A Wordless Day At My Bay!

.....umm.....ummm...didn't I ruin it already? For in the titles words came steady. Whoops, just proved wordless wrong. Shhh don't tell the others as they still play along.

A wordless Wednesday,
Has come to play.
Here on a Saturday,
Hiding from the Wednesday fray.

But words were used.
Used and fused.
The title is still words.
Confusing the birds?

Cannibals like to eat.
They sure like to eat meat.
Comedians like to be funny.
Funny to take your money.

Comedians are still meat.
Cannibals still think them sweet?
Or do they taste funny?
Ask the Easter Bunny?

How can the Lone Ranger be Lone?
Yes, he didn't have a phone.
But he had Tonto, even if it was Depp.
Does Tonto not have enough pep?

If money doesn't grow on trees,
Paying us whenever we please,
Why do banks have branches?
Maybe such trees are on far away ranches?

Wrestle or Box.
Chase some guy named Fox.
The ring is square.
Hmm, something off there?

If marriage means you fall in love,
Thanking all Heaven above.
Does divorce mean you climbed out?
That may make one pout.

Time to go to the rink,
Or whatever sporting event you think.
You are sitting in the stands.
Shouldn't they be called sits across the lands?

If love is blind,
So says mankind,
How come sex toys sell well?
Blind would make for a very tough sell.

Got your mind working today? The cat has many questions at play. Are you stuck in confused mode now? Did any make you think wow? The cat can have plenty more come to pass, but you were made to think enough for one day by my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. A conundrum for the day
    Just ask and ask away
    Life can be silly or be deep
    Or like a horn that goes beep beep
    Evening comes when daylight ends
    Shivers through my spine it sends

    1. Makes it cold
      Or does that happen when you're old
      Should I ask
      Or be put to task? lol

  2. Love is blind, when it comes to after winning the lottery

  3. Love not needed with that last one.
    Surprised no one has claimed discrimination against Tonto for that Lone Ranger thing.

    1. Probably discrimination out there somewhere
      True enough the the love thing at your lair

  4. Can't imagine a wordless day at your bay
    You just have a lot to say


  5. Those made us giggle and Tonto needs to sit in the stands!

  6. Yeah ~ "Time to go to the rink..." made me go "Wow!"
    LOL ~ So Canadian are thou!
    I could use a money tree!
    Wishing a happy day to thee!

    1. A Canadian saying
      Sure gets a displaying
      We need two trees
      Letting bills blow in the breeze

  7. The Lone Ranger is called that because he was the "lone" (only) Texas Ranger who survived an ambush that killed several other rangers. Sorry to be such a stickler for detail!

    1. haha knew you'd know that
      The details are where it is at

  8. A wordless day would be unique.
    Maybe cat language I could speak.
    Oh, wait, I already do.
    I bet you speak cat language too.

  9. I love the: If money doesn't grow on trees,
    Why do banks have branches?
    How ironic. I've never given that any thought until now:)

  10. You have really got some thought provokers today!
    Ha, I wouldn't know about sex toys
    but apparently they bring some people joys.

  11. Can’t imagine Wordless in any form here :-) :-)

  12. A Wordless Day At My Bay!
    A double take is at play
    LR and Tonto
    Well known duo
    Wordless except'..Silver away!'


  13. That last part though. LOL. Good point.

  14. Most amusing Pat. great read.


  15. What's wrong with Wordy Wednesday? We all know you have a lot to say on Wednesday. And every other day of the week :)


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