Play Along To Get Strong!

There was a saying we heard for the thousandth time the other day. Actually it was more, but we are too lazy to count, okay? Does that make us stronger for it? I guess we'll decide in a bit.

It won't kill.
That's a thrill.
You'll live through.
Wow, look at you.

Stronger for it.
Whether a lot of a bit.
You are now stronger.
You'll live so much longer.

Step on a land mine.
Bah, a lost leg is fine.
You are alive and stronger for it.
One legged is no cause for a fit.

You caught some bad disease.
You blow over in the breeze.
But it didn't kill you.
So strong at your zoo.

You're broke and can't eat.
Bugs are your best treat.
Frail and starving away.
But not dead, so all is okay.

Not just okay.
Nope, that's not the way.
Okay and stronger too.
Wow, doesn't that impress you?

You don't know how to write.
You can't even read at your site.
But you are stronger because of it.
For it doesn't kill you one bit.

You just went blind.
Life is so unkind.
But you are still here.
Stronger even if you can't see clear.

You had a heart attack.
Bah, give it no flack.
You're still alive.
Stronger when you survive.

You got screwed 5 times over.
You were even bit by a rabid rover.
But you are here among us still.
So strong even if you turn ill.

The cat finds you humans soooo strong. Pffft yeah if I was dumb and played along. Such stupid sayings you come up with each day. Sometimes it is true, but other times, no way. Ever use that one at your sea? I've had it said to me. Pffft is all I said. Some people are a bit touched in the head. Now go stub your toe so you gain muscle mass. It's a fact and won't kill you says my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Apparently we are super human
    We get over things as quickly
    As they come sure as the rising sun
    Nothing else compares so vividly

  2. I think that can be used as just words people say when they don't know WHAT to say, or don't want to/cannot help.

    1. Yeah, that is mostly it
      All they can do when one is in a pit

  3. Lost the love of your life, your heart is broken
    But praise the lord, you ain't a-croak'n
    Just dry your tears and count to three
    You'll be amazed how strong you will be

    1. Count to three?
      Is it magic unlike four or five's glee?

  4. Crazy dumb saying are all a part of early human training!

  5. Hate to say it, but you're really not going to be stronger after a heart attack.

  6. We like to full ourselves
    thinking we are strong
    but oftentimes
    we are so wrong


  7. Sometimes we may not want to become stronger- but things happen anyway.

  8. what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, and sometimes stranger....

  9. Ive often wondered how tragedies makes one stronger.

    1. Yeah, usually not the case
      As one they embrace

  10. That really is kind of a stupid cliché. There are a lot of pointless ones, too. I've already posted a blog about my dislike for "It's all good." There are also such idiotic sayings as "If it isn't one thing, it's another" (Well, just by definition, wouldn't it have to be?) and "It is what it is." (Yeah, that makes sense.)

    1. haha so many stupid ones come to be
      Trying to make others or one's self feel better at their sea

  11. We do come up with things that make absolutely no sense don't we?

  12. I wouldn’t say to people in trouble that it would make you stronger. That doesn’t sound considerate!

    1. Nope, not one bit
      They'd think one is full of it

  13. There might be truth in the old adage....what doesn't kill you will make you stronger. Otherwise I would have been dead by now!!! Smiles.

    1. haha truth you say
      Keep on going strong at your bay

  14. I think it would depend on what happened to you,
    Something really bad might just make you blue.

  15. In some instances one has to be strong
    For life to carry one.


    1. To keep on keeping on
      To see a new dawn

    2. that say Ivonne is really true.
      You know Im caring my mom.I have to be strong.

    3. Strong you must be
      At your caring sea

    4. Yes I know but sometimes I dont feel strong dear !

  16. We can get through an amazing amount of bad stuff - but I think it's the good stuff which makes us stronger.

    1. The good sure helps on out
      Keeping us going when bad is about

  17. Well, I have said this to be honest. I also say, right after, how strong is one supposed to be?? How can one say this to someone who just lost their entire family? Sometimes, the person who says this just needs to be slapped.

    1. haha yep, slapped upside the head
      As their stupidness is said

  18. There's probably a lot of Hulks running around with all that strength from not dying over life's hardships.

    1. Yeah, just waiting to turn
      And residuals to earn


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