Congrats, You Can Act And That's A Fact!

So many out there think they can't act. They think it takes all kinds of tact. That or some sleezeball plastic face. But that isn't the true embrace. For you acted away at some point in the last day.

You meet a friend.
A friend to the end.
To the end of this meeting.
But you fake the greeting.

They buy it.
Every little bit.
You walk away,
You may even pray.

Pray they never comeback.
Such prayers may lack.
But you faked it like a pro.
You acted, what do you know.

You pretend to like work.
Put on a smile for even a jerk.
Whether customer or boss,
Either can be a coin toss.

You nod and agree,
When you just want to flee.
They walk away with a smile.
Add another whatever to the file.

You acted and stayed.
You also got paid.
No drama or prissy crap,
Like some plastic faced chap.

You fake interest.
You give it your best.
You really don't care,
But they are never aware.

They sit and yap.
Away they flap.
You humor for a while.
But it isn't your style.

But they are nice,
So you pay the price.
You sigh when they go.
End of today's show.

No need for lines,
Or fancy type wines.
You acted with ease.
Wasn't that a breeze?

Did you know you could act? The cat made it a fact. Now you know you can do it. Go out and make a Hollywood hit. Hmm not sure faking it at work would sell. But you never know, could be swell. Then again you may want to avoid the Hollywood cesspool. Try some other tool. Now go back to acting like the normal class. Or just stay acting crazy like my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. Life is a stage
      each day a new act
      you can write your own page
      or dance to a new soundtrack
      supporting actors/actresses can be found
      all you need do is take a look around
      some often try to take center stage it’s true
      It’s all about them, never about you
      I am just trying to get through the day
      will a tellprompter tell us what to say.. haha

      Ok, I vote for the rhyming cat
      who wears a one of a kind hat..

      And the Oscar goes to
      envelope please....

    2. A little naked man
      Now that will get you a fan
      Fake gold too
      A win through and through
      With the other nuts about
      A fake little pout
      Acting like you won
      And deserve what was done
      then comes the knife
      Such is life
      Fake and go
      Heigh ho, heigh ho

    3. Haha the cat’s place is my favorite show
      One never knows where he will go!

      I received my Max book
      I am happy at my nook

    4. can go this way and that
      The way of the cat
      Hope it is enjoyed indeed
      There at your feed

  2. I think we all can act to some degree.
    Loved the verse.


  3. I'm better about cultivating genuine interest in other people, but I still have to fake it now and then. Especially at work.

  4. Me, every time people talk about sports or the weather.

  5. I have to be honest that I am sometimes good at acting like this. Sometimes when I'm feeling sad too, I just act happy.

  6. I have to fake it anytime someone gushes about their baby. Sorry, I just have no interest. Show me a baby and a basket full of kittens and I'll go nuts over the kittens every time.

    1. haha yep, the kittens win here
      Poop machines can be something to fear

  7. Act every day here at my house
    Trying to be quiet like a mouse.


    1. keeping quiet as can be
      Can sure be acting for one at any sea

  8. In 9th grade drama, our stupid teacher never let us do a play. It was like a year of waste

    1. Just wanted you to act mad
      Guess they won at their pad lol

  9. We are all actors on the stage of life!

  10. I did a bit of acting once upon a time. Now I act like a writer.

  11. I think we all act like this. Some of us every single day.

  12. all the world's a stage. I am pretending to like work right now. I do not have to act to like your blog.
    But I'm a good fake smile person

    1. Good to have a fake smile
      To turn on like a dial

  13. Act away, you'll steal the show
    Take a bow before you go

  14. We have seen some pretty good actors out n' about these days!

  15. Anything for money
    It's pretty funny
    How much we will act
    To be polite and show tact
    When we just wanna run
    Cuz that would be more fun.

    1. Or walk really fast
      Running and fun here aren't a go together cast

  16. Going to two holiday events next weekend where I'll have to act. Some fun and some all pretend.

    1. Have to fake away
      Too bad it didn't come with pay

  17. I'm terrible at acting though.
    My true feelings usually show.

  18. That's so true. Everyone acts, almost every day. Especially those who lie a lot.

  19. orlin N cassie....we haz ta act like we dizz like bass terd turkee....

    oh wait....we due.... ! ☺☺♥♥

  20. It's great when we can be ourselves.

  21. Who'd have thought we were all such great actors:)

  22. Indeed I do have such a friend
    But I play along until the bitter end

  23. My family tells me all the time I am the biggest faker in the world and am really good at it too. When I meet people I am so charming, but once we get home my inner bitch comes back out to shine.

  24. I act nice to my neighbors when face to face with them even though I hate them. lol

    1. lol proved the cat right
      With neighbors in sight

  25. Congrats, You Can Act And That's A Fact!
    Not to worry on what one seems to lack
    Try doing the utmost
    One may become famous
    Faking it is the way with lots of tack



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