The Trillion Way Here Today!

The cat was hopping here and there the other day and this came into my vision on display. Sports in a trillion dollar industry a year and millions of people, if not billions, give a cheer. Ra, Ra, Ra like a nut. Let's scream and cheer at my hut.

Sports get played.
Maybe even gets you laid.
Or stuck at third base,
As around the bases you race.

Courts, fields and whatever.
A trillion dollar endeavor.
With that much dough,
A ra ra ra everywhere should be given a go.

Science Expo is up first.
Ra ra ra your burst.
Don't stay whelmed at all.
Shout like they have a basketball.

Our science is right.
We'll be dead tomorrow night.
No, our science is best.
We'll live to pass the test.

Our taxes are top notch.
I'll kick you in the crotch.
Just like some WWE guy,
If you disagree on the fly.

This is the best way.
I'll tax you each day.
The IRS is coming for you.
Watch for the body check to ensue.

My diagnosis is law.
Disagreeing gets the claw.
He has the plague.
This is not at all vague.

No way, you fool.
You are using the wrong tool.
He has the flu.
My words are so true.

This blog post is best.
I beat all the rest.
Don't you dare disagree with me.
But if you do, yell and scream with glee.

Then we'll be trillionaires too.
Buy everything sparkly new.
All from yelling and screaming like a nut.
Enjoy the useless in your rut.

Yelling and screaming may fail if you use that for actual important things at your lair. Or it is used against you. Do you go all sports nut with everything at your zoo? Do you even yell and scream? Whoopdi friggin doo about "your" team. Sorry, it's not yours one bit. Unless you work for it. But been down that road. Are you back in screaming mode? One trillion for playing useless things that most forget anyway. Now that is brilliant at ones bay. Sports have people fooled in mass. I'd like to fool people to the tune of a trillion dollars to my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. It is now 7 in a row
      What's around the corner?


    2. Good morning True
      Both are at 7.00
      Both me and you
      Both are even!


    3. You are number 1
      under the early morning sun

    4. Ah it is seven
      Kaykuala is in heaven
      But it is almost Halloween
      Let's hope a fiend
      Doesn't put a mojo in his machine

      He He He

    5. Can I be #1 if I scream loud enough?

    6. Fiends may abound
      Nope, screams don't work no matter the sound

    7. I'm practicing my acceptance speech.

      Sorry mate
      you're too darn late
      Eight you'll never be
      HaHa is you're fate.

      I'm trying to keep it cordial and kind.

    8. I wish blogger would let you edit your comments. But with a grammatical error corrected. Here goes my comment again.

      I'm practicing my acceptance speech. I don't want to make Kaykuala feel bad.

      Sorry mate
      you're too darn late
      Eight you'll never be
      HaHa is your fate.

      I'm trying to keep it cordial and kind.

    9. haha even have to be grammatically correct for the win
      If it ever happens at our bin lol

  2. Replies
    1. Good morning Hank
      looks like I walk the plank
      Luckily I can swim
      Chanting a hymn
      to keep the sharks away
      At least for the day..,,

    2. Ma'am, nice seeing you
      Extremely glad it is True!


    3. Walked the plank into the sea
      Hopefully no monster gets thee

    4. Hopefully, my captain would rescue me
      from the wrath of a raging sea

    5. Or maybe a cat
      Or a dragon at that

  3. The Trillion Way Here Today!
    That's how the game is played
    It involves big dough
    Keeping others in awe
    That is how sports will stay


  4. Perhaps Pat that's where I've been going wrong in life, using that way at my lair.

    Enjoyed the read.

  5. Don’t get me going on taxes
    they are trying to pass a bad plan
    The rich get tax axes
    the rest pay, to this I am not a fan
    Our leader thinks it’s grand

    1. That isn't a surprise
      That buffoon is anything but wise

  6. I do on occasion yell at my team when they do something stupid. To avoid losing my voice, I just don't watch them often.

  7. I still yell when my team scores
    but it seems they're losing more and more
    my team sucks terribly this year
    so there's really no reason to cheer
    Maybe next year I be excited
    but I doubt they'll be invited

    Have a beachy week!

    1. Could go to the beach
      With the temps in reach
      But like your sucky team
      We'll leave that to the litterbox stream

  8. No more sports at my bay
    At politics they think they can play
    No more yelling at my zoo
    But let me get my hands on a new kazoo...

    1. Toss them in the trash
      With their political bash

  9. plenty of sports in my house
    Ray has a love/hate with his Cowboys
    believe me there's a shout
    or a mutter or a curse
    it seems he's having fun
    even when they do worse

  10. Funny how we scream at them
    When they can't hear a word we say
    But we think better they will play.


  11. The players forget they are there for our entertainment. And on game day, we want entertainment, not political statements.

  12. I can take or leave sports, but the HH and the son.....oh boy.

    1. haha right into it
      As there they yell and sit

  13. It boggles my mind that athletes make trillions of dollars
    It's even more amusing that fans like to holler.

  14. We rarely watch the overpaid spoiled ones these days. Our only real sport is chasing the red dot!

  15. I agree with you....just have some fun, who cares ~

  16. My brother is the sports nut
    Art and film can be found at my hut.
    A trillion dollars to watch men hit a ball’s sad, I’d rather watch a movie with Lauren Bacall

    1. Sad indeed
      Actors are within the same overpaid, whiny breed

  17. No, I don't yell during sports. My dad always did and my husband does and it drives me nuts. Like, they can't hear you from our living room so shut it!

    1. haha they way we look at it too
      Never ever going to hear you


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