It's All Greek Up Shit Creek!

Humans like to go for the I can't. Or maybe the I don't know slant. They do it before they even try and then away they tend to fly. Can be anything in which it is the case as away from it they race.

Up that creek,
All is Greek.
Your boat may leak.
Can't even speak.

You don't know how.
That creek can't wow.
Until it is able.
Nope, not a fable.

You give it a try.
Failure does fly.
Or maybe you go out and succeed.
Either way, you're learning the deed.

You fail and quit.
Whoops, more shit.
Look at you forever sinking.
FYI, that water isn't safe for drinking.

Wait a moment there.
You pulled out your hair.
Which may hurt a bit,
But again you tried it.

Hmm, learned a bit more.
You give it another encore.
You try and try again.
What's happening at your den?

Your boat isn't sinking.
The nasty water you aren't drinking.
You actually see shore.
Look at you trying some more.

Uh oh, you are learning.
To shore you are returning.
Your boat is looking good.
You even have paddles in your hood.

You are failing less.
It isn't such a mess.
Things are becoming clear.
The shore is so near.

You step out of the boat.
You even have a rain coat.
You now can get through it all.
Wowee, you just learned at your hall.

No matter what it is from writing to the cooking biz, the more you try and try, the more you will learn and not fry. You can get out of shit creek. You can make your boat not leak. Willingness goes a long way. At least with most things at play. You have to not be a brain dead fool and for somethings, like a surgeon, you really need school. But a lot you can get out of by trying and learning as you go. Are you one that runs away or goes, Oh No? You'll never learn anything skidding across the glass. I prefer to break it with my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Up a creek without a paddle, that's what my mom used to say.
    My grandfather though, had a another saying, and it involved the words 'sh$# creek,' I just can't remember what it was that he'd say!

    1. I would hear it the same as you, the "without a paddle" one at home but the first husband would say the "S.... creek" one.

    2. Up shit creek was all I've heard said
      And once in a while it's popped into my head

  2. It's All Greek Up Shit Creek!
    Truth was what they would seek
    That 'I can't'
    Was a bad slant
    They would try as much with tricks


  3. Cat has positive things to say
    How to succeed, don't throw it away
    Don't be a dunce or a dumerazel
    Just keep trying and be sure to eat you basil

    1. Eat and survive
      Until you can't get out alive

  4. The better you will get the more you do.
    Still don't drink the water though.

    1. Yeah, watch that water stuff
      May end up being tough

  5. When I got married, I couldn't cook to save my life. Now my family thinks I'm a chef. It really does take practice!

    1. Proved it with ease
      As now through cooking you breeze

  6. Practice makes perfect. I'm learning to get it all written as bad as it comes out. Otherwise I have nothing to work with.

    1. Yep, something to work with it will be
      Just have to get down from thee

  7. Gotta keep working on that we want to do
    Otherwise we give in and say boo hoo.


  8. Learning is what it's all about
    To mind expansion I am devout

  9. Expressing this urge,
    then going with purge,
    so any good surge
    will make us indulge

  10. and then there's the ever popular (mostly by college boys) - "Here hold my beer and watch this" You learn or fail painfully.

  11. The best things you learn in life are often by trial and error. Unless you die in the process of course.

    1. Yeah, death could hinder it
      Just a little bit

  12. My boat leaks sometimes, but I have meds for that!

  13. And I've been fried a lot! So I guess I've been learning all this time.

  14. orlin N cassie...we said we could never rite a block buster movee script; N we proved it with de codd mother seer eez !!! ☺☺☺♥♥

  15. When I was young I always heard "Up the creek without a paddle." It wasn't until I was a bit older that I learned the name of that creek!

    1. The creek sure comes with a name
      Although the movie kept the title tame

  16. If you want to obtain your dream
    you have to be willing to chase it
    even if it means falling down a bit

    1. And toppling over
      Get your face in the arse of rover

  17. The only thing worse would be if it was a zucchini boat! haha.

    1. Could get a snack
      Or use it like you for 5 men at your shack

  18. We must always try...and try...and try
    Some failed many times and they would sigh
    But they never gave up and now they are rich.
    We know their names and wish we were them! What a bitch! :)

    1. haha I wish I had their money
      Don't want to look as funny

  19. You know what they say. Practice make perfect. You never learn by giving up.

    1. Unless it makes sense to do so
      Then giving up you should go

  20. Loved the title and certainly the verse.
    It's not good being up the creek.


  21. humans by nature are often afraid of failing


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