The Warrant Is Out With This Shout!

The cat will guarantee this post for you. You can count on that at your zoo. There is nothing to fear at all by reading through it at my hall. So go ahead and read at your typical speed.

When you read,
Your eyes do the deed.
Not as fun as other deeds.
But you take care of those needs.

Your eyes then strain,
If they are in pain.
But hopefully that's not true.
If so, glasses may be needed by you.

Then from your eye,
Your brain gives it a try.
You work through the words,
As they come like herds.

Fast or slow,
Damned if I know,
That's on you.
Then you get a clue.

False or true?
Believe my zoo?
Amuse or confuse?
Both I use.

So your brain is thinking.
Your eyes may be winking.
Going through some weird blinking.
To my post you are linking.

You've gone insane.
I over worked your brain.
That is rather sad.
But whoops, too bad.

You didn't read the fine print.
It may have been covered in lint.
But that is still on you.
Now you have bad eyes at your zoo.

Oh, you've been here years?
To that I give cheers.
But whoops, your warranty lapsed.
We don't care if your eyes collapsed.

Oh, you read two posts at once?
Well aren't you a dunce.
That voided it too.
Sorry, your warranty is through.

Hmmm, I guess the cat doesn't warrant anything. Are you mad now at my wing? Don't you love warranties that come to pass? Most have clauses and are worthless junk in mass. But oh, you have it there. It is there to spare. Pffft and then it breaks apart like stepped on glass. I can warrant that from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. What has become of late
      8 minutes and still made it!


    2. Just imagine now 6 in a row
      Some by default as you know!


    3. Default still works
      Adding has its perks

    4. Look at Hank go
      Six in a row
      as his #1 does grow

      no walking the plank
      to that you can give thanks
      no swimming in a shark tank (lol)

      But, how will tomorrow go
      perhaps, a new #1 will show
      I overslept, much too slow

    5. We shall see
      What comes to be
      All out humping today
      Maybe tomorrow a new fray

    6. Kaykuala may think seven
      is a given
      but I am driven
      to take that warm feelin'
      AT SEVEN!
      Tomorrow Mornin'


      Later gater
      I got your tater.

    7. Wasn't that yesterday's feat?
      Hmmm gonna put that in concrete

    8. Nah, it's a different rhyme
      For another time
      which is fine
      to write a threatening line.
      Boo Boo Boo
      It's Halloween time
      Next month, it will be turkey time
      I'll have to stop my threats

    9. Been there done that
      Turkey already had by the cat

  2. I can assure you Pat your message has come across loud and clear, thanks for a good read.


  3. The Warrant Is Out With This Shout!
    Guarantee expected not on this mode
    Read the fine prints
    There're enough hints
    So being aware what it is all about!


  4. I feel all twitchy like Sheldon gets.
    I even thought about checking my iPad before I left for work. I would've made first if I had.

    1. Warranty warranted a twitch
      Could have attacked Hank's glitch

    2. A twitch or an itch
      could've been a new #1 switch
      without a hitch

    3. Could have been indeed
      Coulda woulda shoulda though takes seed

  5. So your warranty is voided, well shame on you
    Stepping on the glass, you cut your footsie too
    Looky looky see, what does the fine print say
    Gibberish why's and therefore's, lawyers had a day

  6. I sm just glad to have eyes to read
    Pretty much all I need.


  7. This made me very self aware of my glasses. haha

  8. I need a warranty for my glasses. Without them I can't get out of bed

  9. My luck with warranties at my bay
    Is stuff breaks down after End of Warranty Day

  10. Haha That's why I like audiobooks?

  11. I always skip the extended warranties. By the time I need it, it's long been expired.

  12. I'd rather buy a new whatever than go through the hassle of trying to get them to stand behind their warranty. Our house came with a 1 yr warranty. When our oven broke, you wouldn't believe the hoops I went through to get any money whatsoever, which ended up being about 1/4 cost of a new oven.

    1. Yep, they don't want to pay
      I learned when working for one that their first goal is to say no and go away

  13. I once bought a relatively inexpensive used car, and the dealer told me it had a "taillight warranty." He asked if I knew what that meant, and although I had never heard the term before, I immediately understood it. I replied, "I assume that it means that my car is guaranteed for as long as you can see its taillights when I drive away?" He seemed very pleased that I'd gotten the joke.

    1. haha I've heard that used a lot
      The joys of working, not really, selling cars on the spot

  14. Warranties seem to cover everything but what you need.

  15. One-year guarantee?/ All covered at your sea? :-)

    Greetings from London.

  16. "it doesn't cover that" -every person on the phone ever

    1. That is what they are programmed to say
      Makes money that way

  17. Warranties are a pain in the ass..often not worth it. It always seems the car or some kitchen appliance or vacuum breaks down the day after the warranty expired

    1. That is always the way it seems to go
      Suckering one out of more dough


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