Is This Really A Post At My Coast?

Yep, I'm really asking you that. Did you just read the words of the cat? So is this a post? Maybe it's a weenie roast. I don't have one of those. The vet went snip snip and there she goes.

Are you working?
Nah, I'm jerking.
Did I just go gutter?
Did it make you stutter?

Are you painting?
Nah, I'm fainting.
Fainting with a brush in hand.
My, isn't fainting grand.

Are you walking?
Nah, I'm gawking.
Gawking at an idiot now.
Look at you. Wow!

Are you sleeping?
Nah, I'm house keeping.
Under the covers I go.
It is so productive you know.

Are you showering?
Nah, I'm cowering.
The toilet is so scary.
I think I saw something hairy.

Are you sitting?
Nah, I'm spitting.
See that little spittle?
It's magic and will make you brittle.

Are you writing?
Nope, I'm fighting.
Fighting with the keyboard.
Look! I just pulled the cord.

Are you eating?
Boy, this is getting fleeting.
Are you that dumb?
Head up your bum?

Are you alive?
I wish you'd take a dive.
Getting lost at sea.
Isn't that nice of me?

Aren't I so mean?
Aren't you watching a screen?
Aren't you the imaginative one?
Aren't you glad these soooo hard questions are done?

Why do people right in front of you ask such stupid questions at their zoo? Do they believe them not to be true? Look, he's on the toilet, I'll ask what is coming due. Pfffft whoever says there aren't stupid questions are stupid too. Plenty of stupid ones come due. Ask a hard one and its back to beats me. Low brain cell count can sure affect thee. Do you ask such obvious things to ones near your blog wings? I had to give it another pass as real life dumbies keep asking very stupid questions to my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Is This Really A Post At My Coast?
    Or perhaps it is ready for a roast
    Asking good questions
    It's not just fashion
    But a measure of making the most


  2. Questions, questions by the dozen
    Even may come from my cousin
    Realiy is in the buzz'n
    Is you is or is you wass'n?

    1. Is you is
      Now a quiz
      Is you ain't
      Come, don't faint

  3. best to ask kids what they are doing
    guilty face or not?
    there's always more to the story there
    you can question them on the spot

  4. We do ask sone questions now and then
    That sound really lame and dumb
    Maybe we need to mix them all around
    That could be fun.


  5. "There is no such thing as a dumb question"

    work retail and discover that's not true

    1. Yep, been there, done that
      Many a question can be scat

  6. Hmmmm Kaykuala's number three
    Then it four will be axed
    I ask
    That is the task.

    1. May have to try
      To get the deny

    2. It is much more fun to threaten to steal the thunder than steal the thunder. So Kaykuala can take a breather from me as a potential number 1 stealer.

    3. haha just a threat
      Ready and set

  7. Am I reading? No, I'm hoping the words will just insert into my brain without effort.

  8. People like to ask questions they obviously already know the answer too for some reason.

    1. That many surely do
      Maybe they really haven't a clue

  9. I half expected it to end with "Am I _____?" "Naw. I'm rhyming."

  10. I like the idea of house keeping under the covers :-) I think “are you OK?” to someone not OK is the king of stupid questions but sometimes I can’t help but asking that!

    1. haha sometimes it just slips out
      Like hands from a trout

  11. Wonderful post Pat questions and all.


  12. Well, if you're not jerking
    You could be twerking
    Not sure which is worse
    So I'll end this verse.

  13. When I run into someone at the grocery store and they ask what I'm doing there? You know, about to roller skate around the joint, isn't that why you're here too?

    1. haha just have to put them on
      And then skating away shall dawn

  14. Am I alive?
    I hope so!
    Just back from Sunday Night Date Night.
    Yep! I get two date nights a week!
    And two glasses of wine/date night!
    Sadly that's all I can handle now.
    Hope you are alive and kicking!
    Have a great week!

    1. Still alive
      Kicking may take a dive
      Who wants to do that?
      Could get thrown in jail where you are at
      Then no wine
      Or date nights shall align lol

  15. Hairy on the toilet is something I don’t want to see
    Now I have this visual, bleccchhh, poor me.

  16. I think people ask questions without thinking sometimes!

  17. Right now I'm sitting, the computer in my face.
    At the moment I can't think of a better place.


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