Stay Cheery And Fan The Theory!

Well you have the conspiracy nuts in their conspiracy ruts, but that we know. Been there, done that at our show. But what about the truly fake kind? Are those on your mind?

I'm a fan.
Part of a clan.
A clan with a theory.
The real was too dreary.

There was death.
They gave their last breath.
We really hate that.
Let's look deeper where we're at.

There are signs.
Can bee seen by even felines.
They are sure there.
We have a theory to spare.

It was all a dream.
A coma type stream.
They are really alive.
Yippeee, we now know they survive.

This one was just fake.
Death really didn't partake.
They faked it all.
They are off having a ball.

That one wasn't true.
It made me boo hoo.
We can't have that.
It wasn't a great final stat.

Instead a magic spell came due.
Yep, it was all voodoo.
That was why it went the other way.
Everything is true in what we say.

They were also cloned.
A doctor was phoned.
It was done in a secret lab.
They made the clone from a crab.

And don't forget the love.
The more we rant, the greater the shove.
They will really come due.
Even brothers get it on out of view.

Yep, that isn't dreary.
It is our theory.
We wish it to be.
So it is for those like you and me.

Any fan theories you find nuts? Some must really be smoking the "good stuff" as they stay in theory ruts. Even when creators say, no way, they keep up their theory at their bay. Some are sure interesting though. Any that you know? Some sure must have sucked on some bad gas. Hey, it didn't come from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. That's 2 in a row
      Still moving though!


    2. Fan theory, what if Hank is a robot?

    3. A robot Hank
      Could make many a bank

  2. Stay Cheery And Fan The Theory!
    Fan theory bidding for an entry
    Smoking the stuff
    No, don't be duff
    Such stuff may turn them loony


    1. Loony tunes they go
      With theories on the flow

  3. I certainly don't think Walt Disney is frozen on ice somewhere.

    1. Yep, highly doubt that
      Maybe just a toe where he is at

  4. The 9/11 conspiracy folks are the worst.

    Actually, what's even worse are the anti-vaxers who think the government is trying to poison us.

    1. lol over vaccination may be a thing
      But yeah, a bit nuts at their wing
      If they would poison us it would be the food
      Easy peasy with no attitude

  5. Staying cherry is sometimes hard,
    When things against you they do go.
    I try to keep a smile on my face,
    For all the world to show.


  6. When the writing's on the wall
    Why go sneaking down the hall?
    Don't step on heads lined in the sand
    Play the mill-a-tary band

  7. Fan theories are the best
    They put the writers to the test
    TWD has a ton
    and always so much fun
    Glen will never die
    and Carl will forever have his eye
    as long as we keep hope alive
    all of them will survive!

    Enjoy the rest of your week!

    1. Hope they will want
      But it can haunt
      Glenn hidden under a dumpster
      Made many a grumpster
      Like that would work
      Pffft with a smirk

  8. Don't take much stock in conspiracy theories
    they make me just weary


  9. Conspiracy theories are for those who are crazy,
    Or else their brains are simply lazy.

    1. Well at least they can spin
      Even if their brains are done in

  10. Some nuts have too much time on their hands!

  11. Just discovered a movie old
    That took my imagination off hold
    Fan fiction I now want to write
    Better that the sequels always so trite

    1. Sequels sure do suck
      On many one can pass the buck

  12. I just don't overthink the plot
    let characters live or die
    the writers know what they are doing
    though sometimes the plots make me sigh

    1. That some plots do
      As they turn out to be poo

  13. I wish I had thought of a funny one ~ But sadly, as a retired teacher, the first thing that came to mind was the Sandy Hook tragedy which conspiracy theory nuts say never happened. I have no words ...

    1. Yeah, that is just dumb
      Those nuts have their head waaay up their bum

  14. I think if Elvis was alive, he would've come back by now.

    1. Unless he's enjoying royalities galore
      There at his shore

  15. orlin N cassie...we got sum theoreez bout peepulz who used ta write nursree rhymez long yeerz ago....think bout em fora minit....hey diddle diddle, rock a by baby, jack N jill...

    seer ee uz lee peepul ~~~~ ??? ☺☺♥♥

    1. Some of them really make you think
      Nuts on the brink

  16. The fact that so many people believe some of these really stupid things scares me, like the one mentioned above that says the awful Sandy Hook slayings never happened.

    Almost twenty years ago, a friend's teenaged daughter told me that Marilyn Manson was actually Josh Saviano, who as a kid had portrayed the character of Paul on The Wonder Years. I'd heard that rumor before, and told her it wasn't true. She claimed she had read it in TV Guide, which had recently published an issue dealing with the subject of famous TV rumors. She handed me the issue. Yep, they'd mentioned the Manson rumor, all right, and I started reading that section of the article aloud to her. The first word was "NO..." I wondered how she'd gotten the opposite impression from something she'd actually read.

    1. haha saw the title and ran with it
      Thought she knew her shit
      Whoops, not quite
      And those Sandy Hook nuts are a fright
      Some do anything for attention
      What happened to just plain old aliens many would mention?

  17. Those who deny the Holocaust ever happened are more than just conspiracy crazies. they are evil too.

    1. Yep, toss them in a lake
      Or out in the sun let such nuts bake

  18. It's truly unbelievable what some folks will deny and turn into a conspiracy.

  19. It doesn't matter what it is, some nuts will make a conspiracy theory about anything these days. Yes, we are walking among living nuts.

    1. haha the Living Nuts may make a good band name
      But sure true all the same

  20. Yup conspiracies can be very scary sometimes and bad stuff. But someone has to do it I guess.

  21. Please someone kill off those nuts who keep searching for Sasquatch.


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