Stick The Start In Your Heart!

The cat is amazed by those who have no view. Maybe their nose obstructs it at their zoo? That could be the case for some humans here and there. Others may have it so far up a certain place they don't care.

It's the day.
The day of love.
The best at play.
I swear to all above.

Today I get married.
My day is done.
Add $50K to get ferried,
I sure as hell won.

Mine's the best.
Beat all of you.
I passed the test.
The test of who?

It's the day.
The day of writing.
I'm having my say,
My words are igniting.

I've got the first page.
It's so well and good.
People will rant and rage.
Everywhere I'll be understood.

It's so great.
It's so grand.
This is my fate.
Why am I stuck in this sand?

It's the day,
The day I change.
I'll escape the fray,
And maybe rearrange.

I took a step.
A step back.
But I still have pep.
That I never lack.

I good and tried.
Tried to think.
My brain is fried,
It's so hard to blink.

Today is what matters.
Not the whole thing.
Look at those expensive wedding platters,
For years they'll be talking about my bling.

Pfffft says the cat. Long run is where it is at. Yeah, we could croak tomorrow with ease. I could get eaten by giant killer fleas. But the start isn't going to win the day no matter the words or shiny crap on display. A hell of a lot more is going to have to come due. Did the cat make you blue? Do you think all just falls in place and you keep a smile on your face? Pffft hopefully not. The cat may make fun a lot. Anything takes work, not just the start. It may even take work for some to pass a fart. Now the cat's rant has come to pass. I'll start another rant for tomorrow with my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Lucky to have it regained
    Starting all over again!


  2. It's good to have a fresh start.
    Have a great week-end.


  3. Stick The Start In Your Heart!
    But starts may not start a flood
    It's not the day
    For a grand display
    It may appear looking like a dud


  4. Dark coats and white carnations
    Happy vows for celebrations
    Who gets married anymore
    Some think it's just a pesky chore

  5. Beginning is just the battle - you still have the war to win.

  6. Starting over should be done on a regular basis!

    1. Can be fun
      Although sometimes can make one run

  7. Today is the first day of the rest of your life! Have a good one, Pat.

  8. I can certainly relate with the fried brain:)

    1. Need a kickstart?
      Or maybe you just have to fart

  9. There will be no greater marriage in history than the union of Britney Spears and Jason Alexander.

  10. have a nice and fun weekend!! xoxox

  11. I'm tired today
    I need a nap I'd say

  12. Today's the day to get out of bed
    or lay around, be lazy
    and just dream of big plans
    'nuff said

  13. It's horrible, but when I'm at a wedding these days, I wonder how long it'll be until they split.

    1. haha such a negative nelly at your sea
      But yeah, the thought does come to me

    2. Rosey, you can sit at my table and we'll have a grand time discussing this. Horrible minds think alike, huh? ;)

    3. Could have guessed you
      Would think it too

  14. Carpe diem! But gotta have vision for future, too!

    1. That you do
      Or risk getting flushed down the loo

  15. Ahhhh, what sweet mystery of life...before I divorce thee? Money grab is right. Silly for one day.

  16. I've had friends spend thousands upon thousands of dollars for a wedding only to have it end in divorce shortly after. Not saying my way is the right way, but I spent $40 dragging my husband to the justice of the peace and we'll be celebrating 15 years in May. I'd say I got the better bargain.

    1. Yep, you got the better bargain indeed
      If it were ever to come due, that's what I'll be trying to push at my feed

  17. Yes, today is the day that matters. It is the only day we have.

    As for spending tons of dollars on weddings, it is really a waste. Better to buy a new car for the price that some weddings cost!!

    1. Yep, the car is way better indeed
      Today is what one has to live for not some stupid circus at their feed

  18. I'm in life for the long run!
    I have too much still to do!


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