A Recommend Backwards Trend!

The cat is going to recommend things for you today. They are oh so great for any bay. They will be the best thing ever. You should bow down to the feline after this endeavor.

I recommend fried squirrel.
Go ahead and give it a whirl.
It is the best there is,
In the food land biz.

I recommend a Corvette.
It is a safe bet.
You can go miles in it.
You will be a hit.

I recommend traveling by horse and buggy.
Your luggage it can umm luggy.
It is by far the best.
I passes any test.

I recommend working for trees.
They are the bees knees.
Bamboo would be top notch.
Who cares if you can't afford scotch.

I recommend joining a zoo.
Anywhere can be your loo.
You can stay in a cage,
Expressing your rage.

I recommend fishing with cheese.
Do it while the waters start to freeze.
You'll get the best catch then.
You'll be the talk of all men.

I recommend biting your chair.
Show it who's boss at your lair.
Teeth marks will always show.
What do chairs know?

I recommend Chinese healing.
It is so revealing.
You'll see rainbow lights.
Or maybe some other strange sights.

I recommend jumping in the road.
Do it with a truck carrying a heavy load.
You'll believe you can fly.
You might not even die.

I recommend you ignore me.
Unless you want a bamboo tree.
That may hold a squirrel as well.
This just went straight to hell.

Every get a recommendation from someone who didn't know what in the hell they were talking about? They act like they/it are the greatest thing since fried trout. Is fried trout great? Beats me, can't have that on our plate. Why recommend something or someone when you only heard about it/them in passing? That is just asking for some sassing. That of course I'll give with no class. No need to recommend a thing to get it from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Some people are experts from the git-go
    They know everything as from why does wind blow
    Their way is much better so you need to try
    Your stuff needs the back burner, it's all a big lie

    1. That your stuff must go
      They'll even repair your window

    2. I wish someone would repair my window

    3. haha the chickens may want in
      They could take the broken window for a spin

  2. Lots of good recommendations. Have to give it all some thought though. Horse and buggy sounds like fun to us. Have a super Sunday.

  3. Nothing brings out ridiculous recommendations faster than an expectant mother. I realize that's not going to be an issue for you personally, lolol.

    1. lol nope, I'd just have to listen to it
      If I'm near and one slips passed the goalie a bit

  4. Chairs, beds, anything in reach - my cat recommends gnawing on all of them. LOL

    1. lol just to make sure they get used well
      So they have a story to tell

  5. My Dad says his brain has been fried a time or two!

    1. Hopefully unfried it went
      And didn't leave a dent

  6. Haha my kitties might like fried squirrel :-) And I’m sure Trout Town Tabbies would go for fried trout!

  7. Fried trout is delicious!
    Even nutritious.
    Pfft to the rest.
    No recommendations to test.

  8. Interesting recommendations . . . I will take them under advisement, whatever the hell that means.

    1. Will you go advising hell?
      That may be hot where you dwell

  9. People think they know it all
    Good to do your own reasearch
    Then you won't be in the lurch.


    1. Research a ton
      Before you listen to most anyone

  10. Yes, I've been give some free advice
    some of it came with a price...

    ha jumping in the road might cost
    you your life, that wouldn't be nice..

    1. A price most shall come with indeed
      And not always about greed

      Watch the road
      Hank may think you a toad

  11. I'm wary of movie advice from my guys at work
    there never seems to be a plot
    but they think it's hysterical
    my guess is I would not

    1. Just utter nonsense
      Ugg to such stuff as we find it dense

  12. I've never heard of fishing with cheese. lol That's anew one for me.

  13. I love to see squirrels at play but don't think I've thought of them fried.
    Enjoyed the read Pat.


    1. Some have at their feed
      Supposedly tasty indeed

  14. I make it a rule to try not to give out advice. If someone screws up anyway, they'll blame me. I do know a few who think they know it all. Try to avoid them when I can.

    1. Avoid both ways at ones sea
      Sure works for we

  15. I recommend a millennial at your show
    Just don't jump out of a window HAHAHA!

    1. I'd get a hammer
      That will make them stammer

    2. It sure would
      In any neighborhood
      They might want a latte, though
      At your Kitty Cat show


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