Don't Breathe The Air It's Only Fair!

The cat likes to shake his head as he curls up in a nice comfy bed. Humans sure make it shake a bunch as they are really out to lunch. Like the dumpster diving type of lunch. Watch what it is you crunch.

Look at me.
I'm so great.
I've got a knee.
Just like you, mate.

Look at you.
You're so bad.
You need to use the loo,
Not unlike my pad.

We're both tall.
That is a win.
But damn it all,
Being short isn't a sin.

Oh wait a minute there.
They're oh so short.
And look, he has hair.
Something we can't abort.

Together we've banded.
We're both the best.
Oh no, you're left handed.
You failed the test.

Back to great me.
Until I saw you.
You have two eyes to see.
I also have two.

What? You can't drive?
How insane is that.
Together we don't jive.
In life you fall flat.

I'm in the right.
You are too tall.
You need some sunlight.
You have a low-tier job at the mall.

You are black.
You are old.
Intelligence you lack.
On the wrong religion you've been sold.

Look at me.
I'm so great.
I have another knee,
Just like you, mate.

Don't you love how humans go for the differences and then run away? Like being old or tall or super short is a scary display. Better watch what air you breathe too. One of those tall people may be breathing beside you. Yet everyone breathes, eats, has knees and shits. Somehow humans magically forget such bits. Maybe similarities are a better way to go? All humans can sure stub a toe. Oh no, I related humans of every class. I better now go hide from those with pitchforks coming for my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. A minute late
      Still a #1 fate

    2. the difference between us and Hank is that we are not #1

    3. That's 2 in a row
      Let it grow!


    4. I was enjoying some needed rest
      I guess, today I am not the best...

      Good Morning Hank!
      two in a row
      look at you go :)

    5. Enjoying the rest
      Passes any test

    6. Good morning True and Adam
      #1 extends lots of attention
      The new contenders
      Growing in numbers
      Creating an environment of fun


  2. It's a very windy air to breathe in today Pat.


  3. Short isn't a sin, it's cute. Or so my husband keeps telling me.

  4. If only such dummies knew
    Being kind to one another
    Is a better thing to do

  5. If you are taller you breath different air
    You absolutely have to because you're way up there

  6. Short or tall
    It shouldn't matter at all.


  7. Don't Breathe The Air It's Only Fair!
    Breathing it right devoid of a flair
    The short and long
    And all for a song
    Be brave not to run off from a dare


  8. Forget the bits and pieces
    Hold hands without touching
    One strike and you are out
    We aren't the same they shout.

  9. Humans are often confused and down right confusing!

  10. If we were all the same
    the world would be rather lame....

  11. Who cares if they are short or tall
    If they are funny and kind, that’s all
    We need, well maybe a bit more:)
    Unless they have man hands..or are a bore.

    1. lol a little more may be needed
      For certain things to be deeded

  12. We should celebrate our differences! They are what make the world a truly better place. :)

  13. We're all different, that's what makes us all unique.

  14. I'm not sure why we can't appreciate that we're very much alike and enjoy the variety. It's like we're all cake- just in different flavors and icings.

    1. Some I'm allergic to as well
      So cake works swell lol

  15. orlin N cassie; it wood be one scaree ass place if we woke up N saw everee one acted like... N looked like... de food serviss gurl.... trooth ! eeeeeeeegaaa

    de bass turd gobblerz in town...we R off ta pre pear weaponz......see ya next week ♥♥

    1. haha get the weapons sharpened up
      Better watch it, the fsg may get a pup

  16. I can look my husband in the eye. That's a good contrast.
    Happy Wednesday

  17. I'm only about 5'6", and once dated someone who was about four inches taller. She liked to wear high heels, and she often sported a hairstyle which was rather trendy in the 1990s, one where her long hair was pulled into a ponytail atop her head, at which point her hair would cascade down in kind of a waterfall effect. (I did a quick image search using such terms as "top-of-head ponytail," and not one of the photos looked exactly like Diana's hair did when she wore it that way. So I've no one else to compare it to.)

    Anyway, the combination of heels and hairdo made her seem well over six feet tall. At first, I think she did that just to see if I'd be intimidated. Later, I think she dressed that way because she knew that I wasn't intimidated, and that made her feel comfortable wearing whatever she wanted to.

    1. Ah, so it was a test to see
      Funny how they slip those in for free
      And then learn and enjoy how she wanted to go
      With short little you in tow lol

  18. What... you like reboots and remakes, too?
    Well, go date Scooby Doo.
    Wait... you like Zack Snyder flicks?
    Why don't you go and sit on some sticks.

    1. haha are the sticks sharp?
      May sound like they are playing the harp

    2. Sharp they are
      (Wanted to say something about a star :D)

    3. Would hurt a ton
      Ouch would be one of the many words given a run

  19. Whether a person is short or tall
    Doesn't matter at all.
    Whether we have brown eyes or blue
    What's important is what's inside of you.
    Remember, don't judge a book by it's cover.

  20. Differences don't matter if they are outside
    it's the inside that matters, I will confide.

    1. That is the best way
      Inward and not outward display

  21. Yup everyone is a little different but it would be so boring if we were all alike. It does truly matter what is inside. Have a good Thanksgiving Pat.

    1. Boring it would surely be
      Better off not being a collective we

  22. I once dated a short guy, 5 foot 2.
    He said I was too short for him. It's true.
    I said he's an arrogant idiot, to name a few.
    Plus chubby and in denial too.

    1. lol good way to get back
      Give the chubby flack

  23. We should celebrate our differences because that's what makes us special. Unless your difference is zombie toes, then keep that to yourself.


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