Permit To Seek To Climb A Peak!

The cat finds you humans really strange. I don't think that is ever going to change. The overgrown humans are the worse. They are truly perverse. Not even in a gutter way. From there we will stray today.

I have a dream.
I want it to come true.
But I need a team.
Let's jump up and down, on cue.

You can get your dream.
Listen to me.
You can even have that ice cream.
I give permission to thee.

Now you can go.
Look at you.
You went to some stupid show,
And believed the so called guru.

I've seen a wiser four year old.
Whoops, did I say that.
Don't let it affect what you're told.
At least in diapers you don't scat.

I want to be on a diet.
But what can I eat?
I really want to try it,
But what should I delete?

You should delete nothing at all.
Just buy my great book.
There the writing is on the wall.
You'll shed pounds and get your true look.

Read and take it to heart.
Yeah, dumb enough too.
Did I cause a stop and start?
I'm really no help to you.

Can I tweak the workout for me?
I think it works better this way.
But I won't do it unless permitted by thee.
I really wouldn't want to stray.

Can you tell me so?
I'm waiting on you.
I mean, what do I know?
I'm not a great guru.

It's okay to do what works?
Thanks for letting me know.
Getting permission has so many perks.
I can truly let common sense go.

Pfffffffffft humans like that need a kick to the head. Maybe a cat to pee on them in bed. Acting like four year olds needing permission is soooo dumb. Humans need to wake up and then some. I'm not talking permission from spouse or work or anything like that. But for diet, workout, following a dream and such scat. Pfffffft if you need permission to follow a dream that you have for you from some windbag so called guru the cat will sell you a huge cashew jar filled with magical poo. With it you can get anything you want to come to pass. You can so trust in my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Yes Pat we humans are weird folk, sometimes I think animals have more sense.


  2. Time to act like grown, responsible adults!

    1. If many could
      Be less with heads made of wood

  3. Can't remember when I last asked for permission
    Probably at a young age
    But definitely not at this stage.


    1. Sad that some do
      No matter the age at their zoo

  4. You would be surprised how much permission a teacher has to get to do their job. When I retired, I decided to avoid anyone who was difficult if it was in my power.

    1. Good people to avoid indeed
      As they can make ones ears bleed

  5. We never outgrow needing permission for some things, unfortunately.

  6. I so agree, that animals have a lot more sense than us humans. They don't ask permission, they just do what they think they can get away with and it usually works.

    1. Yep, they usually win out
      After maybe a little shout

  7. I think if a person is insecure, they seek "permission" to do what they want to do, maybe to give them an excuse not to do it. If they don't try, they don't fail. The problem with that way of thinking, though, is if they don't try, they can't succeed, either.

    1. Nope, they'll forever be stuck
      And always passing the buck

  8. I do think some humans need a kick in the head, often!

  9. forge forward and ask for forgiveness...that can be easier

  10. Hey cat, I do whatever I want...which is eat a little too often and exercise a little too little. LOL

  11. orlin N cassie....knot that we haz been round a lot oh em but we noe 2 month old wee babeez that haz more senze than a dultz ~~~~~ ♥♥

  12. permission to follow a dream
    my inner child would SCREAM.....

  13. Replies
    1. Anything gets denied
      He hasn't lied

    2. So it is
      Doing the no reboot biz
      Except when I need to reboot a tooth or three
      Well, Scooby Dooweeee

    3. Blah to that
      Rather watch a reboot scat

  14. People that act like that, I want to bonk on the head. Like, seriously. How do you even get through life needing constant reassurance about decisions you should be able to make on your own?

    1. Yep, need training wheels all the way through
      Nuts through and through at their zoo

  15. Dang! I thought I'd find a peak,
    A climb by the cat so mild and meek!
    You tricked me, Puss, with clever wit!
    But I do agree some adults are full of it!

    1. Full of it they are
      No peak. Need to take a car

  16. Get permission for the works
    Like some others it may have quirks

  17. I don't like the idea of needing permission to follow a dream.

  18. I only ask permission from my boss
    For time off mainly, yup, under my foot grows no moss.
    I don’t ask permission for any other reason.
    No matter what the season.


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