Wonderful and great.
Those are a fine fate.
But you can't share.
So users beware.

Evening, morning or noon.
Sing the same old tune.
Everything is always good.
Wouldn't change if you could.

I think I've got it down.
No morning, afternoon or evening can frown
Also no cheer can come due.
It must remained whelmed for all of you.

So days were whelmed long before the cat let whelmed come to be? That is a new one for me. Do you use anything besides good? Ever heard it said "Great Morning" at your hood? Wouldn't great beat good any day? Who wants to be good when crappy comes your way? The cat has you thinking now with this pass. Good, whatever time of day it is, from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Good morning Adam
    Great seeing your presence!


  2. Good On Plate Ahead Of Great!
    For being extended on a slate
    It is being good
    Everyone should
    Be making a presence to go ahead!


  3. Great reading for this Sunday.


  4. Would anyone even notice if we said we were having a bad day? Probably not.

    1. Nope, they'd keep on a going
      Not even registering a bad showing

  5. Say good morning even when you're frowning?/I'd rather skip the whole set-up and start yawning. :-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. Yawn and back to bed
      There you can rest your head

  6. Sometimes we say Hungry Morning!

  7. Sometimes just say morning here
    When I am not of good cheer.


  8. Greet the day, I always say
    Greet it big in any old way
    Is it good, well, we'll see
    When evening comes with the key

    1. After having it unlocked
      Then the day has been stocked

  9. For me I always say good morning and good afternoon. But after the sun goes down I usually say have a great night.

  10. Adequate shall suffice Mon thru Fri. Then things are G-r-e-a-t!!! Say it with gusto. Good day to you sir

    1. haha gusto for the weekend chime
      That sure isn't a crime

  11. Mornings are good
    In your neighborhood?
    Could they be naughty too
    Or just smell like Bora poo?
    Well, Scooby Doo!
    The name is Blue...

  12. It's a good day!
    I'm all caught up at your bay!
    Normally behind is my way.
    You've been busy having a say.

    Call me strong after marrying the devil ~ It didn't kill me. Came out wiser.
    Broke out of that cage. Didn't need any sage. Rose like a geyser.
    Chasing my dreams, paddling up streams.

    Let's face it ~ I suck at rhyming!
    Maybe I should try miming.

    Have a good one where you're at!
    I'm off to wine, dine, and shine!

    1. haha well you travel here and there
      You could mime at many a lair
      The traveling mime
      Make an extra dime
      Get to go places for free
      A good way to be?
      Toss the devil in the sea
      Then on him take a pee

  13. I say this, quite often, and that’s ok with me.mhexk there is even a great song called “Good Morning”

    1. A tune you say
      I think I heard it on a Viagra commercial at our bay

  14. I don't say great. It's always good here. Great is too chipper sounding for my blood.

  15. Top of the morning to you, Pat! (Hear my fake accent?)

    1. Fake as can be
      Heard it all the way to our sea


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