Level Life The Strife!

The cat heard a nut go on the other day about leveling up at his bay. Of course we thought it was a videogame. Nope, something far more lame.

Level up.
Fill you cup.
Easy to do.
Life is all you.

Join the parade.
Lie in the shade.
After you level.
Beat the devil.

Go from one to two.
You can be brand new.
Just follow our plan.
All will be your fan.

Did I mention it's free?
There is no fee.
That is if you collect.
Others you can't neglect.

Bring more in.
That is a win.
You won't pay,
Giving them a brighter day.

They'll thank you.
More will come due.
It goes on a slant.
You they'll chant.

Then you'll make three.
That gets a yipeeeeee.
Level three is great.
A magic mushroom trait.

No waggy tail,
Or frog suit fail.
Just a great grin,
Knowing you can win.

But don't hold back.
Grow your pack.
Cheaper by the more.
That deserves an encore.

Get more in.
Fill our tin.
Then one day soon,
You'll be a level four loon.

Yeah, those things still exist. I think those can stay on my never to do list. Stupid pyramid scheme crap. Ever run in to such a lass or chap? They sure can annoy as they pretend to bring you joy. When really they want you under so they can plunder. Don't you want to join now in mass? I'll stick to video games if I want to be a leveling up little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. oh man, it was the ninja!

    oh kaykuala you were too late
    so sorry you didn't get eight
    that dang ninja

    1. Alex is too fast
      Comes with class
      Ann, luck of the draw
      Left others in awe!


    2. Sorry, Friday is the one morning I have a shot at it. Probably because I don't care when I leave for work by the end of the week.

    3. It's still October
      But it's harder to scare a ninja
      binja, rinja, minja, dinja
      Not much rhymes with ninja.

      So it is boo boo boo to you.
      Number two will not be you.

    4. But wasn't Ann
      threats a flash in the pan
      Friday you don't care?
      Are the bosses aware? lol

  2. Most enjoyable to read loved the message it portrayed.

    Enjoy your Halloween weekend.


  3. Level Life The Strife!
    They level up and strive
    Hope to ensnare
    They always dare
    Those gullible take a dive


  4. Leveling up in a video game is the only way I'll go. I'd be wary of nuns trying to get me involved in that kind of scheme.

    1. Wary is the way to be
      Stick to games at any sea

  5. I haven't run in to any of those, so I count myself lucky!

    1. Good to avoid in every way
      Soooooo annoying when at play

  6. Sometimes the nicest people get caught up in pyramid schemes. I knew a couple who offered to let me in on a deal. Later, they were arrested with others for participating in a pyramid scheme.

    1. Good you never got in on that deal
      And suffered any such ordeal

  7. Easy to spot as one gets older
    Schemes such as these
    They do entice you though
    And give it a bit of a tease.


  8. Make me rich in the twinkling of an eye
    Others do it, easy as pie
    The only other way to make easy money
    Run for office, it flows like honey

    1. That is a good way
      If you want to be a slimey arse seeking pay

  9. I'm not sure that's on the level at all!

    1. A bit off it may be
      Actually sinking into the sea

  10. I am the downfall of any pyramid or chain letter. The buck stops here

    1. And burn it with ease
      Toss the ashes into the breeze

  11. I was sucked into a pyramid scheme when I was 19. It was one of those send out 100 letters to people, and send $1 to the first 10 people on the list. Then 10 people will send you a dollar and it keeps going until you're raking in the money. I got back $1. lol

    1. Wow, I'd totally forgotten that I too was involved in a very similar scheme when I was the same age! I don't think I went so far as to send out all those letters... but I don't remember.

    2. Damn, never heard of that one
      At least you got a dollar when done lol

  12. The closest I ever came to being involved in a pyramid scheme was my brief stint as an Amway salesperson. In name only. I had zero interest in going door-to-door, and I refused to try to sell anything to my friends. I bought a couple things myself, and sold several cans of spray shoe shine to my father. Nobody made any money off of ME!

    1. haha bet they were cursing you
      No money for the fat cats came due

  13. But you can't go past level 99

    1. Unless you cheat
      Then it may hit the 101 street

  14. orlin N cassie; we iz bee yond late with R commint we noe; de FS gurlz place oh employ sux like a vacuuum masheen this week ~~~~~~~~ ♥♥♥ we iz askin copee N paste ta help uz just say ~~~~ HI ~~~~

    1. Sometimes they sure can suck life away
      What we have to do for pay

  15. Playing Candy Crush here. They always manage to add more levels!!!!

  16. Sounds very much like a game to me
    But not a fun one to play at my same!!!

  17. You know what they say about avoiding all things that seem to good to be true!!

  18. Get them in our neighborhood all the time. Buy this, buy that. No thanks. I prefer to stay on the level I'm currently at. No need to upgrade.

    1. Stay the level that won't take pay
      And ruin your day

  19. I’ve had some clients run into this mess

    1. Must be interesting to see
      How gullible humans can be


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