A Pet Kinda Day Here At Play!

The cat is a pet, that is a safe bet. Or maybe it's Pat. Could be a safer bet where you are at. We have him trained well. Such training sure is swell. No peeves about it. Wait, what is that shit?

A Pet Peeve.
It won't leave.
It peeves you.
It's a pet too?

Did you peeve a pet?
Were your peeve needs not met?
Or were your pet needs screwed?
So peeve made it rude?

Did you dislike pee?
Now you went and added a ve?
Sounds better than pee?
Why not just use piss at your sea?

Could even you tinkle.
That won't make eyes wrinkle.
Penis is a nasty word though.
I said it....oh no!

Pffft said breast too.
What you gonna do?
Gonna can annoy as well.
Wow, this is going to hell.

May as well throw in 666.
Maybe some reboot flicks.
Have politics and religion at play,
And I can call it a day.

Pet peeved all.
I'm having a ball.
Grammar nazis and word haters.
Whelmed won't be such gators.

I'm name calling now.
Don't have a cow.
Crocodile I could have said.
But there the rhyme wasn't led.

Are you pet peeved?
All dressed up and long sleeved?
Is that to house the pet?
Are you ready to fret?

Peeved and petted.
Off you jetted.
Or maybe you just walked.
Those peeves are sure stocked.

So why would you want to have something as a pet you hate? My, you humans are so first rate. Let's keep something around that we dislike instead of making it take a hike. Such great logic there. I'll hold onto it at my lair. It may make you do the opposite of purr but at least it doesn't shed fur. Any pet peeves at your sea? Do you pet them with glee? I think I'll bury such pets in the grass and prevent them from clinging to my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. A lucky treat
      Just made it!


    2. Good Morning Hank
      I am walking the plank..
      Into the waters of the bay
      as I am too late today

    3. Got in for the win
      No toads for a spin

    4. Good morning True
      Not far off late
      Is still on cue
      Close at the gate!


    5. Am I late too
      At my pet peeve shoe?

    6. So Blue's a flop
      Not at the top
      Oh darn
      At my barn

  2. A Pet Kinda Day Here At Play!
    Getting peeved not to allay
    Any kind of pet
    Whatever you get
    They're just a doll any day


  3. How does the cat feel about Teacher's Pets?

  4. I have a few that do annoy
    Like people talking during the movie
    Or those who go 40 in the fast lane
    well, move over you’re being lame

    Vagina oh no...did I just say that? Lol

    1. The slowpokes need to get the hell out of the way
      Uh oh, you may have hate mail now at your bay lol

    2. I have a pet she likes to chirp along
      As I sing a song....

  5. Some people have a kind of fetish
    They think my dog is their's to petish
    Get your own dog if that is the case
    Dress it all up in satin and lace
    Don't pet my dog cause she's just a pup
    She'll want to play rough or eat your hand up

    1. haha lots of people do that
      Then whine where they are at
      Oh, it jumped on me
      Pffft then don't brush, idiots as can be

  6. Having a croc would be painful.

    Pat is definitely the pet.

    1. He is coming around to being the pet
      That sure is a safe bet

  7. Got a few pet peeves at my place
    At least none of them involve outer space.


  8. I have three pets, but they are not peeved.
    I am peeved sometimes, but never at my pets.

  9. What if someone's pet peeve is pets?

  10. My sweet kitties I love and miss
    They always brought purring bliss
    Never any hate at my bay
    I hope to have kitties again one day

    1. They'd love the yarn indeed
      There at your feed

  11. Ok. I have two pets now , we have two dogs (and two bunnies but they are quiet) Chica always go around to others house fortunately she come back always but I dont know what the neighbors think !
    Wolfie has only 1 year and make piss and pup out doors but SOMETimes he mnakes pis inside !

    1. lol just gives you something to do
      As he goes indoors with #1 just for you

  12. I hardly ever get peeved but if I do, watch out!

  13. I do have a few pet peeves but just one pet right now.

  14. Pet peeves, or it’s something that freaks me out - a photo of human with food (like spaghetti sauce) all over around his/her mouth! However, I find kitties or woofies with food stuck around their mouths adorable :-)

    1. lol well babies can't really help that
      Bad motor function/aim of parents where they are at
      But fat guys/girls shoving it in
      Blah, we agree at our bin

  15. pet peeve - I have many. Not keen on pets jumping up on me. I am a tad afraid. I admit. So pet owners are peeved at me for not feeling the love. Oh well

    1. lol pet owners shouldn't let them jump up anyway
      Unless you allow it, then comes the jumping foray

  16. "Pet" used as a noun means a cat, dog, or other animal, but "pet" used as an adjective is something you feel strongly about. So having a "pet peeve" means that you feel strongly about your dislike of something, so you keep that feeling about something (an idea, person, expression, whatever...) that you dislike, as opposed to keeping the "something" itself.

    I'll bet you were expecting someone like me to come along and get all serious and start nit-picking, weren't you?

    1. lol if it was anyone at all
      I knew it would be you at my hall
      So if you wanted to pet a pet
      Would feeling strongly about it be a safe bet?

    2. I guess that would make Orson my "pet pet."

    3. Gets weird when looked at like that
      Would confuse many where they are at

  17. I've always wondered why it's called "pet peeve," because we all love our pets. lol I read the comment above...and that makes sense.

    1. haha Gramma Nazi to the rescue at our sea
      Made it simple for we

    2. Well, someone has to spoil everybody's good time, so I guess it'll have to be me!

  18. orlin N cassie; de FSG haza pet rock !! and pet peevez out de wazoo...uz.....well, ewe noe... with out statin fax !! ☺☺♥♥

    1. Hopefully those peevez up the wazoo don't block
      That could create shock lol

  19. That is a phrase I don't hear much anymore.

    1. Still hear it here
      Guess maybe it is just near

  20. Extremely most enjoyable Pat after the day I've had a pleasure to read.


  21. No pets, no peeves...he..he...

  22. Crocodile. I'll take it. =) Especially if there's cheese involved. I don't have pets, so I suppose I can't have peeves either. ;)

  23. We are down to two dogs, so the pets are dwindling. I do have many peeves though.

    1. They pile up more and more
      There at your shore?

  24. Why do people leave cupboard doors open? They are meant to be closed after you are done with them. Please shut those doors...and drawers too...drives me nuts!

    1. haha I know a few who do that
      Some here though are opened by the cat


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