The Best One Of All Spun!

The cat may have to agree with the Halloween Nazi at her sea. Halloween may be the very best. Of the holidays it is the one that is less of a pest. Not following the cat? We'll fix that.

Halloween is here.
The kiddies all cheer.
Many adults shrug.
Treat it like a bug.

A bug the cat eats.
Hey, yearly treats.
Beats once a day.
And no costume at play.

Back to it.
This is such a hit.
Why is that?
Not following the cat?

Don't ask until done.
You take away my fun.
Maybe if I would stay on task,
You wouldn't need to ask.

The best because,
There is little buzz.
No commercials by the ton.
Kids go and have fun.

No meals to be made.
No gifts to buy and trade.
No extended family around.
No forced holiday is found.

Can lock the door.
No kiddies any more.
Turn out the light,
Nothing is a fright.

No decorations in the cold.
No layaway crap on hold.
No carrying in any tree.
No carolers out bothering thee.

No forced displays of love.
No diaper, hopefully, wearing freak flying above.
No bunnies leaving poop, err umm, candy as they hop.
No mess that you need to get the mop.

One night and done.
Isn't that such fun?
No relatives bothering you.
Just a costumed kiddie or two.

Not sure Halloween is a real holiday. No work is off at ones bay. But we'll pretend it is like Hallmark does with that lovey dovey day biz. See why it beats all the rest? It isn't much of a pest. It is easy to do and make go away. Plus no intruders come to stay. That works for I and Cass, as then I won't have to run under the bed with my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. Now, that was unexpected. Where is Hank?
      Halloween is a holiday one can just ignore. Which we do.
      Hallmark still wants people to buy cards though.

    2. Hank must be on the road
      Or in sleep mode

      Hallmark always tries to find a way
      Ignoring is sure easy at ones bay

    3. Two ninja attacks
      as Blue would say
      time for a Scooby doo snack
      here’s hoping Sunday is a fun day

    4. We shall see
      What comes to be
      As double the attack
      In with a whack

    5. That ninja is quick as the Flash!

    6. Blue is back
      After his course attack

  2. Good Morning
    Halloween will soon be here
    giving a trick or treat cheer
    this one brings me a bit of fear
    I need some ghost buster gear
    the veil is thin ghosts appear

    Hey, who you gonna call!

    If there's something strange in you neighborhood
    Who you gonna call? (ghostbusters)
    If there's something weird
    And it don't look good
    Who you gonna call? (ghostbusters)
    I ain't afraid of no ghost
    I ain't afraid of no ghost

    1. Ghost appear you say
      They can stay at your bay
      Then you can call
      But long distance charges may apply at your hall lol

    2. I’ll send them your way
      there they can stay
      giving you fright
      day and night haha

    3. But are they ghosts good on the eye
      You know like the ghostbusters scene with that Ray guy lol

    4. Hmm, can’t tell you if they are good on the eye
      as ghosts are mischievous and like to hide
      maybe, some are even a bit shy or just sly..

    5. Well that's no fun
      Guess I'll have to stick to a live one

  3. I hope we get some bugs for Halloween, yum!

  4. If you celebrate Halloween have a good time.
    Wonderful verse Pat.


  5. Halloween is a fun day
    To dress up and play
    And eat lots of candy
    That is truly dandy.


  6. After summer, Halloween promises cool fall
    and spooks galore
    bright orange pumpkins
    plus candy and more


    1. Not so cool yet
      But the spooks are a safe bet

  7. For Halloween I give three cheer
    Two for the candy and one for a beer
    Sweets make kids fat, it just ain't fair[
    Give the sweets to Mama she's already there

    1. haha make mama even fatter
      What does it matter

  8. I like Halloween. I like the horror movies, the scary costumes, the horror themed decorations and the candy.

  9. No candy from me.
    I may sound like a jerk.
    I won't be home, you see.
    Cuz I'll be at work.

    1. Work is a drag
      But you can keep all the candy in your own bag

  10. This year we won't need a bowl of candy by the door. Thankfully. I hate halloween.

    1. haha no one gets into retirement land
      You take a stand

  11. I spend a ton on candy, I fear
    Then shut the lights and eat it all myself
    Like every day of the year.

    1. And upward you can't grow
      With all that candy in tow

  12. They only let kindergartners trick-or-treat here, so my son is bummed, lol. I'm taking him to a trunk or treat on the big night though. ;) I'm not a big Halloweenie fan...all the gore that goes with it makes me a little queasy. ;)

    1. Wow, they are rather strict there
      But suppose it keeps away they hijinxs affair

  13. I bought 2 boxes of chocolate bars on Friday
    Today, only smarties are left at my bay.
    My hubby ate 5 before the food was unpacked.
    He saw, he went in and attacked
    The box of chocolates is no more
    I hid the other box when he was outside the door.

    1. haha he sure did not want to share
      Taking it all for himself at his lair

  14. You summed up perfectly why I think it is the best too. There is nothing stressful about the holiday (unless you go to haunted houses, but that's on you if you put yourself in that situation). Every other holiday you either go broke from buying gifts or go insane from having to spend time with family. I'll take ghosts and goblins over that any day of the week!

    1. Yep, a much easier way
      Nothing much on display
      Just enjoy and over
      Not even a gift for rover

  15. I try to ignore Halloween as much as possible!! Smiles.

  16. I love Halloween!
    Unfortunately, no kiddies come round,
    the parades and the parties are done.
    At least I can visit my former classroom spiders at my favorite bar.
    The easiest Halloween by far!


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