Living It Up With A Slight Hiccup!

The cat finds this one a tad funny. Humans really aren't right on the money. Maybe that is why so many are in debt. Probably not, long odds on that bet. Time to get living away at every bay.

I've lived here.
I've lived there.
Some cause fear.
Some cause care.

I've traveled here.
I've traveled there.
I drank my beer,
Spent money to spare.

One's not the same.
One's different than the other.
They have a different name,
Maybe like your brother.

They are related.
More than you think.
This post was fated.
May cause you to blink.

We're on the living.
We're not on death.
No need for forgiving,
Or even holding your breath.

Why is that?
Still not caught up?
Follow like a cat,
And not a low attention span pup.

No matter where you are.
No matter where you roam.
In plane, train or car.
Whether or not you're at home.

You are above ground.
Not ash blowing in the breeze.
Hear that little sound?
Are you still in brain freeze?

I'll make you unstuck.
I'm getting there soon.
No need to say fluck,
Or go all High Noon.

For even if there.
Guess what you're doing?
You're living life to spare,
And death you are shooing.

Maybe you should change it to asking where one has made a home? That is different that wherever you roam. Because if you say living or lived to anyone out there, whoops, everything counts with nothing to spare. You have lived every single place you have ever been to. Until you drop dead, it will remain so for you. Does the cat think too much at our sea? Has the wording ever been thought of by thee? Maybe humans just don't want to write a long list about all that came to pass. I'll go on living with my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Good point. And much rather be living, that's for sure.

  2. Good verse Pat.
    At this moment a hutticane is about to sweep Ireland and UK. i wish I was still in Spain .......HELP.


    1. Hopefully it isn't bad
      Those things suck at any pad

  3. Yellowstone was always my home dream
    Until the supervolcano became mean
    I'll just stay where I am for now
    But I'll keep dreaming anyhow

    1. Doesn't hurt to dream away
      As there you can stay

  4. Some think of childhood as the home
    Stay there, please, no need to roam
    But many want to leave the lodge
    And find a way to get outta Dodge

    1. Then many more come crawling back
      Realizing no green grass at another shack

  5. Last year I noticed my dog not settling in to my new house after nearly her whole life at my mothers. Funny how animals get used to homes like we do.

    1. They don't want to roam
      They know what's home

  6. Living It Up With A Slight Hiccup!
    Location is important as a start-up
    Living here and there
    Living nearly everywhere
    One is happy all it matters, so what!


  7. It's all about the moneyyyyy. I'm just glad I'm not obsessed with it. I sleep soundly at night.

    1. Not being obsessed wins
      Money sure causes head spins

  8. I'm good where I am
    not blowing away in a breeze
    home is where the heart is
    for that, I do not sneeze

  9. I am quite happy where I am spending money I don't have!

  10. I'm always thankful to be above ground ~ LOL!

  11. I don't like to brag, but I've lived all over the world and haven't died ONCE in the past 33 years. That should be some kind of record.

    *sees a guy who's 34*

    Awww... crap.

    1. Damn, so close to that Guinness book
      Maybe they'll give you a look

  12. Happy where I am at
    no plans to want to leave
    this last move was
    what we wanted to achieve


  13. That old quote "No matter where you go, there you are" has been attributed to many people, from Confucius to Buckaroo Banzai. I'd be more likely to credit Confucius!

    1. Yeah, seems the better bet
      For the quote to be met

  14. Yet a cat with 9 lives
    has reason to boast
    'cuz it's lived everywhere
    the most.

  15. My home in the country is the place for me.
    I'm happy with the deer, the rabbits, and other wildlife I see.
    The snakes and rats I can do without.
    And other creatures that scurry about.
    My cats like to roam.
    So we call it home.

    1. A good place to be
      Where wanted by thee
      Hopefully the snakes and rats flee
      And don't bite thee

  16. Being above ground is definitely a positive:)

  17. orlin N cassie......ya noe, ewe haza point ther !!!! good one :) ☺☺♥♥

  18. Home is where one's loved one is ~ Doesn't matter where & how long ~

  19. I've lived here
    I've lived there
    One place or the other
    I'm ready to hit the road again
    Adventure is the name of this game!

    1. Hitting the road
      Without a big load
      Can sure be fun
      As around we run

  20. I've lived in quite a few places, but Midwest has almost always been called home. Hopefully within the next 10 years we can relocate and I can call myself a southern girl once again.

    1. Back to the southern ball
      Does it have it all?

  21. I like to live different places and hope I can move again soon. Love my house but I know my kids will follow wherever I go.

    1. Having them follow is a win
      Moving is a pain in the arse though at any bin

  22. I'm living right now, in the place where I stand.
    Oops, I'm sitting, isn't that grand? :)

    1. lol sitting or standing
      Just watch the landing

  23. But are you living the dream, Pat?

  24. I wouldn’t mind living in Austria
    Always wanted to but never in Kenya.
    On the other hand, I’m happy in my home
    Hey! I even have a garden gnome.

    1. Happy to be where one dwells
      Beats any jail cells


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