It Is Still Bad At Every Old Pad!

So I heard a nut once more give this an encore and the cat rolled his eyes. He sure wasn't going to win any prize. Stunk like smoke but he thought he was a clever few toothed bloke.

Movies cause violence.
Them we must silence.
They are so bad.
Wah wah wah at his pad.

Been there, done that.
Such logic is the equivalent of scat.
Desensitize they can do.
But other than that, some need a clue.

Let's go with it though.
Let's pretend it's a show.
Let's pretend it is true.
Let's see what we can do.

Cars cause drunk driving.
Damn, has to stink for those surviving.
How can they put a car in jail?
Maybe stick them on a boat and set sail?

Food causes you to be fat.
Well how about that?
Food is all to blame.
Food should feel the shame.

Bodies cause cancer.
From plumber to dancer.
No body and you won't get it.
That sure is some shit.

Cigarettes cause smoking.
So go and get toking.
Those cigarettes are there for the taking.
Look at them hippy hippy shaking.

Credit cards cause debt.
Yep, that's a safe bet.
They buy whatever they like.
Look at that brand new bike.

Computers cause crime.
I better drop a dime.
My computer is sooooo bad.
Shhhhh I don't want to make it mad.

Rhymes cause gas.
Better take a pass.
But get a tummy ache,
Or fall in a lake. 

What was that? Not agreeing with the cat? Damn, and I was about to sue my car. I heard its friend caused drunk driving some place afar. I can sue it because of that, right? Pfffft humans aren't so bright. Shifting the blame is all so many do. It's not what's in view, it's you. All comes back to you and what you do. But let's blame the magical gas that comes out my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. It Is Still Bad At Every Old Pad!
    Something to say how about that?
    Shifting the blame
    So often to claim
    That one can well smell the rat


  2. And video games cause murder, etc... Gets a little ridiculous, doesn't it?

  3. Nobody takes responsibility for their actions anymore. I blame Twitter!

    1. Poor poor Twitter
      Made all spineless and bitter

  4. With one statement I do agree
    Credit card can cause debt to be
    Much easier than going without
    And without would make some shout

  5. Solution to credit cards causing debt
    Just don't use them at your pad
    Then you won't owe money
    At your pad.


  6. Cigarettes cause smoking only if you accidentally light yourself on fire.

  7. I guess it is easier to blame something else?
    Credit cards are bad for people who cannot control spending. On a side note, I know a few who had to use them during rough times just to survive. So are they bad or good? The debt is still there, but at least they had food.

    1. Blame shifts with ease
      People do it and away they breeze
      I know that all too well
      Sometimes they are needed when going through hell

  8. This was great, Pat:) Puts things in perspective doesn't it?

    1. Yep, sure shows much
      That people are off by a touch

  9. Put the blame on Maym, wrong
    Do you remember that song
    One night she started to shim and shake
    That brought on the Frisco quake

    1. Who knows what will shake loose
      Better watch a large caboose

  10. Ah I knew there was a problem trying to live - I was eating .. explains the little extra weight I carry around! We can blame everyone ... but ourselves - ah well .. my pad is fine. Cheers Hilary

    1. Yep, that we sure can do
      Blame all others through and through

  11. I love playing violent video games, so I assume it's only a matter of time before I shoot my wife and wear her skin like a mask.

    But wait, she plays video games too, so maybe she'll get me first? We always were competitive about our gaming...

    I remember some 10 years ago when McDonald's stopped 'supersizing' orders, because it was making people fat. Thank God they did that, right? And now we're all so lean and trim and healthy?

    1. You better get her before she gets you
      Or if you let her win you'll have the last laugh as another win for her will never come due

      Yep, that worked ohhhh so great
      For McDonald's as now people order double the food for their plate

  12. It's the government's fault
    ughhh...let's put that comment in a vault.
    I hear that one all the time.
    it's never the person who committed that crime.
    How about having some sensibility
    and take some responsibility.

    1. That would be too nice and neat
      First they need to blame all others on the street

  13. Food makes you fat?
    Imagine that.
    Tell Christie, that loon,
    to put down the spoon.

  14. magical gas is as good a reason as any. Thanks for the solution to all my problems.
    not me, not my fault!

  15. I think they sell magical gas on Amazon!

  16. I have learned a valuable lesson , things are only bad if you let it.
    Enjoyed your verse though a bit later in the day than usual.


    1. That they are
      Unless one is hit by something like a car

  17. We're never the cause of things that go wrong, don't you know that?
    Many years ago, I saw a stand-up comedian -- I can't recall his name -- who was talking about how people on talk shows always blamed their parents for their problems. "I'm a loser cuz my dad's an alcoholic." "No, your dad's an alcoholic cuz you're a loser!"

    1. haha and a flip flop it goes
      Each blaming the other for their woes

  18. orlin N cassie....thiz anda few lotz mor....peepulz can find any kinda way ...N blame any kinda thing... for stuffz that iz.... THER faultz..........faaaaaaaaaaaaa

    1. That is all they do
      A good faaaaa needs to be in view

  19. Yep, we tend to blame others, even objects, for things we do.
    And some people like to get even, so they sue.

    1. And many sure sue
      The culture through and through

  20. Mortal Kombat and Doom will ruin us all!

    -Some 90's congressman

    1. Annihilation already ruined it
      One big pile of shit

  21. It's sad what a sue happy world we live in. People need to quit being little bitches and take responsibility for their actions instead of trying to lawyer up.

    1. That they surely do
      But little bitches they are through and through

  22. A person is responsible for what he or she chooses to do. Nobody else, nothing else, bottom line. Third graders get it. Why not adults?

    1. Maybe adults get brain dead?
      Too much time in bed?

  23. Stupidity causes violence
    Braindead people cause violence
    Frustrated people cause violence

    Don't blame movies.

    Am I right, Cat?

    1. That you are
      Stupidity by far
      Not movies or games or such
      Some are waaaay out of touch

    2. Just so they know
      At their stupid show

    3. Know they may
      But still blind we say

  24. I think sometimes people want someone or something to blame.


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