Actual It For A Bit!

The cat has heard this word thrown around a bit. I have even used it. I bet from the title you can guess what it is. Actually you may not be able to pass that quiz.Would it then be a losing bet? Actually I'd have to first be a real betting pet.

Today I'll rhyme.
Rhyme for a time.
Actually rhyme for a bit.
Actually screw that time shit.

That would be math.
That may cause wrath.
Actually it would aggravate.
Actually it would confuse on plate.

Actually there's no plate.
Actually there is for bait.
Actually bait would be food.
Actually artificial may be its mood.

Actually it may be GMO.
Actually I don't know.
Actually I'd need to see it.
Actually here I sit.

Actually I'm lying back.
Actually that would cause an attack.
Actually I'll go lie down.
Actually I'll walk through town.

Actually I may sprint.
Actually I'll pick off lint.
Actually I'll add more.
Actually I'll avoid going to explore.

Actually exploring is fake.
Actually it's a double take.
Actually it's a repeat.
Actually it may be just as neat.

Actually depends on what it is.
Actually Depends may help you whizz.
Actually it will keep it with ease.
Actually you may leak with a breeze.

Actually you may not care.
Actually you may prefer to be bare.
Actually you may be wise.
Actually out this rhyme flies.

Actually I'm going nowhere.
Actually I have a point at my lair.
Actually you caught on.
Actually that may be a con.

Have you used actually as much as me? That would be fun to see. Some humans use actually a ton. Actually I'm not sure I give it much of a run. Actually I may have ruined that as I just became an actual cat. Actually that is as likely as me becoming a singing bass. For today I'm actually done being a little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. On top
      Of the crop
      Wanna buy a duck?
      Could be in luck

    2. actually, Hank isn't #1 today

    3. Not in today
      Must be out for play

    4. Somehow missed the cue
      Could have been True!


    5. Could have been indeed
      Asleep at her feed

  2. Actually, smackually, it is a fact
    Use this word you may be cracked
    One hears it every twenty minutes
    It should really have it's limits

    1. That it surely should
      Quickly becomes head smacking against wood

  3. About halfway through that, the word lost all meaning. LOL

  4. Actually I might use it in just a bit!

  5. I have no idea what you are actually rhyming about

  6. I use actually a lot
    I'm afraid at my bay
    sometimes it is a good
    thing to say


  7. You have read my blog so, actually, you know I have used this quite a bit...actually.

  8. Lol, YES, it's one of my favorite words!

    1. Actually sure gets around
      Where it is actually found

  9. It is funny how some words do become part of our regular vocabulary. I know I use this one. :)

  10. Ha, ha! I think we all have our pet words. There are worse pet words than 'actually,' and actually I think I use that one a lot too!!

    1. There are some that are worse
      Actually won't bother some ears like a curse

  11. Actual It For A Bit!
    Looking for a treat
    Was actually
    Being happy
    But somehow missed it


  12. That word is actually used too often. lol

  13. I had to LOL at this Pat. Good one.


  14. Actually, I’ve used actually ...

  15. I do use it from time to time. It's is one of those words that people overuse and don't realize they are doing it.


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